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How to change multi-Order status at the same time?

Change multi order status can help store managers to manage huge amounts of received orders effectively in less than a few minutes.

Using “Filter Form” and “Bulk Edit” form of our plugin is a good way to change multi order status. In this tutorial, we are going to describe you how to filter your preferred orders and then bulk edit their status at the same time in WooCommerce bulk order editing plugin.

Filter orders

To filter orders, you need to use our “Filter Form” and set the conditions of any field relevant to the orders in that form as we fully described in “How to filter order on WooCommerce bulk orders editing plugin?”.

For example, consider that you want to change the order status of those orders that are paid as “Cash on delivery”.

You can easily use the following steps to filter those orders:

  • Open “Filter Form” from the main page 
  • Go to “Other Fields” tab
  • Choose “Cash on delivery” from the list of “Payment Method” field
  • Click on “Get Orders
Filter orders in Woocommerce bulk orders editing plugin

Change multi order status 

Now, you have filtered the preferred orders successfully, it’s time to bulk edit their status using bulk edit form and following below steps:

  • Open “Bulk Edit” form by clicking on “Bulk Edit” button at the main page 
  • Go to “General” tab
  • Find “Status” field
  • Open the combo box in front of it to see the below items
    • Pending payment
    • Processing
    • On hold
    • Completed
    • Canceled
    • Refunded
    • Failed
    • Trash
Change multi order status in Woocommerce bulk orders editing plugin
  • Select one of the items such as “Pending Payment
  • Click on “Do Bulk Edit
Select one of the items such as “Pending Payment"

Add “Status” column to the order table

To observe that the order status has been changed successfully for filtered orders, you need to add the “Status” column to the order table as below:

  • Open “Columns Profile” form by clicking on that button in the main page
  • Mark “Status” under “General” field
  • Press “Apply to Table
Add “Status" column to the order table

As you can see, the status of those filtered orders has been changed to “Pending payment“:

change multi order status to “Pending payment"

Change multi order status by Bind Edit

Sometimes it is more convenient for you to change some values of multi orders directly from the table. To help you perform this task quickly, we provided a “Bind Edit” option in our plugin.

This option is available just for the values that are visible in the order table. So, if you want to change multi order status, for example, you have to add this column to the order table first.

As we added the “Status” column in the previous step, it is possible to use the “Bind Edit” option for bulk editing this value. Let’s try the following steps to see the result:

  • Mark those products that you want to change their “Status
  • Mark “Bind Edit
  • Open the combo box of “Status” column related to one of the selected products 
  • Choose the item you prefer from the list, for example, “On Hold
Change multi order status by Bind Edit

Wait for the plugin to change the value of other selected orders in less than a few seconds

change order status result
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