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Version 1.2.0 – update list

What is the WooCommerce Custom Order Status?

Manage your order statuses in an advanced way and create custom labels for your orders.

order status bulk orders edit

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will be able to create new, ad hoc, and unlimited custom order statuses according to your e-commerce requirements.
  • You will be able to have advanced management and control of every order status, from the purchase to the delivery.
woocommerce bulk orders editing woocommerce custom order status

How can manage this plugin in WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing?

  • Search Form: As illustrated in below image, all of order statuses are supported by WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing plugin and you are able to search your orders according to them.
order status search
  • Bulk Form: Changing order status in shops with lots of products is an awful task and you have to change status one by one for each order. We suggest our plugin to change order status on the same times for many orders, you should follow below steps:
  • Select you desire orders for changing the status
  • Click on “Bulk Form”
  • Set status in “Order Status” field
  • Click on “Do Bulk Edit”
order status bulk edit
  • Inline Edit/Bind Edit: Inline Edit and Bind Edit are available for order status field too.
inline order status edit
  • Fixed: “Array” and “Select” type in Meta fields
  • Fixed: some other issues


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