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How to Setup a free gift based on day of week?

Do you think it’s time to offer a free gift based on a day of week as a marketing strategy to attract attention of your customers and boost your sale but you don’t know how? We are here to help you setup a free gift based on day of week by using Free gifts for

How to set up free gift for this black Friday season?

Offering free gift on black Friday is an opportunity for retailers to grab attention of more customers to their online stores and boost their sales in this shopping season. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving but for many retailers offering deals is not limited to just one day. Sometimes store managers decide to offer

How to setup a free gift for users with the first purchase?

Setup a free gift for users with the first purchase is a great idea specially for the new ecommerce businesses that want to grab the attention of their potential customers and encourage them to buy from their online stores. Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin can help you to setup a free gift for users with

How to create a simple method promotion in your WooCommerce shop store?

Promotions have always their positive influences on your sales. You can experience a big difference in making money from an ecommerce website even by using a simple method promotion. The most important thing about offering a promotion or a free gift on your WordPress website is to use the right plugin with proper features suitable

How to create a WooCommerce buy X get Y free promotion in your shop store?

“Buy X Get Y” free woocommerce promotion is a common marketing strategy for motivating customers to purchase goods from your online store. In this method, you offer to your customers if they buy x items from your online shop or from a special product category on your shop, they will get Y items as a

How to set up free gifts based on cart total weight?

To setup a free gift based on cart total weight – for example if less than 5lb – in Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin, you need to follow three simple steps as we are going to describe in this tutorial: Step 1: Determine about your strategy It’s obvious that you have to determine about which

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