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What are the Free Gifts for WooCommerce Plugin?

About plugin

In The Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin, you can offer your customers a gift to buy more according to the rules you set.

Why giving the gift by Rules in WooCommerce?

Customers enjoy being able to get the gift on different rules. This is especially helpful for things like bulk savings, and product-based discounts.

Allowing discounts like this (offering gift) is a good way to keep customers coming back and help you gain new ones along the way.

  • It helps to increase new customers to your site
  • Increases network traffic of your site
  • It helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • It helps to sell more products and boost your sales

How you can benefit from it?

The Free Gifts for Woocommerce plugin have a lot of features for Offering free gifts that can encourage your customers and boost your sales.

  • User-friendly design
  • Admin can create any number of rules in advance
  • Flexible Gifting Rules
  • Award Free Gifts for making purchases on the site
  • Customers can choose their Free Gifts
  • Unlimited gift-giving
  • Integrates tightly with WooCommerce
  • Create as many rules as you want (Unlimited gift rules)
  • Seven methods:
    • Simple Adjustment
    • Buy X – Get X
    • Buy X – Get Y Repeat
    • Buy X – Get Y
    • Buy X – Get Y Repeat
    • Subtotal
    • Subtotal Repeat
  • Support for variable products
  • Attribute specific gift  
  • Number of line items (count) based discount (Example: Purchase 4 different products or variants and get a free product)
  • Let your Decide Customers can choose a Free Gift if they meet your conditions
  • Common Conditions
    • Date & Time
    • Cart
    • Cart Items
    • Cart Items Quantity
    • Cart Items Subtotal
    • Customer
    • Customer Value
    • Purchase History
    • Purchase History Quantity
    • Purchase History Value
    • Value purchased – Tags
  • Free Gifts can be automatically added to the user’s cart
  • Show available gifts on:
    • Besides of Coupon button
    • Bottom of cart
  • Display available gifts in the different layout:
    • Grid
    • Carousel
    • Data-table
    • Dropdown
    • Popup (For variation products)
  • Powerful Report & Statistics for:
    • Rules
    • Orders that used Gifts
    • Customers that used Gifts
    • Received gifts by customer
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