How to Make it Easy for Gift Buyers to Shop on Your WooCommerce Store

how to make it easy for gift buyers to shop your online store
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An online gift shop sells various products, including flowers, beautiful dolls, accessories, and more. It helps customers or gift buyers who lack time to visit physical stores or live far from their family and friends to order gifts online and send them to the addresses they need.

Selling gifts in online stores is a great idea for setting up a new eCommerce business due to its opportunity to attract customers and make money in the short term.

However, to launch any business, particularly online shops, and turn it into a profitable store, you must follow many rules and strategies to set your store apart from competitors.

Your success in this industry can be greatly impacted by having sufficient knowledge and information about the tactics related to improving customer experience. For this reason, we give some advice in this post on how to make it more convenient for gift buyers to order products.

Consider how useful the gifts are for your target audience

Providing the right gifs for selling in your online store has the biggest influence on your sales. You must first conduct in-depth research to identify your target audience, giving them the option to purchase proper gifts that suit their requirements.

You should select entirely valuable presents. For instance, if you want to start an online business to sell gifts for kids, you can sell a variety of dolls, toys, and kid-sized clothing. However, selling travel bags or sunglasses would undoubtedly fail to get the attention of your target market.

The lifestyle of your target audience should also be considered. Investigation of customer behaviors can show what kinds of “gifts” add value to your shop.

Choose gifts wisely and purposefully

You must consider what gifts will truly persuade your audience if you want to see an increase in sales. Setting up an online gift store needs more creative ideas than giving buyers access to common items. Instead, you should provide unique and attractive gifts with more value than the items available on your competitors’ websites.

Therefore, as one of the most powerful marketing and sales strategies, avoid providing common gifts at every other store. On the contrary, you must consider the products your target market will use and require.

Specify the details and specifications of the gifts

Customers who shop online frequently used to find all the details they require about a product fast and easily. As a result, you must ensure that the specifications and features of the gifts you have provided are listed on the store page for gift buyers.

The ideal approach to make it easy for gift buyers to order and purchase on your online store and streamline ordering and buying from your site is to display a complete list of gifts available in your store. Also, show all the features, prices, and options to choose variations in a table view.

The store page cannot be shown as a table in WooCommerce stores by default. You must install the WooCommerce product table plugin to do this.

WooCommerce product table pro

You may make a user-friendly store page with this plugin that includes the product image, variations, price, add to cart button, quantity, and even a search box, as well as all the features the customer wants to see on one page:

shop page table layout
Product table view on Ecommerce shop

Check the availability of gifts in your online shop, regularly

One of the best tactics for the success of online businesses is to check the inventory of goods frequently. The things that gift buyers require should always be accessible if you want to improve the customer experience and boost your sales.

As a result, you should check your product stock report weekly or monthly to ensure you have a sufficient supply of gifts.

Make sure you have plenty of those specific items if you discover from reviewing the reports that purchasing one or more unique gifts is particularly popular.

You need to install the WooCommerce Report plugin to receive regular reports of your product stock. After installing this plugin, by following the steps below, you can receive reports about your product inventory via email weekly:

WooCommerce Report Plugin banner
  • Install the WooCommerce Report plugin.
  • Log in to IT Woo Report through the WordPress dashboard.
  • Open the setting section and activate Active Email Reporting.
Set automated email report
Send WooCommerce reports as email

You can also enter the Product tab and select the product stock option to receive the product stock report.

As shown in the image below, all in-stock products will be displayed along with their quantity.

WooCommerce product stock report
Product stock report in WooCommerce report plugin

Use special offers at the right time to inform gift buyers about your new gifts

Implementing marketing strategies is crucial for your eCommerce business to expand and receive attention. There are a lot of online store marketing and advertising tactics that are useful for increasing the sales of your shop. 

Some websites offer free gift products to their new or returning clients on special occasions.

Such offers can encourage customers to purchase gifts during holidays like Mother’s Day, Black Friday, or near Christmas. You can also take advantage of these possibilities and use the free gift offer as a powerful marketing strategy.

The free gift offer not only satisfy the customer but also increases the speed of sales and customer loyalty in the long term.

You need to install the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin to offer a free gift product in your store.

woocommerce gift plugin banner

The following are the advantages of installing and using this plugin:

  • The possibility of offering any marketing strategy, including BOGO or Subtotal Amount
  • The ability to limit the rules of the free gift offer by choosing different conditions
  • The possibility of offering free gifts on special occasions
  • The ability to offer free gifts to new users or loyal customers
  • Etc

For example, suppose on Black Friday, you plan to give a free gift product to customers who buy products from your store. Creating such a rule using the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin is possible in the following four simple steps:

  • First, select the Simple adjustment method.
  • In the Quantities and settings section: write 1 under the Get box, then mark the Same gift and Auto add to cart options.
  • In the Get section, select the products you want to offer as a free gift under the Include products box.
offer free gift on black Friday in WooCommerce
Set rule for offer free gift product on black Friday
  • In the Condition section, you can limit the time of offering free gifts. To do this, click on the Add conditions option so that the relevant boxes will be displayed to you.
  • In the first box, choose the condition you want from the list. So, choose the Date option.
  • In the second box, select the specific date option.
  • In the third box, use the existing calendar to choose 26. Nov.
  • Finally, click on Add Rule to offer this gift to customers on Black Friday.
offer gift rule for black friday
Offer free gift product after purchase on black Friday

By creating this rule, every customer purchasing from your site on Black Friday (Nov. 26) will automatically receive a free gift in their cart.

Use social media to promote the available gifts in your store

promote gift on social media
Promote available gifts in social media

These days, advertising and marketing are so popular in social media. Use this opportunity to take your online shop to the next level by promoting your limited-time deals or posting promotional banners on influencers’ accounts.

You can utilize website banners or popups to draw gift buyers’ attention and tell them about free gifts in your store.

You can also ask the gift buyers to take pictures when they give the gifts to their friends or family and then tag your business when they post the images on their social media accounts. This demonstrates to their friends and followers the value they place on your brand. After that, you can hold a contest and give a prize to one of the customers who have tagged you.

By giving gifts from your online store to influencers or famous people and posting a video about it on your social media account, you may leverage them as a marketing tool and make a customer trust you.

Allow gift buyers to customize the message on the gifts

One of the possibilities you can make available to gift buyers in your online shops is customizing the gifts, for example, by adding a message to them. You can give the customers the option to write a message with any name or text as a note when ordering the gifts, and you manage to send the gifts with a card with the same name or content written on it.

Additionally, if your website sells signs, ornaments, or accessories, you can let the customer write their preferred text in the product note section, and you prepare the gift as they ordered.

Offer gift wrapping to your customers

wrap gift for customers
Gift wrapping help gift buyers to have a better purchasing experience

Gift wrapping and decoration are frequently offered for free in many online shops to help gift buyers have a better purchasing experience.

By purchasing from these online stores, customers who want to send gifts directly to the receiver won’t have to worry about wrapping their presents.

Additionally, gift packs and sets—created by combining some related products—are also provided in many online gift shops. Following the purchase, these items are put inside a gift box from which the buyer has selected their color, model, material, and appearance before being delivered to the specified address.

Categorize your customers and offer relevant free gift products to them

Each client has a unique position for you, and no two clients are the same. Sending personalized promotional emails or SMS to each customer is one of the greatest marketing strategies to persuade them to make more purchases from your shop.

Here are some examples of various marketing and advertising techniques:

Offer a free gift product to “new users” to encourage them to purchase products from your shop.

When visiting your site for the first time, new users aren’t prepared to make purchases and pay. In this situation, giving them a free gift or setting a deadline can entice them to place an order.

For example, you can offer the following to your new visitors using the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin:

“Get three free accessories by purchasing the first gift from our store.”

In the image below, you can see the steps for creating this rule in this plugin:

  • In the first part, select Buy x Get y method and write in Buy and Get sections 1 and 3, respectively.
  • Select Accessories under the Include category box in the Get products section.
offer free gift product for new user in WooComemrce
Get three free accessories by purchasing the first product from store in WooCommerce
  • In the Conditions section, by clicking on Add conditions, the boxes related to limiting the free gift offer will be displayed to you.
  • Click on the first box and choose the Order count option from the list in the Customer-Values section.
  • Choose the following for the following boxes:
    • Second box: All time
    • Third box: a list
    • Fourth box: 0
Offer gift for new users in WooCommerce
Set condition to offer free gift for new customers in WooCommerce free gift plugin

As illustrated below, every customer who purchases from your store for the first time will see a list of accessories that they can add 3 of them to their shopping cart for free. 

Free gift product offer front end view

Reward your loyal customers

A part of your audience is customers who visit your site often (return visitors) and buy gifts from you regularly. One of the best ways to satisfy and retain existing customers is to offer them free gifts. For example, you can give them a gift for every $50 purchase in the past month.

To make such an offer in the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin:

  • In the first part, select the subtotal repeat method.
  • In the Quantities and setting section, write 50 and 1 for the Subtotal Amount and get boxes, respectively.
  • In the Product Get section, under the Include category box, select the product category you want to offer the customer as a free gift.
Offer free gift product every 50 dollar
Offer gift product to customers every $50 purchase in the past month
  • In the boxes corresponding to the Conditions section, select the following items in order:
    • First box: Customer value > last order
    • Second box: Within past
    • Third box: 1 month

By clicking on Add rule, every time the subtotal amount of the customer’s shopping cart exceeds $50 in the last month, they will receive a free gift product.

Set condition for every 50 dollar
Offer free gift to customers when subtotal amount of the customer’s shopping cart exceeds $50 in the last month

Give discounts for new gifts in your store

You can use the strategy of providing free gifts in exchange for purchasing new products if you want to sell your new products in large quantities immediately after they appear on the website. For instance, before introducing the product, use a variety of channels to reach out to the website audience, such as email, SMS, etc., and let them know that they will receive a gift in exchange for buying the new product in the upcoming week.

To make such an offer, you can use the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin in the following way:

  • Select the Simple adjustment method option.
  • Write 2 in the Quantities and settings section under the Get Box.
  • In the Get products section, select the product you want to give as a free gift under the Include products box.
Set gift for new product purchase in WooCommerce
Select gift product in get section in free gifts for WooCommerce plugin
  • In the Conditions section, choose the following:
    • In the first box: Cart items_products
    • Second box: only selected
    • Third box: The products you want to apply this rule
offer gift after new product purchase in WooCommerce
Set condition if gift buyers purchase selected product, get two free gifts in their cart

By clicking on Add rules, gift buyers who purchase selected products in the Conditions section will give away two free gifts in their cart.

Providing such offers on new products improve brand awareness and make your gift shop known to more people.

Offer more discounts to customers for more purchases

If customers purchasing gifts from your store have a good experience, you can persuade them to add more products to their carts by offering special deals that give them a gift.

You must develop a unique offer using the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin before you can put this idea into practice.

woocommerce gift plugin banner

For example, suppose you provide clients with the option to select a gift from a list when the subtotal amount of their carts exceeds $100.

To create such a rule, you need to make the conditions in this plugin:

  • In the first part, select the Subtotal method.
  • Write 100 and 1 under the “Subtotal” and “get” boxes in the Quantities and setting section.
  • In the get field under the Include category box, select the category of products that you want to give the customer as a free gift.
  • In the Conditions section, you do not need to add any item.
  • By clicking on Add rules, customers whose subtotal amount is above $100 can choose a gift from the list of available gifts.
offer more discount after more purchase in WooCommerce
Offer gift product if customer subtotal is 100$ in free gifts for WooCommerce plugin

Then, when gift buyers visit the page to pay for the items they have purchased, you should encourage them to buy more by displaying one or more expensive items (Upsell) or related products (Cross-sell). 

In this way, customers add more items or increase the number of products in their shopping carts to reach the point where they can receive free gift products.

Send the gifts to the desired address of the gift buyers

Send gift to customer address
Free delivery is a common strategy for encourage gift buyers

With the growth of online shops, the free delivery of products to the customer’s preferred address is a common strategy for encouraging visitors to place their orders. Without a doubt, in such a competitive market, a successful website entices people to shop at their store by introducing new services. Giving users the ability to select how to package their product and send gifts directly to their friends or family is one of these new options that can boost your sales.

Therefore, allowing a gift buyer to add several addresses for various orders is one of the best ideas that online gift shops can provide for gift buyers to improve their purchase experience.


One of the most acceptable ways to make money from an eCommerce business is to set up an online gift shop. Still, if you want to succeed, you need to utilize proper tactics to make your target audience pay attention to your shop and encourage them to place their orders which will help boost your sales. 

In this post, you have learned excellent strategies to help gift buyers easily choose, order, and purchase from your online store. We also introduced user-friendly plugins, including WooCommerce Report, Free Gifts for WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Product Table, to get their help creating and running a charming store.

Frequently asked question

Which features in online shops can streamline the purchasing process of gift buyers?

– Search among special gifts and filter them based on different characteristics.
– The possibility of comparing gifts.
– The possibility of ordering sets and packs on special occasions.
– Communicating with the support team through online chat.
– The ability to add a personal message to gifts.
– The possibility of requesting gift wrapping and sending it to the desired address.
– Etc.

How to make the design of the gift sales website more attractive?

The best way to design a more attractive gift sales site is to install the Product Table plugin and display all the gifts in the store along with their features and prices in one table. This plugin allows the customer to see all the information they need at a glance and Add the number of gifts they need directly to their shopping cart.

How make gift buyers trust your online store?

One of the ways to gain user confidence is to put your store’s contact information on the main page’s footer. Let visitors communicate with you by online chat, or put the contact numbers or address of the store (if any) on Google Maps and the address of social networks on the website. 
You can also consider options such as cash on the delivery payment method for the customer so that he can feel comfortable about receiving the ordered product.

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