Gifts For WooCommerce
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What's simple method in WooCommerce free gift product?

How to add a gift to the cart manually in WooCommerce free gift?

How to setup BOGO deal in woocommerce free gift?

How to add gifts to the customers automatically?

How to set up buy three products get one free?

Get a free gift if the order counts from one month are more than 3

How to set up buy any $500 get one free gift?

Buy at least 10 units get free gifts in woocommerce free gift plugin.

Get one of these items for free if you buy three products.

Buy between 2 and 5 units get 1 free gift, buy at least 6 get 2 free gifts

With each desktop computer get wireless keyboard or wireless mouse.

Get a gift for the first order only if other promotions do not apply.

Get Wireless Mouse with each Laptop purchased

Spend at least $500 get automatically 1 free gift

Get same product when purchasing 3 of these products

Get free product from T-shirts category if you purchase anything from Accessories Categories

Get free gift until midnight but only if you purchase at least 3 items

Buy 2 products get 1 same product, Buy 4 products get 2 same products as gift

1 free gift for specific average amount for recent orders on 2 months ago is $2000

Get gift if no other discount is applied in woocommerce gift product

Get 2 same free gift for special members and if the product A in the cart is more than 3

Spend at least $50 this month and get 1 gift on your next orders

Get 2 free gift if average money spent per order if higher than $50

Get free gift if last order was 7 days ago in WooCommerce gift product

Get free gift on Black Friday(Friday, November 26 2021) on all products

Get free gift on valentine for all products of Clothing category

Buy 3 hoodies on Saturday and get gift in WooCommerce free gift

Get free gift discounts on all laptops on valentine

Get free gift every weekend in WooCommerce free gift

Get free gift cart discounts if cart weight is less than 2kg

Get free gift for specific shipping class in WooCommerce free gift

Set gifts for products that are not 'On Sale' in WooCommerce free gift

Set gifts for specific products that stock is quantity more that 50

Set up gifts for products that regular price is more that $1000

Buy 4 and Get 1, Based on individual product or All quantites of cart

Get free gift on Christmas for first order in WooCommerce free gift

Give 1 wireless mouse on laptops but only if customer is not VIP club member

Get 1 free gift if bought 2 products and repeat it. (2:1, 4:2, 6:3, …)

Buy Any 4 Hoodies for one free gift within this week

Get free gift if you had purchased this product 4 months ago

Get free gift if you had purchase 2 units from this category before

Get free gift if you had spent $1000 on laptop category before