how to migrate your WordPress website?

When you found out the hosting server of your website is not as good as you expected in providing hosting services such as regular backup or high-speed support, it’s time to migrate your WordPress website to another host with better quality.

The truth is WordPress website migration is not really a simple task to be done quickly by a simple guide. It is a time-consuming process that needs to be done by working with the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), accessing databases, modifying files on your site’s back end, and using technical information for following the process without facing challenging problems. That’s why we recommend you choose one of the most reputable hosting providers when starting to launch a website for your business in the first place.

If you are familiar with the core data of the WordPress website, the information we are going to share in this article about how to migrate the WordPress website manually is absolutely practical for you. However, if you don’t have enough time and expertise to migrate a WordPress site from one host to another, it is better to hire an expert or use one of the best migration plugins to assist you in this way.

 Follow this ultimate guide to find out how to migrate WordPress websites with plugins or without them. 

Why do you need to migrate WordPress website?

The main purpose of WordPress website migration is a low speed or occurring multiple errors and bugs on the website due to the lack of support or low quality of hosting service providers. These problems are raised mostly on large websites with a huge number of visitors and traffic, force the site managers to migrate the WordPress website to another host with better quality services.

As the process of WordPress website migration is not quick and simple, all web designers advice the business owners to create their websites on a reliable host to avoid encountering any problem resulted in the need for migration to another host.

Despite this, in case of observing the below problems, the best solution is to consider WordPress website migration:

  • The back up process of the host server is not reliable and regular.
  • The speed of loading webpages is too low and the hosting server has no solution for improving it.
  • You have to challenge with a lot of bugs and issues caused by the hosting server and they don’t have any solution to solve them.
  • There is no technical support from hosting providers or no authorized person to answer you for solving your problems.
  • The security of the server is not reliable.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that some reliable hosting providers offer free migration services to new subscribers. So, you just need to decide to change your host, purchase one of their plans, inform them, and put everything on their shoulders.

However, if you want to do the task of WordPress website migration on your own, just follow the below guide.

How to migrate a website from one server to another?

There are two methods for WordPress websites migration: manually without plugins and automatically with plugins. Let’s get familiar with them.

Migrate WordPress site manually without plugin

If you have decided to migrate your WordPress website without plugins from one host to another on your own, you need to follow the below guide step by step to ensure everything goes well without any problem.

Step 1: Pick up the right host based on your needs

When you are looking for a new host, it’s better to consider the below points:

  • Find a reputable hosting server provider.
  • Compare the prices with their offers.
  • ٍٍٍEvaluate all the most important services like their speed, security, storage, etc.
  • Choose the best host type among Virtual private server, Dedicated and Managed.

After finding the best hosting service providers, it’s time to get ready for migration.

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