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What is the WooCommerce Product Table Plugin? There are several ways to display products in WooCommerce. New WordPress themes have also added various tools to display a variety of product layouts in their themes. Common types of display modes include grid, list, and masonry. But all of these display layouts make it difficult for users

How to download WooCommerce Product Table?

Download the free version Download the free version of the plugin from WordPress.org clicking on the “Download” button you can find on this page. Download the premium version There is an international marketplace known as Envato, Envato has officially received B Corp Certification, recognising the company as one of a handful of global businesses that balances profit and purpose. There

How to install the WooCommerce Product Table plugin?

Install WooCommerce Product Table plugin There are two ways to install the plugin in WordPress: Installation via FTP: To install via FTP, you must follow the steps below: Installation through WordPress plugin installer: To install this way, you must follow the steps below: Requirements The WooCommerce Product Table plugin requires 2 different plugins for running:

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