Free Gifts for WooCommerce

Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin enables you to give away free gifts to customers in a way that your customers like and feel, and emits your brand awareness.

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What Are The Advantages
of WooCommerce Free Gifts plugin?

boost sale by give away free products

Guaranteed Sales Boost

When more (different) offers are on the table, your customers will put in more orders to have a free giveaway in their check-out; unintentionally, boosting your sales.
encourage your customers by gifting them

Encourages Customers

Everyone loves free gift products; it encourages them to stop by your website more often and makes your brand stick to their minds.
if you give away in your shop, customers remember you before competitors

Gives You the Upper-hand

When it boils down to which eCommerce to shop from, your customers will always remember you as the generous fun one, giving you an edge over your competitors.
gift is powerful marketing tools

Robust Marketing Tool

Free giveaways are the perfect marketing tools. Attract new shoppers by promoting them on your various social media platforms.

Main Overview

Give away free gift products to your customer after purchase

woo gift unlimited rules

Unlimited Rules

Set unlimited rules of gifting. Afterward, your website will give them out based on the priorities you have established.


Simple Adjustment Method

Simply adjust who gets how many! No matter the nature of the purchases, offer one or multiple giveaways to the customer based on what you’ve pre-set.

For example:

woo gift simple adjust method
woo gift buyx getx method

Buy X Get X Free Method

Here, the strategy is to offer the customer the exact product they have bought as a free giveaway.

For example:


Buy X Get X Free (Repeat) Method

If a customer buys a specific amount of item X, they will be rewarded with a particular number of the same item. And this process frequents (repeats) itself as the number of X purchases goes up.

woo gift buyx getx repeat
woo gift buyX gety mrthod

Buy X Get Y Free Method

The purchase of a specific number of item X triggers the giveaway of a specific number of item Y.


Buy X Get Y Free (Repeat) Method

If a customer buys a specific amount of item X, they will be rewarded with a particular number of the item Y. And this process frequents (repeats) itself as the number of X purchases goes up.

woo gift buyX getX repeat method
woo gift subtotal method

Subtotal Method

As a customer’s cart subtotal reaches a determined peak, a vary of different giveaways will be arranged for them to choose from.


Subtotal (Repeat) Method

As a customer’s cart subtotal reaches a determined peak, a vary of different giveaways will be arranged for them to choose from. And this process frequents (repeats) itself as the subtotal value goes up.

woo gift subtotal repeat method
woo gift quantity method

Bulk Quantity Method

Place unique purchase quantity range-triggers for gifts to be delivered to the customers.

For example:


Bulk Pricing Method

Place unique purchase price range-triggers for gifts to be delivered to the customers.

For example:

bulk price method

Tiered Quantity Method

Give away free gift based on customer cart quantity in tiered levels.

For example:


Useful Gift Reports

Require reports on tracking rules, offers, gifts, customers, most-utilized rules, the number of gifts sent to customers, etc? The report option empowers you to do so.

woo gift report

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Add our Free Gifts For WooCommerce Plugin to your cart

And enjoy its endless pool of tools that make giving away gifts to lucky customers a piece of cake.

Extra Features

Offer Gift Products Based on Individual Products

Give away gifts based on the quantity of a specific product in the cart.

Offer Gift Products Based on Individual Variations

Give away gifts based on the different variations of a specific product.

Offer Gift Products Based on Category Quantity

Give away gifts based on the quantity of a specific product category.

Add Gift Products to Cart Automatically

If a customer triggers the conditions, gifts will be automatically added to their carts.

Free Gift Products Based on Customer History

Suggest gifts to customers based on their purchase history. It can be categorized by quantity and value.

Add Multiple Gift Products to Cart

If customers check out multiple sets of rules, they can receive multiple gifts and add them to their carts.

WooCommerce Cart Page Gifts Popup

Customers failed to select a gift? A popup on the cart page will appear to tell them of what they’ve missed.

Offer Gift Products Based on Date & Time

You can schedule give away time and date. Closing up on a major holiday? Take advantage of this automated gift send-away.

Free Gift products Based on Item Quantity

Give away gifts based on the total amount of items present in a customer’s cart.

Powerful Query
for Gifts Giveaways

Set up unique queries (tags, category, custom taxonomy, custom field) for gifts giveaways.

Free Gift Products Based on Product History

If a specific product’s total sale has reached a pre-set threshold, it’s eligible for free giveaways.

Offer Gifts Based on Average Order

If a customer’s average order surpasses a specific number, they can add free gifts to their carts.

WooCommerce Checkout Gifts Notice

Customers who missed the gifts list on the cart page are again alerted by a gifts notice on the checkout page.

Offer Gift Products Based on Customer Value

Define customer values based the latest amount of purchase, average order, or total order count and add gifts to their carts accordingly.

Multi Gift
Display Layouts

Our plugins are arranged in different styles for better view and access. Grid, data table, carsouel and more

offer Gift Products Based on Cart items

Gifts are given away to customers based on the total items in the shopping cart.

Set different
Gift Section Positions

Relocate the gifts list position on the cart page to an angle that fits your style.

Hide Free Gift Products in Shop

The option to conceal the products specifically added to the shop as a gift product.

Enable Set Gift Products Quantity

Customers will choose the number of gifts they want to add instead of exhaustingly adding them one by one.

Free Gift products Based on User Role

Based on the pre-assigned customer roles, give away gift to them
if they follow the gifting rule's conditions.

Many other

You can read the plugin knowledgebase or view the plugin Youtube channel


Admin Demo (Test Drive)
It’s easy. Head out to the free gift for WooCommerce plugin page and click the “Plugin Test” button to enter the plugin demo page. In the top bar, click “Launch Admin Demo”. A popup will appear asking you to enter your email and submit the form. The test-out link will now be sent to your email.

Free Version Download
Want a crack at the plugin on your own setup? Visit our WordPress repository and download the latest version to your system and check out the awesome tools where you want, how you want.

Yes, with some features cut off from the pro versions, you can use our Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin. This helps you get an overview of how the plugin functions and make a well-informed purchase.

For Download the purchased product, go to the “downloads” page on your account area and click on the download button.

To get the license key of your purchased product, go to the “orders” page on your account area. Then find your order and click on the “view” button. Scroll down to find your order license key.

Yes , you can either select parent product to apply one discount for all variations or pick individual variations to set the gifts . you can select variations in conditions also select products to the gift by their attributes, tags or even custom field values.

No, each purchase code is dedicated to a specific domain. However, the plugins could be installed on multisite.

Current Version

Change Log:

Still have questions?

Check out plugin knowledgebase

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Alfonsia H
Alfonsia H
8 months ago

i wanna add gifts to customer cart automatically? can do it with your plugin?

Marco fiorent
Marco fiorent
8 months ago

Will multiple gift rules work at the same time?

Katty RH
Katty RH
7 months ago

How can I add buy 2 get 1 free on your plugin?

Alex Brown
Alex Brown
4 months ago

Is it suitable for the Fashion industry? For example, I have a hair website and want to offer gifts for some customers that purchase more than one product?

3 months ago

Can your plugin do “Buy 2 Different Products Get 1 Different Products (Repeat)”?
For example our store sells Laptop, Keyboard and Mouse. If the buyer bought a laptop and keyboard, our buyer will get automatically a free mouse which quantity depends on how many laptop and keyboard he purchased?.

Rasha Christy
Rasha Christy
2 months ago

can i show the popup gift available , it is possible ?

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Free Gifts For WooCommerce

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Version 1.8.0 (28.09.2022)
Addedadd "None" for hide the gifts products in cart page
FixedFix Payment Methods in conditions
Fixedupdate popup after change payment gateway
Fixedcompatible with Wordpress version 6.2
FixedFix grid view
FixedFix carousel popup
FixedFix save rules for large number of products
Version 1.7.6 (27.08.2022)
AddedAdd Payment Methods in conditions
FixedCart Total Dependency
Version 1.7.5 (20.08.2022)
AddedTotal price conditions
Addedadd "free" text for localization
Addedapply filter for compatible with discount price
Fixedcompatible with yith Dynamic Pricing
Fixedcompatible with Discounts and Role Based Prices
Fixedsave symbol characters in description rules
Fixedshow popup the gifts
Fixedrtl carousel
Fixedname of variations for variable Product
Version 1.7.2 (07.07.2022)
AddedPurchased Gifts History Quantity
AddedApply Filter before Select gift Buttons
AddedEnable if other rules are not Applied
Fixedshow notification when automatic add the gift
FixedApply Filter before Select gift Buttons
FixedTested up WP 6.0
Version 1.6.2 (21.05.2022)
FixedFix Grid Layout in the cart page
Version 1.6.1 (20.05.2022)
Addedchange language in any rule (compatible with wpml plugin)
Fixedadd checkout message to wpml-config.xml
FixedFixed issue with wpml plugin in front end
FixedFixed issue include coupons in conditions
Fixedcheck if some gift is set
Fixedcheck if auto_add_gift_to_cart is set
Fixedchange priority woocommerce_before_calculate_totals
Version (24.04.2022)
Addedadd function u sort for the cart content
Fixedupdate languages po/pot/mo files
FixedTested up to: WP 5.9.3
Version 1.6.0 (11.03.2022)
AddedBulk Pricing Method
AddedAdd filter for subtotal the cart content
Addedpopup in the cart page
Addedattribute Class to the gift in the row cart page
Fixedstrings language for multi language plugins
Fixedissue in save settings
Fixeddeprecate method woocommerce_cart_item_class
Fixedcheck if rule is set in array
FixedCompatible WordPress 5.9.1
Version 1.5.6 (04.2.2022)
Fixedchanged Priority woocommerce_cart_item_price
Fixedsave meta in single products
Version 1.5.5 (20.1.2022)
Fixedfixed check set count
Fixedfixed save settings
Fixedfixed save variations Products in get section
Version 1.5.4 (14.1.2022)
AddedAdd filter for subtotal the cart content
FixedIssue in remove Tiered Quantity Method
FixedIssue in save rules
Version 1.5.3 (10.1.2022)
AddedTiered Quantity Method
FixedShow description in front end
FixedView gift in cart in front end
FixedSave any type Product for buy conditions
FixedShow stock quantity in the cart
FixedRemove duplicate actions and filters
Version 1.5.0 (19.12.2021)
AddedSelect Quantity gift in the cart
AddedShow available gift for select
FixedIssue in checkout page if selected "auto add gift"
FixedShow description rule in bellow the cart page
FixedSelect custom Product type for "buy" conditions
FixedTested up to: WP 5.8.2
Version 1.4.3 (24.11.2021)
FixedRequired condition fields in create rule
FixedTranslate message notices on checkout
FixedCheck/ Uncheck in settings
Version 1.4.2 (07.11.2021)
FixedShow the gift price in carousel and grid
FixedUpdate the gift in cart for method buy X get X
FixedAdd text "Select Gift" for translate and "SELECT YOUR GIFT" in the popup
Version 1.4.0 (26.10.2021)
AddedBulk Quantity Method
AddedSet price for the gift products
FixedAuto add to cart issue
Version 1.3.8 (21.10.2021)
AddedShow Popup after page load in checkout page
FixedParent Products For carousel
FixedSimple Products For Dropdown
FixedChild Products For Grid issue
FixedChild Products For Datatable issue
FixedRule time issue
Version 1.3.0 (05.09.2021)
AddedHide Add To Cart Free Gift Products on Shop and Category Pages
AddedHide Free Gift Products on Shop and Category Pages
FixedUpdate plugin issue check
FixedUpdate plugin notify
FixedSubtotal Repeat issue
FixedCheck if product gift is purchasable
FixedChange Priority woocommerce_cart_item_quantity
FixedCarousel UI in LTR
ChangedDeactivate plugin for new domain
Version 1.2 (26.08.2021)
Addeden_US.po / de_DE.po files for translate
FixedUpdate quantity gifts after update the cart
Version 1.1 (08.08.2021)
FixedOptimizing Rule's Structure
FixedFixed some other issues
Version 1.0 (05.07.2021)
ReleasedPlugin Release

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