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How to duplicate multi WordPress posts fast and easy?

Duplicate posts in WordPress bulk post editing plugin could be done just by one click as we designed a specific button for duplicating posts at the main page to make it more convenient for post managers.

However, this button would not appear in the main page unless you select one or more posts to be duplicated.

As shown below, after selecting one or more posts, “Duplicate” button will be appeared at the top right of the main page:

Duplicate button in WordPress bulk post editing plugin

Before using the “Duplicate” button, you can also use “Filter Form” or “Quick Search” to find the posts you need to be duplicated and then mark them to use this option.

In this tutorial, we are going to duplicate the post with ID number “1318”, so we marked the checkbox next to it and clicked on the “Duplicate” button.

As soon as clicking on this button, a pop-up will appear to enable you to specify how many times you need the selected posts to be duplicated.

You can either type a number or use the up / down button in this form to increase / decrease the duplicate number.

For example, we typed “5” which means the selected posts must be duplicated 5 times:

Number of posts to duplicate in WordPress bulk post editing plugin

After clicking in “Start Duplicate”, it is obvious that the selected post has been duplicated 5 times as shown below:

Result of duplicating posts

Bulk Edit Duplicated posts

We described more about these options in two separate tutorials. You can bulk edit the duplicated posts fields by using the “Bulk Edit” form or “Bind Edit” option of our plugin. 

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