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How to duplicate multi WooCommerce order plugin fast and easy?

Duplicate multi WooCommerce orders can help store managers to easily make as many copies as they need from their preferred orders just by one click.

To describe using this feature in WooCommerce bulk orders editing plugin clearly, let’s make an example. Please follow the below steps to duplicate multi orders with one click.

Duplicate multi WooCommerce orders by one click

As we mentioned before you can duplicate as many orders as you need in our plugin. To select your preferred orders, you can filter them by using “Filter Form” or simply use the “Quick Search” box. You can select unlimited orders for that.

In this example, we used a “Quick Search” box to find orders with ID no. 480, 483 as shown below:

quick search box

As you may notice, you have no access to the Duplicate button because you have not selected any orders. Don’t worry!

As soon as marking those orders you need to be duplicated the Duplicate button will be displayed on the top of the order table:

Duplicate button in WooCommerce bulk orders editing plugin

By clicking on the Duplicate button, a pop-up page will appear. You should determine how many times those selected orders must be duplicated.

For example, as we typed “4” in the Textbox: 

Duplicate button, a pop-up page

Each one of those selected orders were copied 4 times after clicking on “Start Duplicate“, as illustrated below:

the selected orders were copied 4 times after clicking on "Start Duplicate

As we expected, all fields related to the duplicated orders are the same except their ID. However, it is simply possible by using one of the below methods in our plugin:

  • Inline edit
  • Bind Edit
  • Bulk Edit Form
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