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How to inline edit WordPress category / tag in WordPress bulk posts editing plugin?

Inline edit WordPress category / tag is a simple and useful way for changing the category or tag of each WordPress post directly from the post table. 

You can Inline edit WordPress category / tag of each post by following 3 simple steps in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin:

Step 1: Add WordPress category / tag column to the post table 

To add category/ tag column to the post table, you need to:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Pro bulk bundle > Woo posts.
  • Click on  “Column Profile” button to open columns form.
  • Mark “Categories” and  “Tags” under taxonomies field in that form.
  • Click on “Apply to Table”.
Add custom columns to WordPress Bulk post editing plugin

Step 2: Search and find custom post 

As you can change the category/tag of one WordPress post by inline edit, it is a good idea to find the custom post by using Quick search.

For example you can find the post with ID number: 1611 as below:

  • Type 1316 in the text box of “Quick Search” field.
  • Select “ID” from the next Combo box.
  • Click on “Filter” icon.

Now you can Inline edit post category / tag of this post by clicking on the related columns.

Step 3: Inline edit WordPress post category / tag 

As soon as you click on one of the category or tag columns a new pop up will appear including a list of categories or tags you have already saved in the WordPress.

In this page, the below actions are provided:

Select new categories in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin

Select new WordPress categories / tags

Result of assigning categories

For example, we assigned “Food” and “Travel” to the post category:

Search among the categories / tags by typing some letters in the textbox 

Search categories in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin

For example, we typ “s” letter and tag list will be filter according to the names including s as shown below:

So, we marked “Breakfast”, “Sport” and “Summer” and assigned them to the post tag by clicking on  “Apply Changes”: 

result of inline edit category / tag

Add new category / tag in WordPress

If you need to add a new category  / tag to the list, it is simply possible by clicking on “Add New” button and filling some field in the new form appeared such as:

  • Name
  • Slug
  • Parent
  • Description 

For example, we create “Phone” category As you can see below:

Add new category directly from taxonomy popup in WordPress bulk posts editing plugin

if you click on “Create” button, the new category / tag will add to the list:

Added category to WordPress Bulk post editing plugin directly

So, you can mark it to assigning to the post category / tag:

As we did for the selected post: 

Result of inline edit category / tag

By opening the category/ tag page of WordPress, you can see the new category has been added there automatically:

Category page of wordpress

As it is obvious, if you add any category / tag to the WordPress, it will be added to the category/ tag list of our plugin.

For example, we added “Education” as a new category in the WordPress:

Add new category in wordpress
Result of adding category in wordpress

When we came back to our plugin and clicked on category column, “Education” was there as a new category and we could assign it to our post:

category list in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin
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