WooCommerce Product Table Plugin Updated to v1.8.1

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  • Fixed: Show Out of Stock Products

Fixing some SQL queries and showing the out of stock products in the product table.


  • Fixed: External/Affiliate Product Link

“External/Affiliate Product” is one of product type that is supported by WooCommerce Product Table at version 1.8.1


  • Fixed: Pagination in the product table while is overriding on Shop/Archive page

One of the most useful advantages of WooCommerce Product Table is that it allows you to replace the WooCommerce Shop page and Archive page with your created table by WooCommerce Table.

There was an issue for pagination, it’s fixed in version 1.8.1


  • Fixed: Optimize inline CSS
  • Fixed: Sort by price
  • Fixed: Quantity is not clickable in Mobile
  • Fixed some other issues
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