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Halloween marketing ideas to boost up sales On WordPress site needs precise planning. In other words, with one of the biggest holiday seasons coming soon, you can plan creative Halloween marketing ideas to boost up sales on your WordPress website.

Even though the COVID-19 has developed, more than 150 million people plan on celebrating Halloween this year. So these people will purchase online and you can provide Halloween Marketing Ideas to amaze your website visitors through WordPress.

What is Halloween and when should you be ready for this celebration?

The fourth most popular holiday after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter is   celebrated on October 31st every year. On Halloween, people light bonfires and wear scary costumes to stall away ghosts.

Halloween Marketing Ideas grow this time and decide the shop. but, retailers focus more on Thanksgiving and festivals. As a result, they miss out on great marketing opportunities and sales deals. Halloween upholds creative marketing campaigns. So you must start your Halloween Marketing Ideas right!

When should retainers be Ready for Halloween?

  • 6% of retainers will think of Halloween marketing ideas before September.
  • 28% of retainers will start their shopping during September.
  • 41% of shoppers are likely to get done with their Halloween marketing ideas in the first week of October.
  • 25% of the shoppers wait until the latter half of the October month in search of more profiting offers and then develop their ideas.

If you want to boost up sales on Halloween, so stay with us.

How to boost up Halloween sales on WordPress sites

There are tons of WordPress tools and solutions available that you can use to engage potential buyers and increase your Halloween sales very rapidly. Let’s find out more below:


1. Halloween marketing ideas promotion with optin Popups

Many websites have a small, beautiful popup banner at the top of their page. These banners are called optin popups, and they can help you to increase sales easily. Do you know how it works? It’s simple. Your website visitors will see the popup no matter which page they browse when you add option popups to your WordPress site. If you make these optin popups sticky, then they will move when your site visitor scrolls down your page.

Now if you share a special Halloween sales promotion or discount offer on your optin popup, your site visitors will see it constantly. It will tempt them to make a purchase and boost up sales on WordPress site. Nowadays, many powerful WordPress tools can create stunning optin popups and share Halloween Marketing Ideas easily.


2. Use social proof, find out your customers, and develop Halloween marketing ideas

As you know, people are interested in following what others are doing. So you can use social proof by showing attractive notification alerts every time a customer purchases any Halloween products from you and boost up sales on Halloween.

For example, you can use NotifcationX to display WooCommerce review popups for your Halloween products. Undoubtedly your site visitors will feel encouraged to purchase your products when seeing review teasers. This way, social proof plays an important role in your Halloween marketing idea and increases sales on your WordPress website.


3. Show special online Halloween events on your WordPress site

optin popup

One of the best ways to boost sales and enhance your site visitor’s experience is showing Online Halloween events on your WordPress site. Lots of businesses use this idea as their Halloween marketing idea every year.

With popular tools that are in WordPress, you can boost up sales by offering site visitors a chance to win special prizes by spinning a wheel of fortune. So your site visitors will have an enjoyable and unique experience when browsing your website.


4. Add interesting Halloween effects to WordPress website

One of the best ideas in Halloween marketing is to add Halloween effects to your entire WordPress website. Halloween Panda is an interesting tool that you can add Halloween effects like bats, pumpkins, and more on every page of your website with it.

You can use horror fonts and creepy Halloween themed popups for your website with Halloween Panda. Also, you can animate these Halloween popups to make your website more dynamic and interactive.


5. Terrific email marketing campaign as a Halloween marketing idea

Email marketing campaigns can help you to boost up Halloween sales. More than 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. You should plan and prepare your email marketing campaign if you want to look for an effective Halloween marketing idea to boost up sales.

6. Offer Halloween related products to your customers

One of the great Halloween marketing ideas is offering Halloween related products to your customers. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, you can introduce Halloween costumes to your customers. The national retail federation shows that 46% of customers are planning to spend on Halloween costumes. For other businesses, you can come up with creative ways to tie Halloween to your products, such as Halloween themed packaging.

This way, no matter what kind of business you have, you can always come up with creative Halloween marketing ideas and boost up your sales. Just make sure that your ideas are staying true to your brand and your products.



In the end, we hope that these Halloween marketing ideas are of great help to you this holiday season to boost up your products on the WordPress site. Before everything try to understand the needs of your customers and provide them the best products and encourage them to purchase from your site.

We hope you find the mentioned tips and tricks useful and make the best of them. Best wishes to you and your company. Happy Halloween!!!



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