What are the best free WooCommerce themes for an online shop?

Best Free Woocommerce Themes (Ultimate List)
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A WooCommerce theme is an essential tool for improving the appearance as well as the performance of your online shop. Choosing the best theme for your online shop not only has a great influence on attracting more customers and boosting your sale by improving your customer experiences but also, plays an important role in enhancing the most important factors of SEO such as CTR, Mobile Friendliness, and good customer experience.

To pick the best theme for your E-commerce website, it is not necessary to pay for a premium theme, there are more than one hundred free WooCommerce themes out there that meet all of your requirements, perfectly.

You just need to pay attention to the most common features which are vital for a WooCommerce theme such as page size, HTTP requests, and performance rating before installation on your E-commerce website.

Don’t forget that the first effect of installing a WooCommerce theme is changing the whole design and appearance of your online shop, so, try choosing WooCommerce themes according to your priorities as well as your customer taste.

Let’s get more familiar with the role of WooCommerce themes on your online shop then review the features of the best free WooCommerce themes.

What are WooCommerce themes?

WooCommerce themes refer to those WordPress themes that are absolutely matched with the WooCommerce features and functionalities. As you may know, after the installation of WooCommerce as the most effective WordPress plugin for creating eCommerce websites, some extra features will be added to your website, including

  • product pages, 
  • shop and cart pages, 
  • customer accounts, 
  • etc. 

It’s obvious that you need to install one of the best WooCommerce themes to improve the way of displaying these pages to your customers and let your online shop works well.

It worth mentioning that not all of the WordPress themes are ideal for WooCommerce. So, if running an online shop is the purpose of creating a website, before choosing a theme for your WordPress website, you need to check if it is compatible with WooCommerce especially when you are purchasing a premium theme.

Although you can always change your theme anytime after installation of WooCommerce on the WordPress website, sometimes you pay the cost of a premium theme so you don’t want to waste your money for buying another theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

In this situation, you have two portions:

  1. Install some plugins enabling you to replace the shop page, cart page, or account page of WooCommerce to create a good-looking WooCommerce page without any need to change your theme. For example, if the installed theme on your website has no option for displaying products on the shop page of WooCommerce, you can replace the shop page with a customer-friendly table view by installing the WooCommerce product table plugin.
  2. Install one of the best free WordPress WooCommerce themes that we are going to introduce you later.

How to Choose professional WooCommerce themes?

Choosing the best free WordPress WooCommerce themes is slightly harder than picking a suitable theme for other kinds of websites because you need to find a theme with extra features that supports WooCommerce.

To find high quality and professional theme that works well on E-commerce websites powered by WooCommerce, it is not necessary to pay a lot of money and purchase a premium theme. You can easily find the best WooCommerce theme among the free themes available in WordPress respiratory just by paying attention to the below points:

Offer friendly design for WooCommerce pages

As we mentioned before, by installing WooCommerce, three extra pages are added to your website:

  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Checkout page

Before installation of any theme, you need to make sure that the layout designed for these pages is ideal for your online store.

Suitable customization features

Customization is a key for creating an appealing online store that attracts customers. The more customization tools, the better WooCommerce theme. 

Lightweight and optimization options

One of the most important factors for choosing the best free WooCommerce themes for online store is keeping the speed of loading your web pages as high as possible. It means you need to find a lightweight theme with the best optimization options to prevent slowing down the loading time of your online store.

 To make sure if your selected them has these key factors, it’s better to work with a demo, review the user comments, check the rating and the date of the last update released by their developers.

Can WooCommerce be used with any theme?

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for creating and managing E-commerce websites. It can add a lot of extra features to any website to make selling goods possible. So, it is obvious that you need to use a theme which is compatible with these options which are essential for running an E-commerce website.

To find the right WooCommerce theme, you have to look for a theme with the following features:

  • Responsive and compatible with different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Flexible for publishing posts and blogging
  • Provide interactive “shopping cart icon” and “Add to cart buttons
  • Make checkout process simple
  • Offer premade page templates or demos for displaying products and categories
  • Support displaying product image gallery, full screen effects, navigation, etc.
  • Design product review 
  • Enable social sharing 
  • Integrate with email form

Best free WooCommerce themes list

The best free WooCommerce shop theme has perfect flexible features to be integrated with your preferences. In this post, we are going to share the most popular and effective themes designed to improve the appearance and functionality of your E-commerce website.

If you just start your E-commerce business by creating an online shop, these 10 free WooCommerce themes can help you to make it brilliant:

Storefront- The best free and flexible WooCommerce theme

Storefront is a free and powerful theme designed by WooCommerce developers to ensure store managers run their online shop with no concern about any conflicts.

store front theme

The advantages of Storefront theme

  • Fully integration with WooCommerce without any conflict on displaying product page, shop page or cart page.
  • Easy installation process directly from “WooCommerce set up Wizard” or “WordPress respiratory”.
  • Regular updates to be compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce and its extensions.
  • Responsive to be effective on any screen including mobile, tablet and computers.
  • Providing a grid system for more flexibility.
  • SEO performance enhancement.
  • Create very clean and simple design for your online shop.
  • Offer multiple customization tool to personalize the appearance of your online store as you wish.
  • Provide a powerful homepage with Contact section, Categories, bestselling products and etc.
  • Allowing to transform the appearance of your online shop by creating child theme.
  • Connect you to “WooCommerce Storefront Ideas Board” to help you find the most recent suggestions or solutions.

Shopay- Best free responsive WooCommerce Theme

Shopay theme

Shopay is one of the best free WordPress themes tailored for your online store. The theme is not only responsive but also finely tuned for SEO, ensuring your store achieves its maximum potential by enhancing the user experience and driving higher conversions.

The advantages of Shopay

  • The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, making it the best option for e-commerce websites.
  • Fully optimized for all mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience on any device. 
  • It offers a multitude of colour options for effective branding and designing.
  • Shopay boasts clean coding, adhering to WordPress theme review guidelines and security standards.
  • Import your favorite demo with one click demo export for Shopay.
  • Get excellent support for setup and feature usage assistance.
  • Integrate your favorite page builders and plugins with ease and effortlessly.
  • Utilize 10+ widget options to your website to add more functionality to your online store.
  • Included are updates like dashboard UI changes, new product category options, and many more.

Leto- The best simple and lightweight WooCommerce theme 

Leto is the best lightweight WooCommerce theme with a user-friendly interface that can help you run your online shop quickly. Some basic but useful features provided by this suitable theme which make it an ideal option for any E-commerce website.

The advantages of Leto theme

  • Ideal for any kind of online store with simple adoption with multiple niches.
  • Easy customization by using built-in widgets for editing colors, resizing fonts, and etc.
  • Providing a complete collection of Google fonts.
  • Offering impressive headers to display your promotions, image gallery or even your introduction videos.
  • Ready to translate into other languages to attract native customers.
  • Perfect integration with WooCommerce for displaying checkout page, shop page or user account page. 
  • Offering a simple layout for category page, individual product page and other designed pages on your website.
  • Work with a Demo before installation.

eStore- The best appealing and customer friendly WooCommerce theme

estore woocommerce theme

eStore has a lot of incredible features for creating an astonishing and captivating E-commerce website including:

The advantages of eStore theme

  • Amazing layout for displaying product images, categories, promotions, offers, etc.
  • Various personalization options for designing every detail on your online store and improve your customer experiences.
  • Multi language support to make getting contact with your native customer more convenient. 
  • High quality search box which can enable your visitors to search and find their favorite products very quickly. 
  • Multi currency support to make selling products in your preferred currency easier without any need to install extra plugins.
  • A ready to use demo for evaluating the functionality of “eStore” options: “eStore Demo”.
  • Perfect compatibility with WooCommerce and its related plugins.

Shopstar- The best free responsive and minimalist WooCommerce theme

Shopstar woocommerce theme

Shopstar is designed to help you show off your products in a stylish way. It is the best option for selling fashion, cloths, shoes, etc. The most impressing feature of “Shopstar” theme is providing large white spaces between product pictures to make them more attractive and significant even in one glance.

The advantages of Shopstar theme

  • Large header for displaying impressive photos such as promotions, gifts, off sales, etc.
  • Category showcase button which is the most favourable feature in customer view.
  • Easy to use customization and personalization options.
  • Ready for using any WooCommerce feature such as adding products, specifying payment gateways, adding shipping zones and etc.
  • Social media Buttons to help store managers links their websites to the social pages.
  • Customizable menu for adding as many categories or items to make purchasing from your online shop a good experience for your customers. 
  • A “call to action” button on the header for encouraging customers to do what you expected.
  • Translation tools to help your visitors see your website on their own language.
  • A ready to use Demo with full options available on “Shopstar” theme.

Astra -The best free and flexible WooCommerce theme

astra woocommerce theme

Astra with no doubt is one of the most favorite WordPress theme known as a multifunction and super-fast performance. This lightweight theme provides excellent features for improving the appearance as well as functionality of any kinds of websites.

If you are running a new E-commerce business, Astra with its amazing tools and features can help you to create an enjoyable environment for your customers resulted in boosting your sale and growing your business.

The advantages of Astra theme

  • Work with various pre-built demos to choose the best one for your website.
  • Customize every single detail by using in built tools without any need to change the code.
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce features and WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Divi and etc.
  • Support responsive grid layout for designing catalogue, product images, etc.
  • Offer SEO friendly options for blogging.

Zigcy Lite- The best optimized theme supporting WooCommerce 

Zigcy Lite woocommerce theme

Zigcy Lite theme designed based on a built-in customizer to make personalization of any E-commerce website much more convenient for store managers. It comes with a lot of appealing features to help you satisfy your customer and ensure your success, including:

  • Attractive homepage and header layout
  • Unlimited colours and fonts
  • Useful widgets

The advantages of Zigcy lite theme

  • Three amazing demos to choose the best one for your E-commerce website.
  • Displaying products and categories in an impressive way. 
  • Responsive to be effective on any screen.
  • Optimized with SEO.

Woostify – The best powerful theme supporting WooCommerce 

Woostify theme

Woostify is a good solution for creating an E-commerce website with all necessary features for selling products and attracting customers. It comes with multiple layouts, many customization tools, several headers, different hover styles, various cart options and so on. Which makes it an ideal theme for online shops powered by WooCommerce.

The advantages of Woostify theme

  • Compatible with the most important plugins such as Wishlist plugins. 
  • Lightweight design with no harm effect on loading webpages. 
  • Optimized for SEO. 
  • User friendly customization tools for designing store pages based on different built in demos.

VW E-commerce Store – The best multipurpose theme supporting WooCommerce 

VW Ecommerce Store theme

VW E-commerce Store theme is an ideal solution for fashion, makeup, beauty, jewellery and even tech. stores due to providing clean and minimal design to create gorgeous homepage and product pages. 

The advantages of VW E-commerce Store theme

  • Customizing homepage to display latest products, best seller products and etc.
  • Providing search option to help your customer find their products easier.
  • Supporting different color and font customization tool.
  • Creating multilingual store by using translation ready options.
  • Working with prebuilt demo before installation.

Shopping Cart- The best responsive theme supporting WooCommerce 

ShoppingCart theme

Shopping Cart theme provides an elegant homepage for displaying your products very easily. You can show off your products or categories in an attractive way to encourage your customer purchase goods from your online shop.

 The advantages of Shopping Cart theme

  • Providing Search bar to help customers easily find their products. 
  • Adding widgets to the homepage to customize your store. 
  • Displaying brand names, categories or products in a carousel. 
  • Adjusting fonts, colors, your logo and so on.
  • Translation ready. 
  • Compatible with all features of WooCommerce and other popular plugins.
  • Fully responsive to be displayed amazing on different screens.
  • Ready to use demo.

Excellent- The best theme with social media integration option supporting WooCommerce

Excellent woocommerce free theme

Excellent theme comes with several layouts for displaying products, large header on the homepage, grid view for improving customer experiences, sidebar for adding social media links or extra widgets, excellent customization tools for personalizing fonts and colors, …

The advantages of Excellent theme

  • Responsive and multifunction.
  • Supporting Social media integration. 
  • Providing a showcase to display products on the homepage.
  • Designing a footer area for adding social media links or other widgets.
  • Unlimited customization option for changing color, fonts, etc.
  • Offering prebuilt demo to design your online shop in a few minutes.

Easy Store- The best theme with powerful customization options supporting WooCommerce

Easy Store theme

Easy Store theme offers a lot of customization options which make it an ideal solution for any kind of online shop including:

  • Three different layouts.
  • Showcase for displaying new collection, popular or best-selling products.
  • Sidebar menu for adding category links.
  • Add to cart option directly from the homepage. 
  • Amazing customization panel with stylish color scheme. 
  • Responsive to be displayed well even on high resolution screens.
  • Prebuilt demo to help store managers perfectly. 


Installing one of the best themes compatible with WooCommerce is necessary to have an excellent performance on your online shop. In this post, we introduced 10 best free WooCommerce themes that can help you to make the process of buying goods from your online store enjoyable for your customers.

All of these themes provide a lot of customization options for building homepages, product pages, shop or cart pages very impressive and effective. They also offer some extra features such as prebuilt demos, widgets, sidebars, showcases, social media integration buttons, and much more to help you design your E-commerce website on your own without any need to have knowledge about writing codes.

Choose one of these themes and start your E-commerce business. You are the one who can create your destiny!

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