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How to bulk edit post and custom post category in WordPress?

Bulk edit post or custom post category is one of the easiest tasks in WordPress Bulk posts Editing Plugin. In this plugin we designed below options to help post managers editing the custom posts very quickly:


By selecting this option, as many categories as chosen will be added to the post or custom post categories.


By applying this action, the new categories selected in the bulk edit form will be replaced by older one.


This option helps post managers to bulk edit as many categories as they need from the posts or custom post.

Category bulk edit options in WordPress Bulk posts Editing Plugin
Add category to custom post type

Before going to make some example about these options, it is very important to know that you can change multi post categories at the same time in our plugin in two ways:

  • Using “Bulk Edit” Form 
  • Using inline edit option

Both methods are absolutely straightforward and you may feel satisfied after getting familiar with them.

It is also important to filter custom posts you want to change their categories by one of the following methods:

  • Using “Filter Form
  • Loading “Filter Profile
  • Using “Quick Search

In this tutorial we are going to bulk edit categories for some posts that have “new” in their titles. So, we simply used “Quick Search” box and filter those posts as below:

Filter custom posts in WordPress Bulk posts Editing Plugin

Bulk edit custom post type category by using bulk edit form 

To get access to the bulk edit form follow below steps:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Pro bulk bundle > WP posts .
  • Click on “Bulk Edit” button in the main page.
Click on bulk edit button in WordPress Bulk posts Editing Plugin

In this form, there is a special tab for bulk editing categories called “Categories/ Tags / Taxonomies”.

By opening this tab, you can see categories  field with two boxes in front of it including:

Condition box 

In the condition Box you have access to the options mentioned above  including “Append”, “Replace”, “Delete”. 

Select box 

All categories that you added to WordPress are listed here and you can choose to apply action on any of them.

Now let’s see some examples.

Append or add categories to custom post type 

If you need to add some categories for bulk editing custom post type category, append option is applicable .

So, after choosing “Append” from the condition box, you can select as many categories as you need to be added to the filtered posts. 

As you can see below we tried to add “Tech” and “Travel” to our custom posts:

Append categories to custom posts
Add category in custom post type

And those items were added after clicking on “Do Bulk Edit” as shown below:

Result of appending some categories to custom posts
WordPress add category to custom post type

Replace categories of a custom post type 

Replace option is applicable when you need to remove old categories and replace them with new ones. To do this, you need to:

  • Choose “Replace” from condition box 
  • Choose the new categories from the select box
  • Click on ”Do Bulk Edit
Replace categories in WordPress Bulk posts Editing Plugin

As shown below, all the categories were replaced by “Tech” and “Travel” as we selected them before:

Result of replacing categories

Delete categories of a custom post type 

Delete categories of custom post type is another option for bulk editing post categories which enable you to delete the categories chosen in the select box.

For example, we tried to delete “Tech” and “Travel” categories from our filtered post:

Delete categories in wordpress bulk post editing

And you can see the result as below:

category delete result in wordpress bulk post edit

Bulk add categories in WordPress 

There is no need to do any extra action for adding new categories to our plugin. Actually, as soon as you add any category to WordPress it will be added to our plugin automatically.

For example we added “Sport” to our category as below:

Add a new category in WordPress
add new category in WordPress
Category added result in WordPress

You can also add a new category directly in the plugin from the post table.To add a new category, you need to add the “Category” column to the plugin and then click on one of them in the post table.

In the new pop-up opeded, “Add new” option is available as you can see below:

add a new category using WordPress Bulk posts Editing Plugin

by clicking on “Add New”, a new page will be opened and you can add category with its features including:

  • Category Name
  • Slug
  • Parent
  • Description

For example, as you can see in the below picture, we added Sport category:

Category adding form

Now let’s go back to the main page of our plugin and try to add this category to our posts by inline edit.

Bulk edit post / custom post type categories at the same time by inline edit

To bulk edit custom post type categories by inline edit, you need to 

  • Filter the posts you need to bulk edit their categories .
  • Mark “Bind Edit” in the main page.
  • Select the posts by marking the checkmarks next to them.
  • Click on one of the posts category column.
Change post categories by inline edit
Inline edit custom post type categories
  • Choose the categories you need to be assigned to the posts as you can see below “sport” category is also available as we added it to the WordPress categories.
Choose added categories
Add multi category to a custom post type using inline edit
  • Click on “Apply Changes” and see the result
Final result of changing categories by inline edit

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