How to setup WooCommerce product upsell/cross-sell? (with/without plugin)

Implement upsell and cross sell
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WooCommerce product upsell and WooCommerce cross-sell are both popular marketing strategies in online stores that encourage customers to buy more from the site. As a marketing principle, convincing customers who are already placing orders in your online shop to buy more is much easier than finding new customers. So, if you want to increase your sales to a great extent, upselling and cross-selling in WooCommerce are ideal solutions.

In this post, we want to show you how to encourage customers to buy more through upsell and cross-sell in WooCommerce and with the help of the WooCommerce cross-sell plugin.

What is a WooCommerce product upsell?

Upsells in WooCommerce are products that you recommend instead of the products that the customers are visiting on your website. Usually, the WooCommerce product upsell are products that have a higher price or better quality.

For example, if the customer is checking cotton t-shirts on your site, you can offer him more expensive t-shirts with the logo at the bottom of the page.

What is WooCommerce cross-sell?

WooCommerce cross-sells are complementary products that you offer based on the product that the customers added to their shopping cart.

For example, if customers add hoodies to their cart, you can show caps and gloves so that they can order them if needed.

Add upsell and cross-sell offers in WooCommerce

To offer upsell and cross-sell to the customers in WooCommerce, you must first go to the product detail page by going to the following path.

WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Products

Then, you need to click on the Edit option under the product title.

select edit option under product title in all products menu

Scroll on the product detail page to see the Product data metabox. In this box, click on the linked products tab:

select linked products menu for variable product WooCommerce

By choosing this option, you will see two fields, Upsells and Cross-sells, on the right side. You can choose one or more products from the list of products in your store to be displayed to the customers. 

set WooCommerce product upsell and cross-sells

After selecting the products in the upsell and cross-sell fields, you can either update or publish the product information by clicking on the Update button.

How WooCommerce products upsell and cross-sell are displayed to the customers?

Upsell in WooCommerce is displayed on the bottom of the product page under the title “You may also like …” section.

result upsell and cross sells field in products WooCommece

The cross-sell products are displayed on the cart page to the customers under the title of the “You may be interested in…” section.

result cart totals products WooCommerce

Use the WooCommerce free gifts plugin to set product upsell and cross-sell

Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin is a helpful WooCommerce plugin that allows you to integrate upsell and cross-sells techniques with free gift product promotion strategies. Offering the free gift promotions along with WooCommerce upsell and cross-sell will increase the sales of your WooCommerce store significantly in a short time. This plugin will give you the opportunity to offer free gifs with different methods to encourage customers to add more products to their carts – cross-sell – or order more expensive products from your site – upsell.

To use this powerful plugin, you must first download and install it on your WordPress site. After installing the plugin on your WordPress site, the Woo Free Gift menu will be added to your dashboard. 

woocommerce gift plugin banner

Now, you can visit the rules page by selecting the Rules | Settings option and clicking on the Add rule option to create a new rule.

select rules and settings menu in dashboard WooCommerce

On this page, depending on the selected method, different sections are displayed. So, you can set different values for each section based on the strategy you have.

select add rule button in rules tab free gift plugin

These sections are:

Method: in this field, you can specify the method that you want to offer the free gift products to the customers based on. These methods include subtotal, simple, buy x get y, etc. 

select bulk pricing option in method field free gift plugin

Quantities and Settings: Here, you can set how many products the customers must order from your site to receive the gift (Buy) and how many free gifts you want to offer to the customers (Get). 

There is also an Auto add-to-cart option. If you mark this option, the plugin will add the free gift automatically to the customer’s cart.

Product buy: In this field, you can specify the products that customers must purchase to receive the gift.

Product Get: Here, you can choose some products or categories to offer as free gifts to your customers.

Condition: In the condition box, you can set various conditions to limit offering free gifts to your customers. For example, you can offer free gifts on a specific date, to specific user roles, to logged-in customers, etc.

There are many different methods for offering free gifts with the help of this plugin, but below, we will show you the use of this plugin in WooCommerce upsells with some examples.

Example 1: Offer free gift with Subtotal repeat method to encourage customers to buy WooCommerce upsell products

To convince customers to buy upsell products from your online store, you can offer free gift products based on the below scenario:

If customers buy products to increase the subtotal amount of their orders, they can receive 1 free gift as per $50 subtotal amount, repeatedly. 

Follow the below instructions to create this rule:

  • Open the Method dropdown list and choose subtotal repeat. 
  • In the Quantities & Settings, set 50 for Subtotal Amount field and write 1 in the Get field, which means the customers receive 1 gift product every $50. 
  • In the Product-Get section, click on the box under Include Products and choose Cap, Belt, and Beanie from the list.
set products and subtotal amount in rule section free gift plugin

Press Save Changes to activate the rule on your website.

By offering this free gift, customers are encouraged to buy products that cost more to increase their cart subtotal amount and receive a free gift.

result our gift products of subtotal in cart WooCommerce

Example 2: Offer free gift to customers when they add related products to their carts

To implement a cross-sell strategy on your online store, you can offer free gifts based on the below scenario:

If customers order Cap with a T-shirt from your site, they can receive 1 Belt as a free gift.

To create this rule, you need to set the below values for different sections:

  • Method: Buy x Get y.
  • Quantities and Settings: Buy 2, Get: 1
  • Product Get: Include products: Belt
  • Condition:
    • Add a new condition. 
    • Choose Cart item – Products for the first box. 
    • Set At list one of the selected for the second box.
    • Select CAP from the product list.
set our gift belt in cart WooCommerce

By clicking on the Save changes, this rule will be activated on your shop. So, when customers add Cap with T-shirts to their orders, they will receive 1 Belt as a free gift.

result our gift belt in cart WooCommerce
woocommerce gift plugin banner

Why should you add WooCommerce product upsell and Cross-sell?

Adding upsell and cross-sell in WooCommerce have the below advantages for your online shop:

  • Encourage customers to buy more expensive or special products from your site.
  • Increase the whole sales of your online shop.
  • Improve the customer buying experience.
  • Increase customer loyalty.


Offering WooCommerce products upsell and cross-sell to your customers can have a huge impact on the success of your sales strategy. If you feel that this task with WooCommerce’s default options is time-consuming or cannot encourage your customers to buy more from your online store as you expected, you can use the free gifts for WooCommerce plugin to offer upsell and cross-sell along with a free gift to them.

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