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How to bulk edit post status by WordPress bulk post editing plugin?

Bulk edit post status by WordPress bulk post editing plugin can be done in less than a few minutes as we provide you an easy and straightforward way for changing various past settings.

To change multi posts status settings at the same time, you need to follow 3 steps:

Filter the custom posts for bulk edit post status

By opening the filter form and getting help from the “How to filter custom posts” tutorial, you can choose the custom posts that their status must be changed to.

For example we are going to bulks edit post status of those items that have “news” in their titles:

Filter the custom posts in WordPress bulk post editing plugin

Bulk edit post status using bulk edit form

To do this, after select desired posts, you need to click on “Bulk Edit” button at the main page and continue as follow:

  1. Go to “Date & Type” tab.
  2. Click on the combo box in front of post status.
  3. Select one of the post status including:
    • Draft
    • Pending Review
    • Private
    • Published
  4. Click on “Do Bulk Edit”.
change post status in date & type tab of WordPress post bulk edit plugin

For example, we selected “Pending Review” from the status list:

choose pending review in post status

After clicking on “Do bulk edit”, the status of custom posts were changed at the same time as shown below:

Result of bulk edit of post status

Bulk edit post status by inline edit

There is another option to change multi post status in our plugin by inline edit. To use this option you need to

Add status column to the post table 

Adding proper post columns to the post table helps you to observe the result of post status bulk editing.

To display “Status” column, you can easily add it from the “Column Profiles” page as below:

Add status column in column profile

Mark checkboxes

Mark “Bind Edit” in the main page then select the post you need to change their status by marking their checkbox 

Choose status

Open the combo box under the status column of one of the posts to choose the appropriate status

See the final result

Press enter and see the result of bulk editing posts status as you expected.

Final result of  bulk editing posts status
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