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How to set up free gifts if users buy from specific categories?

Offering free gifts when customers buy from specific categories is very popular. Store managers choose this method to increase the sale of one or more categories on their website. It is obvious that when customers know that a free gift is waiting for them by buying products from one or more specific categories, they will

How to setup a free gift based on customer average order?

There are a lot of different methods that you can use to setup a free gift to your customer. And make a better experience for them in purchasing products from your online store. So, if you came up with an idea to setup a free gift based on average order for example “those customers their

How to offer a free gift to only newly registered users?

One of the best ways to encourage customers logged in to your website before placing any orders is to offer a free gift to only newly registered users. This is an important strategy for gathering user data and use it for more marketing and advertisement in the future. To setup a free gift for only

How to setup buy any 3 products get 1 free gift (Buy X get Y method )? (repeat)

WooCommerce free gifts could be offered in different methods to attract customers. One of the most appealing rules in creating free gifts is buy x get y method which means when customers buy a specific number of products from your online store, they can receive a free gift including other products available in your store.

How to setup WooCommerce free gifts and buy one get one (BOGO) deal method?

WooCommerce free gifts are the best way to encourage potential customers purchasing products from your online store. free gifts for WooCommerce plugin with a lot of easy-to-use options can help you to manage and issue attractive gifts with different conditions such as “buy x get x” or “buy one get one (BoGo)” method. How to

How to offering free gifts on your WooCommerce shop?

Offering free gifts approved as one of the most impressive marketing strategies. It helps to improve the ROI of online businesses and boosting their sales. Regarding this fact that the most popular eCommerce websites are powered by WooCommerce. Knowing how to implement free gifts is of great importance on this platform.  Although it is not

Why offer your customers a free gift?

Free gifts usually offered by online stores as a promotion to attract more customers and improve their experience when purchasing goods from their shop. Some online shops offer free gifts during some special events such as Halloween. Some others offer it to the customers that frequently buy from their online store to respect their loyalty.

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