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What is the WooCommerce Product Table Plugin?

There are several ways to display products in WooCommerce. New WordPress themes have also added various tools to display a variety of product layouts in their themes. Common types of display modes include grid, list, and masonry. But all of these display layouts make it difficult for users to navigate, sometimes confusing, when there are so many products.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin gives you the ability to display a large number of products with the required fields of each product in table mode to users. This allows users to see only the information they need – without any additional information – in one view.

Beautiful appearance, very high product loading speed, easy access to store elements, group add products to the cart, etc. are just some of the capabilities of the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

How you can benefit from it?

Woocommerce product table have a lot of features that made it very powerful and unique plugin for display woocommerce products in table mode.

  • User-friendly design
  • Easy shortcode use
  • Amazing and awesome UI
  • 5 predefined presets
  • Template Manager
  • Generate Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Colorize
  • Customize query
  • Set Custom Query
  • Display on-sale Products
  • Display Featured Products
  • Display Specific Products
  • Display Food Menu in Table
  • Display Music List in Table
  • Display Products in Specific Price Range
  • Column Manager
  • Show/Hide Product’s Fields in Table
  • Show/Hide Category/Taxonomy/Attribute in Table
  • Show Product Variations
  • Multi-Select Add to Cart
  • Sticky Column
  • Powerful Search Form
  • 3 Types of Mini Cart
  • 2 pagination type (load more / page number)
  • Set quantity before adding product
  • Fast load speed
  • Variable product with variation select
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