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Bulk edit and manage any WordPress post type

WordPress Bulk Posts Editing
Change Log

Change Log

Version 1.3.2(11.17.2021)

fixedOptimizing the query
fixedIncreasing the bulk edit operation
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.3.1(10.24.2021)

fixedSearch form query
fixedHistory and Undo last changes
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.3.0(09.20.2021)

fixedActivate license
fixedInline Edit for Date and Numeric Fields
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.2.1(09.10.2021)

fixedExport and Import issues
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.2.0(08.24.2021)

fixed“Array” and “Select” type in Meta fields
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.9(08.06.2021)

AddedNew 'Posts Per Page' in settings
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.8(07.28.2021)

fixedInline edit for Calendar
fixedSearch for Multi Select fields
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.7(07.15.2021)

fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.6(06.21.2021)

updateTime to date picker for date fields
fixedBind Edit for multi-item
fixedAdd meta fields
fixedSearch form issue
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.5 (06.03.2021)

updateTime to date picker for date fields
fixedConflict with TGM functions in theme
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.4 (05.25.2021)

updateTime to date picker for date fields
fixedBulk Edit Query
fixedSearch form performance
fixedSome other issues

Version 1.1.3(05.10.2021)

updateTime to date picker for date fields
fixedSome issues

Version 1.1.2(04.24.2021)

fixedAppearance update alarm on wrong times
fixedSome issues

Version 1.1.1(04.08.2021)

fixedSome issues

Version 1.1.0(03.15.2021)

updateOptimizing the Performance
fixedSome issues

Version 1.0.0(09.25.2020)

ReleasePlugin Release
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If you are not satisfied with our products, you will receive a 100% refund for any reason. 

Main Overview

What makes
WordPress Bulk Posts Editing
better than others?

Save Time

Save time

and edit multiple posts
at the same time
Professional managing data

Be Professional

with managing data of your WordPress posts/custom posts
Easily update multiple product

Easily Update

multiple posts, custom posts or page
with just one click

Important Capabilities

wordpress bulk edit posts plugin capabilities


Switch between
WordPress post Types

Support post, page and
any WordPress custom post type

Powerful Filter Form
dotted circle


Filter Form

Filtering data by all WordPress
fields and save search form queries.

blue circle


Bulk Editing Form

Edit all WordPress posts, custom post or page fields
in specific operands.

dotted circle


any Posts / Page Field

To find immediately the posts you are looking for and edit them in the blink of an eye.


Inline Edit

Edit values in separate types:
Numeric, Text, Date, Checkbox and …


main features

What is the main feature of
WordPress Bulk Posts Editing

woocommerce bulk edit with bind edit

Bind Editing​

Set the value of edited post to all selected posts

export products with woocommerce bulk edit plugin

Export Posts

Easily export posts data into a CSV file

simple and variation bulk edit

Control all Posts

Included posts, custom posts and page

create new product with woocommerce bulk edit

Create New Posts

The plugin helps you also create a new post or page!

Delete products with woocommerce bulk edit

Delete Posts

Delete one or multi posts with only one click

duplicate products with woocommerce bulk edit

Duplicate Posts

Clone selected posts and make copy with one click

woocommerce bulk edit with column manager

Powerful Column Manager

Show/Hide, set label and colors and save your column profile

woocommerce product price bulk edit

Switch WordPress Post Type

Support post, page and
any WordPress post type

undo/redo bulk actions

Undo / Redo last Change

Revert your latest change easily with one click only

woocommerce bulk edit support meta fields

Support Meta fields

add Custom Fields / Taxonomy as columns, Search and Bulk Edit Fields

woocommerce bulk edit save history

Save History of Changes

Save all of change log and revert your changes


And Many Other Options

Many unique and awesome features 

Our services

Our Best Services For Customers

refund money guarantee

100% Money Back guarantee

update plugin

free life time update

top notch support

Real support

trusted team

Backed By a Trusted Team


What Says Our
Happy Customers

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5 stars
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It’s every wordpress admin’s dream with tons of content.
Congratulations for the sensational idea!

6 months ago

The plugin looks great Is it possible to edit the Easy Digital Download item? For example, prices, tags, categories

6 months ago

Hi! It’s every wordpress admin’s dream with tons of content. I already purchased my license to start testing on staging. I have 20k+ custom posts I will communicate any suggestions for improvement or bugs. Your plugin looks very promising. Invest in it!

6 months ago

Congratulations for your new plugin. It looks great.

I have a pre-sale question. Can we able to edit the Custom taxonomies using your plugin?

I watched the preview video of your this plugin and when you select Post type it shows (post, page, ipost, mypost).. I use classified directory plugin that has its own taxonomies. For that I want to use your plugin.

Kindly suggest

Thanks & Regards Sunny

6 months ago

Thanks for choosing our plugin.
On our plugin you can assign, add or remove taxonomies to all posts and custom posts.
But if you mean edit taxonomy term such as name, slug and etc, our plugin don’t support this.
Also you can try it yourself by click on live demo or this link :
Best Regards

6 months ago

The ability to easily add changes to products is one of its outstanding features. this is really recommended. I bought it two month ago and I am very content

3 months ago

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The WordPress Bulk Posts Editing


What's the difference between
free VS premium version

Free Version

Free WordPress Bulk Post Editing Plugin
Download From
$ 0
  • Support Inline Editing
  • Limited Bulk Form
  • Limited Search Form
  • Switch Post Types
  • Add / Delete Posts
  • Support Bind Editing
  • Support Filter Profile
  • Support Column Profile
  • Support Quick Search

Pro Version

WordPress Bulk Post Editing Pro
Download From Codecanyon
$ 35
  • All Free Version Items
  • Full Bulk Edit Form
  • Full Search Form
  • Support Inline Editing
  • Support Meta custom Field
  • Support Column Manager
  • Delete & Attach Variation
  • Save Change History
  • Import / Export Posts

More Details

Do you want to know more about
WordPress Bulk Post Editing Plugin?

Become a professional manager with
managing data of your wordpress site by
WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Plugin

It has never been easier!

Why our Plugin

Why WordPress
Bulk Post Editing plugin?

Bulk editing everything in the posts at one time

With this powerful bulk editing plugin, you can choose the operation you want to apply to the selected posts (append, prepend, new, replace and …), and with just a click you can apply the chosen operand to all these posts simultaneously.

Switch WordPress post types

WordPress Bulk Posts Editing supports posts, page and any WordPress post type. This is a very powerful option of this plugin that allows you to edit all varieties of post types.

Filter, select and change specific posts

With this plugin, you can filter posts based on different attributes such as
Title, Content, Excerpt, Status, Post type, Category, Tags, Author, Date Published, Date Modified and any other post attribute.

You will also be able to save filter profiles and apply them with just two clicks; this allows you to do an even faster search between posts.
After filtering and finding the desired posts, you can select the ones you want and bulk edit them.

Delete multiple post / custom post

You can select multiple posts and choose to either delete them permanently, or if you think you might need to use them later, it is possible to move them to the trash and access these posts later.

Bind editing

With this option, you can set the same value of edited posts to all selected posts. This will help you edit several posts at once and will result in a faster editing and save a huge amount of your time!

Adding or editing Post in a short time

If your store has a numerous number of posts / custom posts, it becomes difficult to edit and update as well as manage those posts individually.

Duplicate posts / custom posts

If you want to duplicate posts or custom posts, you can clone them and duplicate all of the selected posts with just one click.

Save search queries for later use

You can save the most used search queries for later use (or any search query you want). This way, you don’t have to choose the search options every time, and with just two clicks you can use your most used search queries to find the posts you need.

Video Tutorials

Learn More With Details

Our Advantages

What are the advantages of
WordPress posts bulk editor plugin
compared to other plugins?

free version

Free version

The free version supports the bellow options:

Which are a good enough variety of options. It’s a good idea to use the free version to get started with Bulk Edit Posts WordPress plugin, and then switch to the pro-version so you can have access to all the pro options you will need to edit your posts and manage your e-shop professionally

Support all WordPress fields and custom fields

Wordpress Bulk Edit Posts Plugin supports all WP fields and custom fields that you can think of! This plugin supports fields such as thumbnail, description, categories, tags and all other fields and custom fields.

This plugin is a very powerful tool for bulk editing your posts, since it supports custom fields added by third party plugins as well as the default WordPress fields.


Support custom taxonomies

WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin supports taxonomies already in WordPress and the ones added by other plugins.

To add custom taxonomies to WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin you can either add the posts containing these taxonomies so the plugin automatically adds the taxonomies, or you can do this manually and introduce these taxonomies to WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin by entering their names in the respective editing form.


Is Bulk Edit Posts WordPress Plugin
compatible with other plugins?

WordPress Bulk Post Editing plugin is compatible with
most useful plugins and you can manage all fields and taxonomies created with these plugins by
our bulk editing plugin.

Advance Custom Field

This plugin allows you to add extra content fields to your WordPress edit screens.
View Plugin


Help you create and maintain custom post types, custom taxonomies and most importantly, custom fields and metaboxes for your posts, pages or CPT’s
View Plugin


Pods plugin is used to manage all your custom content needs in one location.
View Plugin


Custom Post Type UI provides an easy to use interface for registering and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your website.
View Plugin


frequently asked questions
about this plugin

Yes! The WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin covers all WordPress fields. There are separate columns for each field. This means that you can change the columns of the table and display the field values ​​correctly.

You can also manage these columns, which means you can:

Show or hide the relevant column in the table

For this purpose, you must click on the ‘Column Profile’ button and activate or deactivate the desired columns or load the existing presets.

Create a new preset

For this purpose, click on the ‘Column Manager’ button and then select the desired columns and save with a new name. The created preset will be accessible in the ‘Column Profile’.

Yes! As you know, WordPress Bulk Posts Editing is a premium product that is sold through the codecanyon store. For each purchase, you will be assigned a purchase code and you can use this purchase code on only one website, so to use the WordPress Bulk Posts Editing on your various websites, you need to separate license for each site.

Most Posts and Custom posts in WordPress are supported by the WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin.

This means you can switch between them easily through the “Select post type” field.

All default fields are supported by this plugin and if there were any other fields, you should add them by “Meta Fields”.

Sometimes you need to make the same changes to a number of posts, in this case, You can use the Bind Edit option.

To do this by WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin, follow these steps:

1- Checked the “Bind Edit” option in “Toolbar”.
2- Select the desired posts or custom posts.
3- Edit the desired fields with the desired values, it is enough to do this only for one of the posts.

You can revert and rollback your changes in two ways in WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin if you need to reverse operations or operations.

Undo / Redo

In the Toolbar, there are two buttons “Undo” and “Redo”. Clicking the “Undo” button returns your last operation to its previous state, and if you click “Redo”, the last change before hitting “Undo” will return.


By clicking on the “History” tab, a page with full details will appear, including the following sections:

1. Search form: to find the desired change

2. Revert: By clicking on this button, the corresponding change will be undone

3. Clear History: Clear all changes


To export posts in the WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin, you must click on the “Import / Export” tab. This page is divided into two separate sections for “Export” and “Import”. In the “Export” section there are the following options:

1- All Posts In Table: Export all posts displayed in the table.

2- Only Selected posts: Export only selected posts.

3- All Fields: Consider all fields related to the post.

4- Only Visible Fields: Consider only the fields that are active and displayed in the table.

5- Delimiter: Separator

6- And finally the “Export Now” button.

An important feature of the WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin is that you can create and manage a separate column for all the fields in WordPress and customize order and title too.

To manage the columns, enter the ‘Column Manager’ section. In this section, there is a list of pre-created presets.
You can also create the desired preset. To do this, you must do the following steps:

1- Select the columns from the left side

2- Add the selected columns to the right side

3- Relocate the columns using the hamburger icon(mentioned in above image)

4- Change the background color and text color of each column

5- Change the title of each column

6- Save

After saving the form, the created preset is displayed in the list at the top of the screen.

You can also select the created preset from the ‘Column Profile’ section and apply it to the table.

For assigning category, tag or taxonomy to post and custom posts at the same time through WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin you should follow below steps:

Inline Edit

In this case, you have to edit the posts for the desired category, tag or taxonomy fields one by one.

  1. Active related columns for the category, tag or desired taxonomies through the Column Profile (Click on the Column Profile button in the toolbar and find columns in the opened popup and checked it, and click on Apply).
  2. Select your posts
  3. Checked “Bind Edit” in the “Toolbar” if you want to change multiple posts at the same time
  4. Set terms for category, tag or taxonomy

Bulk edit

In this case, you must first select the desired posts and then click the “Bulk Edit” button. In this form, go to the “Categories/Tags/Taxonomies” tab and choose the term(s) for each field and finally click the “Do Bulk Edit” button.

Yes! You can do it in WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin through 2 ways:

Inline Edit/ Bind Edit

  1. Select your posts.
  2. Checked the “Bind Edit” if you want to edit multiple posts at the same time.
  3. Click on the Taxonomies” field such as Category, Tags or Custom Taxonomies.
  4. Select desired terms for each taxonomy.

Bulk Edit

  1. Select your posts.
  2. Checked the “Bulk Edit”.
  3. Select your desired terms for desired fields in the ”Categories/Tags/Taxonomies” tab.
  4. Click on “Do Bulk Edit”.

Yes! The WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin is fully compatible with multi-site and you can install the WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin on the main(parent) website and then activate it on affiliate websites as needed.

You can use  WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin in any language, this means you can translate this plugin to another language.

There is a translated file in the “Language” folder as ‘.pot’ extension.

You can easily translate the plugin into the desired languages by using translation plugins such as WPML and Loco Translate.

Yes! One of the most important features of the WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin as well as iThemeland is the presence of an expert and committed team. So if you need customized services such as make changes or new and custom features on the plugin, you can proceed through the support system.

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