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Version 2.4.0 – update list

Here you can know about the updates of WooCommerce product table plugin on version 2.4.0

Added: Display total cart in minicarts.

In additional to Subtotal, you can display Total of cart too. (Inc. Vat, Tax and Shipping), in this case user can discover the final cost and carry on purchase.

While you are adding a new table, Please goto “Settings” tab and search for “Show “Total” In Mini Carts(Inc. Vat, Tax, Shipping)” and enable it.

show total in mini cart including VAT, tax and shipping

On the other side in fron-end, we add ‘Total’ to types of cart.

Added total value in mini cart
added total value in mini cart side layout

You can compare with the default woocommerce cart page.

cart page in woocommerce

Update: .POT file

Fixed: Pagination in archive page

Fixed: Price column and total price column ordering

Fixed: Clear cart(mini cart and float cart)

Fixed: Including tax in shop

Fixed: Responsive in mobile

Fixed: some other issues

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