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How to bind edit posts in WordPress bulk posts editing plugin?

Bind edit posts in WordPress bulk posts editing plugin is sometimes much easier than using “Bulk Edit” form. Because in bind editing, you can directly change any post features from the post table and see the result immediately.

This is also a good option when you need to change some features of all posts which are listed in one page at the same time.

Load filter profile to WordPress bulk post editing plugin

For example, in this tutorial, we are going to “bind edit” all posts that are published in “Dec.2020“. As we have made such “Filter Profile” before, we just load the related posts by loading the filter profile as below:

To “Bind Edit” WordPress posts in our plugin, you need to add the appropriate columns from the column profile page to the post table.

Add column to WordPress bulk post editing plugin

For example, we added “Status“, “Post type“, “Categories” and “Tags” columns to make some changes on them by bind editing:

You can select as many items as you need in the “Column Profile” or choose a preset combo box to load a saved filter profile. Anyway, the columns will be add to the post table after clicking on “Apply to Table”.

Result of adding columns in WordPress post bilk edit plugin

Bind edit posts

When you filter the custom posts and then add the appropriate columns, you can bind edit posts as follow:

  • Mark “Bind Edit” option in the main page.
  • Mark the checkbox next to “ID” to select all posts in this page.
  • Click on one of the columns related to one of the selected products as we did for the “STATUS” column in the below picture.
Bind edit in WordPress bulk post editing plugin
  • if you select one of the values from the combo box of “Status” column, the values related to all of the selected products will be change. Also the value you had chosen for one of the posts would be assigned to all of them at once:
Result of bind editing status

You can repeat these steps frequently for bind editing as many post features as you need.

As we have already described in “How to inline edit Posts in WordPress Bulk posts editing plugin”, to make editing of each field easier for you, we have designed different options for changing the values related to each columns such as:

Combo box for bind edit status, post type and another two value fields.

Bind editing post type in WordPress posts bulk editing plugin

Checklist for bind edit of category, tags and another multi value fields.

Bind editing multi value fields such as category and tag

Text box for bind edit title, slug, post password and another text value fields

bind editing text value fields

Pop-up for bind edit post image and another media fields.

Bind edit media fields
Bind edit media fields

Content box for bind edit post description, short description and another text editor fields.

Bind edit posts text editor fields in WordPress bulk post editing plugin

Calendar for bind editing date published, date modified and another date fields.

Bind edit data fields in WordPress post bulk edit plugin

Calculator for bind editing menu order and another number fields.

Bind edit number fields
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