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Version 1.3.2 – update list

Here you can know about the updates of WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin on version 1.3.2. Update: Reordering the column profile checkboxes That was a difficult to find the Intended field and visible to appear in table, in new version all of fields have been separated based on the tabs in “New Product” page. Update:

Version 1.3.1 – Update list

Added product status bar above the table There is some status for shop’s products above the WooCommerce default product list that allow you to filter products based on status. This filter is added to WooCommerce bulk product editing and you can get it above the product table list. Added quick access to pro bulk bundle

How do I move my license key to another domain?

There are several ways to display products in WooCommerce. New WordPress themes have also added various tools to display a variety of product layouts in their themes. Common types of display modes include grid, list, and masonry. But all of these display layouts make it difficult for users to navigate, sometimes confusing, when there are

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