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Why offer your customers a free gift?

Free gifts usually offered by online stores as a promotion to attract more customers and improve their experience when purchasing goods from their shop. Some online shops offer free gifts during some special events such as Halloween. Some others offer it to the customers that frequently buy from their online store to respect their loyalty.

free gifts

There are also different rules and methods for offering free gifts to the customers including:

Free gift with every purchase

In this method that is known as “gift-with-purchase”, your customers receive a gift by purchasing anything from your online store. It means the free gifts are not limited to some specific products. Although you can set a minimum amount for offering a free gift such as a discount on the total price or free shipping, etc.

Free gifts with products

Free gifts with products are very popular as “BoGo (Buy one Get one)” or “Buy x Get y” promotions. This means when customers buy some specific products, some free products will be automatically added to their cart. 

Choosing the best method for offering the most impressive free gifts depends on your marketing strategies for selling more products and boosting your sales.

Why is offering free gifts important for your online stores?

You may wonder if it is really necessary to offer free gifts to the customers. Even if you are at the beginning of running an ecommerce business? The short answer is definitely yes.

offering free gifts important for your online stores

To convince you that promotions have a great influence on your sales, we are going to share 5 reasons your business needs to offer free gifts.

Improve product branding

Offering gifts is one of the best marketing strategies for improving product branding. If you want to increase customer perceptions and convince potential customers that you have established a strong and reputable brand, offering them really worth it.

 Boosts conversion rate

By offering gifts, your customers feel that they are making an economical decision when purchasing from your online store. Actually, they are paying less to purchase more products which is a driven force for buying more products and boosting the conversion rate of your online shop.

 Increase customer experiences 

Receiving a free gift after adding products to the cart has a great influence on customer satisfaction. Which in turn can improve customer experiences of purchasing from your online store. They feel you really appreciate them because they choose your website to do their purchases. 

increase customer satisfaction

Receive more orders and boost your sales

Offering free gifts can encourage shoppers to offer buying goods from your online store to their friends or relatives. It can also motivate them to buy all of their requirements from your shop repeatedly. So, by taking this simple marketing strategy, you can see a huge effect on boosting your revenue.

Selling the less favorable products by offering free gifts

If you are stuck in a situation where some variations of your products are less purchased by your customers, you can easily increase the probability of their sales by offering a free gift after buying them from your customers. In this way, you can direct your customer to purchase your targeted products.


Customer experiences are of great importance for small or big businesses. If you want to increase your sales, you need to keep your customers satisfied by different methods. There is no doubt that offering free gifts is one of the most effective strategies for improving your customer loyalty and making them perceive your brand as a reputable one.

If you have already run an ecommerce website powered by WooCommerce, offering free gifts is not a complicated task. As a store manager, you can easily add discounts, issue coupons or set rules to offer your customers what they deserve.

It is also possible to make issuing and managing gifts more convenient by installation and activation of the “Free Gifts For WooCommerce” on your ecommerce website.

The options provided in this plugin helps you to issue various types of gifts such as “gift-with-purchase” or gift with products by setting different rules without any need to have knowledge about code writing.

There is no time for hesitation, we provide everything for you to overtake your competitors. Just start by downloading free gifts for WooCommerce plugin!

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