Product Labels & Badges - Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Plugin

Create product labels to increase visibility of your products, add information and increase conversion rate with just a few clicks!

Welcome to Product Labels & Badges - Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Plugin

Installing Product Labels

Once you've downloaded the installation file on CodeCanyon, extract it and locate a file called You can install the plugin by using one of two installation methods:

  1. WordPress upload - This is probably the simplest way for most users. Here are the steps you need to take:
    1. Login to WordPress admin
    2. Go to admin panel > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
    3. Click on "Choose File" and select
    4. Click on "Install Now"
  2. FTP upload - If you wish to install via FTP, here are the steps you need to take:
    1. Using FTP client, login to the server where your WordPress website is hosted
    2. Using FTP client, navigate to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory under your WordPress website's root directory
    3. Using FTP client, upload the ithemeland-woocommerce-advance-product_labels-pro directory to plugins directory on remote server

Once installation is complete, your Product Labels plugin will be ready to use. You should now see "iThemeland Labels" appear in the WooCommerce Setting Tabs.

iThemeland Labels

Great - you can now start building your product labels!

Once you've installed Product Labels, you can start building your product labels.

Setting Up & Add the Product Labels

Let's go over the possible options:

Add New Global Label

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. To create a new Global Label, go to admin panel > WooCommerce > Settings > iThemeland Labels, Click on "Add Product Label"

    Standard Post

  2. After clicking, Add New Global Label Page will appear

    You can enter a title for the label in the title text box

    After that, there are two meta boxes, each of which is described in detail

    Standard Post

    1. - Global Label conditions

      Standard Post

      • Condition/Condition Group - You will be able to define different conditions for labels and a product must meet at least one of the group conditions to display the label with all the terms given.
        • A group of conditions

          Standard Post

        • Two groups of conditions

          Standard Post

        • Click on "Add 'OR' group" for add group condition.
    2. Now that you've set up your condition, let's go over the desired label.

    3. - Global Label settings

      Standard Post

      In this meta box, there are settings for creating your desired label, which we put into four sections inside four tabs.

      Now let's go over the settings within each tab

      • LABEL TYPE - There are four types of labels (Label, Pre Define Shape, Count Down, Image)
        • Label : You can create any type of label with a variety of styles
        • Pre Define Shape : You can select different types of predefined shapes in the 'LABEL SHAPE' field.
        • Count Down : You can choose "count down" as a label and with predefine styles in 'COUNT DOWN STYLE' field
        • Image : You can choose a image as a label
      • USE INTELLIGENT LABEL - Add a text like '50% 'to the text of the label, dynamically filled in with product details, and if there is no value, then the product details will not be used.
        • Percentage : The percentage of discount of product
        • Discount : The discount of product
        • Regular Price : The regular price of product
        • Sale Price : The sale price of product
        • Delete Price : The delete price of product
      • LABEL SHAPE - There are 14 different shapes for the label 'Pre Define Shape' that you can choose.
        • Cut Diamond
        • Round Star
        • Ribbon
        • Circle Ribbon
        • Diamond
        • Triangle Topleft
        • Triangle Topright
        • Heart
        • Loophole 1
        • Loophole 2
        • Loophole 3
        • Loophole 4
        • Loophole 5
        • Corner Ribbons
      • COUNT DOWN STYLE - There are 8 different styles for the label 'Count Down' that you can choose.
        • Style 1
        • Style 2
        • Style 3
        • Style 4
        • Style 5
        • Style 6
        • Style 7
        • Style 8
      • LABEL TEXT - Enter the text on the label in this field
      • BACKGROUND COLOR - Set the color of the label background here
      • TEXT COLOR - Set the color of the label text here
      • LABEL TEXT ALIGN - You can set the alignment of the label text when your type of label is labeled
        • Center
        • Left
        • Right
      • LABEL IMAGE - Set the image you want to display as a label here
      • LABEL CSS CLASS -An amazing option, You can set a custom class for label and then add custom css for that.
      • FONT SIZE
      • LINE HEIGHT - [-1] To equalize the height of the LABEL
      • WIDTH
      • HEIGHT
        • Dotted
        • Dashed
        • Solid
        • Double
        • Groove
        • Ridge
        • Inset
        • Outset
        • Top
        • Right
        • Bottom
        • Left
        • Top Left
        • Top Right
        • Bottom Right
        • Bottom Left
      • PADDING
        • Top
        • Right
        • Bottom
        • Left
      • OPACITY
      • ROTATION
        • ROTATION X axis
        • ROTATION Y axis
        • ROTATION Z axis
      • FLIP TEXT
      • TOP
      • RIGHT
      • BOTTOM
      • LEFT
      • Positioning
        • Top
        • Top Left
        • Top Right
        • Center
        • Left
        • Right
        • Bottom
        • Bottom Left
        • Bottom Right

        You can display the label for specific times through schedule options.

        • None
        • Set From Sale Product Schedule
        • Set in Here

        Another useful feature is the ability to add and display label Description.

        • DESCRIPTION FORM - There are 9 different form for show the description label that you can choose.
          • Show Before title - Before title in Product Summary.
          • Show After title - After title in Product Summary.
          • Show After price - Before title in Product Summary.
          • Show After excerpt - After excerpt in Product Summary.
          • Show After add to cart - After add to cart in Product Summary.
          • Show After meta - After meta in Product Summary.
          • Show After sharing - After sharing in Product Summary.
          • Click on label and show in the popup
          • Show in the Tab to Product Page
      • RELATED PRODUCT - Box - You can display related products based on the label, in the Carousel slider.
        • SHOW RELATED
        • SHOW TITLE
        • TITLE - Title of products Carousel Slider, displayed top of Carousel slider.
        • COUNT RELATED - Fetch related products to the number entered.
        • AUTO PLAY
        • LOOP
        • COUNT SHOW - Number of products displayed in the Carousel slider.
        • ITEM MARGIN

You can easily create a label in the global, but create a label for a specific product

Add New Single Label

To create single product labels, you need to go to the "Product data" panel when creating or editing a product and select the "iThemeland label" tab in the left menu and there you will see that the settings are very similar to creating a label in the add new global label .

  1. Add this: A setting that only exists in the creation of a single label

      • Exclude Global Labels - When checked, global labels will be excluded

    Standard Post

For support on iThemeland WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Pro plugin, please send your issue to