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How to import coupons data to WooCommerce using woo bulk coupons edit?

To import WooCommerce coupons data to your website, it is possible to use the Import option in the WooCommerce bulk coupons editing plugin. WooCommerce import coupons is really straightforward and quick with this plugin.

Let’s see how you can import thousands of WooCommerce coupons just by one click.

Open Import/Export page

To open Import/Export page, navigate to the below address:

WordPress Dashboard > Pro Bulk Bundle > Woo Coupons > Import / Export

open import / export tab in WooCommerce bulk coupon editing plugin

Choose .CSV file for WooCommerce bulk coupons upload

To import WooCommerce couponsas many coupons as you need to the WooCommerce by using our plugin, you need to have a .CSV file including the suitable data.

Then you can instruct our plugin to import data from this file by follow the below steps:

  • Click on β€œChoose File”
  • Browse the location that you have saved the file on your device and choose it
  • Click on β€œOpen”
upload CSV file to WooCommerce bulk coupon editing plugin

As shown below, the name of that file will be displayed in front of β€œChoose File” which means the data of coupons are ready to be imported. 

import coupon data to WooCommerce bulk coupon editing plugin

Import coupons

To import the data of coupons just click on β€œImport Now” and wait for the plugin to do its task.

Finally after import coupons to WooCommerce you can bulk edit theme. We have another article “How to change the multi coupon amount at the same time?“, that can help to improve your WooComemrce coupons management.

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