What is Method Buy x Get x and How to setup buy x and get x free gift?

Free Gifts For WooCommerce  are the best way to encourage potential customers purchasing products from your online store.  Buy x Get x allows to set up the rule for specific amount of product if some other amount purchased. if the customer buys a certain number of products, she/he will receive a certain number of gifts

What is Method Buy x Get Y and How to setup Buy x and get y free gift?

“Buy X Get Y” Free Promotion is a common marketing strategy for motivating customers to purchase goods from your online store. In this method, you offer to your customers if they buy x items from your online shop or from a special product category on your shop, they will get Y items as a free

Could this plugin be installed on multisite?

Yes! Free Gifts For WooCommerce is fully compatible with multi-site and you can install the  Free Gifts For WooCommerce Plugin on the main(parent) website and then activate it on affiliate websites as needed.

What kind of conditions use in Free Gifts For WooCommerce ?

In Free Gifts For WooCommerce Plugin , We have many conditions, Conditions Date & Time:  you can set your rule to work only on specific days of week, or for some specific date/time intervals Cart : Cart Items – conditions similar to “Product – Buy “, but applied only to cart items.  Cart Items –

How to check your plugin before purchasing that?

There are two ways to check the Free Gift for WooCommerce plugin before buying: Build Test Drive Build Test-Drive(Amin Demo) and work with plugins in a real environment. For this, Please go to the Free Gift for WooCommerce plugin page and then click the Live Preview button to enter the plugin demo page. In the

Is there any Free version For Gift for WooCommerce?

As you know, the Free Gifts For WooCommerce is available in both Free and Pro versions. The difference between Gifts For WooCommerce free version and the Pro version is in the features and different parts of the plugin. What is the advantage of the free version? Before buying the original version, you can install Free

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