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Free Gifts for Woocommerce Plugin

What are the Free Gifts for Woocommerce? 

Offering Free Gifts for Woocommerce is one of the most popular strategies of eCommerce store owners to make their customers satisfied and boost their sales. As one of the successful ways to ensure the improving your customer experiences, offering free gifts is among the most efficient techniques.

Free gifts for Woocommerce plugin comes with several options to help you offer free gifts to the customers of your online store in a robust and flexible way. As an applicable and professional extension, the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin lets you adjust different rules and techniques such as BOGO, “Buy x Get y”, Subtotal, etc. And set restricted conditions on special products, users, card items, sales date, etc.

Use “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin as an ideal solution if you want to

Offer such a great feeling to your customer

Add usefulness and consequential satisfaction to their experience

And become close to perfection.

What are the general advantages of offering gifts in your shop?

As a business relationship builder, free gifts offered by the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin on your eCommerce website are never just a statement of respect, but a driving force for improving customer loyalty and your earnings.

However, the benefits you can earn from this Woocommerce plugin are not just limited to the above-mentioned. Let us review some of the most advantages here. 

Boost your sale and earn more

Free gift promotion plays an essential role in boosting your sale in different ways including:

  • Motivate your new customers to come back and buy from your online shop again 
  • Encourage potential customers to come and purchase the goods from your online store 
  • Make the customers to choose your eCommerce website over your competitors
  • Hit the real customers to offer your online shop to their friends and relatives
  • Help the new customers to get familiar with the various products you are selling

Are there any other marketing strategies that could have such a great impact on boosting your sale? Maybe yes, but offering promotional gifts is the most effective marketing strategy that is worth investment.

If you are an owner of a Woocommerce website, the only solution you need to earn more money is the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin to help you offer gift promotions at the rush time of your business and see how customers pay attention to your website frequently.

Offering Free Gifts on your Woocommerce Shop

As there is no default option on Woocommerce for offering promotional gifts, to offer your customers a free gift on Woocommerce as a way to appreciate them, you need to install the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin and get help from its options to help you create rules and set conditions.

Encouraging your customers for more purchases

Promotional gifts are the most effective way for encouraging new customers to purchase products from your shop as well as attracting repeat customers to buy more products over and over again from your online store.

Increase customer retention

According to retailtouchpoints, 90% of customers respond, receiving free gifts from a brand by loyalty. Increasing customer retention is a great result of offering promotional gifts by “Free gifts for Woocommerce ”.

Returning customer to your shop

Offering free gifts by using the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin can make your customers have a great feeling about purchasing goods from your shop. All customers love receiving gifts with their purchases. When they get what they expected in your online store, you can see that they will return to shop from your website over and over again.

Promote your customers by offering free gifts on Woocommerce 

to make them 

love your shop 


 come back to have repeat purchases.

How can you benefit from it?

Offering free gifts by the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin as one of the most comprehensive extensions of Woocommerce is really simple and straightforward. The user-friendly interface of this plugin with flexible options makes the process of setting rules and conditions as easy as drinking a cup of tea.

You can enjoy offering promotional gifts by different methods and techniques on special products of your shop, to specific customers of your online store and whenever you need by using this plugin.

 Let’s quickly overview the tools and options provided in “Free gifts for Woocommerce”!

Unlimited Rules

There are no restrictions on the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin for offering free gifts with various rules and conditions. You can add as many rules as you need to your Woocommerce store, assign different gift methods to them or even manage and schedule how and when they come to display on the customer card.

To make managing various rules more convenient for store managers, a list of all issued rules is displayed in the Rule page of the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin enabling them to quickly Disable or Enable offering gifts related to each one on their shop.

Regarding the fact that you can set a “Rule Name” for them individually which is displayed on the Rule list, recognizing the specific rules you need to disable or enable is not a problem in our plugin.

Gifting Methods

Providing all possible methods and techniques for offering gifts makes the Free gifts for Woocommerce plugin a wonderful option for your eCommerce website.

There is no difference in how you can surprise your customer, it’s up to you if you want to make them feel comfortable by receiving a unique free gift for every single purchase (Simple method) or experiencing an economical purchase by receiving the same gift from the products already added to their cards (Buy x get x).

All of these along with more flexible methods are waiting for you in the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin to help you create personalized or custom gift rules for your online shop. 

free gifts for woocommerce methods for offering gifts

Simple method

With the help of this plugin, you can reward loyal customers in your store by offering a free gift on each purchase. It means you can set special products to be offered as a free gift when customers add any products to their cards from your online store.

It is also possible to show them a list of products as promotional gifts and let them choose one of them as they wish.

Buy X – Get X method

Buy X – Get X is a popular marketing strategy offered by several online shops to attract new customers or sell products with low sales. BOGO or “Buy one Get One” is the most attractive method of offering free gifts in this strategy which is known as the most effective one as well.

To set a rule as “buy x get x” in “Free gifts for Woocommerce”, you just need to choose this method from the list, determine the number of gifts and choose some products or categories to apply this rule on them.   

In this way when a customer buys the specified number of products from your shop, the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin will automatically display the same products for customers.

Buy X – Get X repeat Method

The “Buy x Get x repeat” method is a great strategy for promoting repeat customers. When you make an exciting environment for your customers as they know every time they come back to your shop, you are respecting them by a free gift, the increase of your sales is not out of reach.

By setting a rule as “Buy x Get x repeat”, you can instruct the plugin to add the same products to the customer cards for every single purchase.

In fact, this method is the same as “Buy X – Get X” but for once more.

Buy X – Get Y

The “Buy x get y” method is another wonderful option provided in the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin which is ideal when your marketing strategy is to offer a specific product or category as a gift to the customers purchasing other products from your shop.

By getting help from this promotional method, you can encourage your customers to pay more attention to some specific products hoping that after purchasing those products they will receive a valuable gift.

It’s also an ideal strategy when you want to boost your sales by offering an advertising gift-with-purchase to your new customers and increase their loyalty to your brand.

In “Free gifts for Woocommerce”, you can first specify the products you want to apply the “Buy x Get y” method to, then you can choose one or more products / categories to be offered as free gifts on the card page.

It’s up to you to decide if you want the gifts to be added to the customer cards automatically by the plugin or let the customers choose one of them from a combo box / carousel displayed on their card page.

Buy X – Get Y repeat method

If you plan to appreciate the customers purchasing goods from your online store frequently, the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin is exactly what you need. When choosing the “Buy x get y repeat” method, receiving promotional gifts by repeat customers are granted. So, you can offer them a valuable gift-with-purchase to award their loyalty to your shop.

In fact, this method is the same as “Buy X – Get Y” but for once more.

Subtotal method

Offering free gifts based on Subtotal is a great strategy to encourage customers to buy more products or purchase more valuable products from your eCommerce website.

By choosing this method in “Free gifts for Woocommerce”, the types of products or their numbers is not important, the only thing that matters is the subtotal amount of the customer card. You can set a minimum or maximum subtotal amount to instruct the plugin to add some specific products to the customer cards automatically or even offer the free gifts in a list to let customers purchased in the determined range, enjoy selecting their favorite gifts.

Subtotal repeat method 

Offering gifts based on the “Subtotal repeat” method is known as the most impressive strategy for motivating customers to increase the number of products or even do unpredictable actions like unplanned purchases from your shop because they hope to receive more gifts by increasing their subtotal amounts.

You can easily set a range for the subtotal amounts and instruct the plugin to add the gifts frequently to the customer cards.

For example, you can set a rule that offers 1 free gift as per the $100 subtotal amount, repeatedly. So, if one of your customers buys $500 from your shop, 5 gifts will be added to his / her card automatically or he / she can pick 5 free gifts from a list.

You can also set up two levels of subtotal mounts, where customers who purchase a certain amount get one gift but those who spend furthermore receive a more valuable gift.

Unlimited Conditions

By getting help from “Free gifts for Woocommerce”, you can create multiple rules to offer promotional gifts on your online store. Adjusting the rules in this plugin is not just limited to choosing your preferred method but we have also designed a Condition box with several flexible options enabling you to offer free gifts according to your expectations.

unlimited logical conditions for offering free gifts in woocommerce

Some of the unlimited conditions you can set on the Rule page include:

Date & Time

You can exactly specify a date – days of weeks, days of months, etc.- for offering free gifts to your customers. There is a built-in calendar that makes picking a date and even an exact time for enabling rules on your website easier for you.


The flexible options available in this item make creating several rules according to your preferences more convenient. You can set the conditions based on Cart total weight, Cart total quantity, Cart item count, Coupons applied.

Cart items

By choosing the items related to this condition, you can set the rules based on Products, variations, categories, Tags and Shipping classes of products that the customers added to their cards.


You can offer the free gift to some special customers according to their user role, User capability, User Meta and many other options based on this condition. It also gives you the option to offer free gifts to all your customers or only to ones who are registered. 

Purchase History

The items provided in this condition include purchased history based on products, variations, attributes, etc. which means you can offer a free gift based on the purchase history of a customer on a specific date for example during the last month or the last year and so on.

It’s not the end of the story. You have access to a lot of practical and useful conditions in the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin helping you to fit the rules for offering promotional gifts on your website with your marketing strategies.

Display Gift in Multiple Layouts

Along with a user-friendly interface for the backend of your website, the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin comes with attractive options for displaying free gifts in the front-end of your online store.

displaying available free gifts on multi-layouts in woocommerce

You can choose multiple layouts to let your customers pick their desired gifts from a list displaying either as a combo box or a carousel. This is a good option especially when you want to allow your customers to choose their gift from an entire category. 

Apply Gifts for Specific Products (Buy)

By installing the Free gifts for Woocommerce plugin, everything is completely in your hand. You can set the rules based on the method you preferred then add as many products as you need to apply that rule.

You can also add one or more categories or even exclude some products in the Buy section designed in our plugin for some methods.

free gifts product for woocommerce plugin

These flexible options help you to manage to offer your free gift exactly on the products you need to increase their sales according to your marketing strategies.

Offer Specific Products as Gift (Get)

The “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin enables you to offer some specific products or categories as free gifts. You can add your desired products/ categories in the Get section of the Rule page to instruct the plugin to offer them as promotional gifts to your customers. It is also possible to exclude products from the gift list in this part.

Awesome Reports & Statistics

Reports and statistics are the incredible features of the “Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin enabling you to track the result of offering free gifts on your website based on customer usage and product sales.

Awesome Reports & Statistics on free gift plugin


“Free gifts for Woocommerce” plugin is a professional and well-designed extension for offering promotional gifts based on the marketing strategies of your eCommerce stores.

Are you ready to:

Generate new revenue,

Increase brand exposure


Easily manage your gift rules?

So, try it out now!

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