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How to duplicate multi WooCommerce coupons fast and easy?

Duplicate multi coupon has no limit in WooCommerce coupons editing plugin which means you can duplicate as many coupons as you need just by one click.

To duplicate multi coupons, you need to:

  • Select your preferred coupons 
  • Click on Duplicate button at the main page of our plugin
  • Determine how many times you need those coupons to be duplicated
  • Click on “Start Duplicate

This method can help you to duplicate those coupons with the same information very fast and easily. So, there is no need to import repeated data one by one for the same coupons.

If you have any problem in duplicating coupons by our plugin, continue reading the below example.

Duplicate multi WooCommerce coupons by one click

As mentioned above, at first you need to select those coupons that need to be duplicated in the Coupon Table.

To select your preferred coupons, you have three options:

  • Find coupons by “filter form
  • Select coupons by using “Quick Search
  • Mark coupons directly in the table

In this tutorial, we select some coupons directly from the table, as shown below:

select coupons to duplicate in  WooCommerce coupons editing plugin

As soon as clicking on the Duplicate button, the below pop-up appeared and we typed “3” in the textbox which means those selected coupons would be duplicated 3 times.

You can also use Up/ Down button designed in the Textbox to increase / decrease the value.

enter numbers of duplicate

By clicking on “Start Duplicate”, those selected coupons where duplicated and the new coupons were added to the table:

result of duplicating coupons in  WooCommerce coupons editing plugin

As we expected, all information related to the duplicated coupons are the same, however, you can change any data by one of the below methods:

Inline edit WooCommerce coupons

To change data by Inline Edit, you have to add the proper column to the table, then you are able to edit the value of that column directly from the table.

For example, in the below picture, we have tried to change the “Coupon Code” value of the first duplicated coupon:

inline edit in WooCommerce coupons editing plugin

Bind Edit multi WooCommerce coupons

By using “bind edit”, you can change multi coupons data at the same time directly from the table. To use this method, at first you need to filter the new coupons added to the table. 

For example, by using “Filter Form”, we filtered coupons with Coupon Code “u6e4nq9t“:

filter by coupons code

As we expected, 4 coupons have been filtered as we duplicate one coupon with this coupon code 3 times:

filtered coupons in woocommerce coupon bulk edit

Now, we selected those coupons and marked “Bind Edit” to change the multi coupon expiry date at the same time.

As shown below, when we picked one date from the calendar, all “Coupon Expiry date” of these selected coupons were changes:

bind edit coupon expire dates

Bulk Edit WooCommerce coupons

You can also use bulk edit to change the multi duplicated coupons data at the same time.

For example, consider that we want to add “Duplicate Coupons” at the beginning of their “Coupon Codes” values.

To do this, we filtered those coupons as described above, then opened “Bulk Edit” form and selected Prepend from the condition box of “Coupon Code” as shown below:

bulk edit form in WooCommerce coupons editing plugin

By clicking on “Do Bulk Edit”, the Coupon code values of those duplicated coupons were changed as we expected:

bind edit coupons expire date
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