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Yes, we have a ā€œFOREVER FREEā€ version for all our WordPress products. We love WordPress for its ā€œOpen Sourceā€ community and we contribute to the community with free products. Anyone can use the core product for FREE from theĀ WordPressĀ Repository.

We can guarantee that our plugins will work properly on most existing themes. But if in any case, our plugin interfered with the theme or plugins of your site, you can notify us through theĀ support system.

We have prepared aĀ Knowledge BaseĀ for you, where the instruction of using all our plugins in video and text is placed.

Our pro pluginsĀ have a lot more features than their free version. Also, by purchasing our Peru plugins, you can register in ourĀ support systemĀ and solve your problems much faster.
But sometimes, for some users, the features of the free version meet their needs.

Please visit ourĀ support sytemĀ to get support. Our dedicated technical support team will get back to you from few minutes to 24 hours time (workdays).Ā 

If you purchased your plugin directly from our website, your plugin license will be deactivated after one year. In this case, for admin side plugins such as Bulk Edit, the plugin will no longer be usable, but there will be no problem with plugins that are on the user side like WooCommerce Product Table.
But if you bought the plugin from CodeCanyon, you will have a lifetime license, but to support the plugin, you must update it every 6 months.

We have no time limit for using our free professional products. You can use them for free for life.



Yes, if you are completely dissatisfied with our plugin, we will refund your payment for that plugin. But before that, we ask you the reason for your dissatisfaction so that we can solve that problem in our plugin to help improve the satisfaction of current and future customers.

You can use PayPal or any credit card to make the payment.

For some of our plugins that are sold inĀ CodeCanyon, you can also use the methods available on that site.


Yes, if you need any changes and customizations in the purchased plugins, this will be done for you in the shortest possible time.

Nope! If you are currently satisfied with your host server, you do not need to change it to use our plugins. Our plugins are applicable on most hosts.
Only in some cases may the version of PHP used on the host be an older version, which can be solved by ticking the host provider and this problem can be solved.

Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, bug fixes and simple CSS customizations.

We provide support for modifications or 3rd party plugins integrations with extra and separate cost for each request.

You can use live chat or contact us by register to theĀ support system.