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WooCommerce bulk edit product images and gallery images at the same time

bulk edit the multi-product images and gallery images is useful when you want to replace images of some products at once or add some pictures to the gallery of some products in your online store.

By using Woocommerce Bulk Product editing plugin, store managers are able to change, edit as or replace the images or gallery of the filtered products at the same time.

As we frequently mentioned in our tutorials, to make any change or bulk edit any values related to your products, at first you have to filter those products and find desire products.

To filter your preferred product you can follow guides on “How to filter products on Woocommerce bulk product editing?

For example, in this tutorial we want to bulk edit images and gallery of “Accessories”.

So, we Filter “Accessories” under the category option of Filter Form:

Changing the multi-product images and gallery  in WooCommerce product bulk editing plugin

Then to make the plugin show categories, Image and Gallery columns in our product table, we add those fields to our preset column profile:

display product category in the WooCommerce product bulk editing plugin
column profiles in WooCommerce bulk product editing

If you are not familiar with adding columns to your product table, you can refer to “How to save and load column profiles on Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin”

Note 1: Please note that to display images of products in the product table you have to mark the checkbox next to “Thumbnail” in the “Column profile” as there is no option with the name of “Image” in this field.

Now, you can see the product table is filtered by “Accessories” and displayed as below including Product Category, Image and gallery:

result of added columns

Bulk edit multi-product images

To bullk edit multi-product images and gallery of those filtered products, you have to click on “Bulk Edit” then scroll down to see the Below Options:

  • Image
  • Gallery
Changing the multi-product images and gallery in woocommerce bulk product editing

By clicking on “Choose image“, you are able to add one image to this part by selecting the picture via WordPress default media uploader or add to the library from your computer or select from uploaded media.

Select an image from the WordPress library for Changing the multi-product images

After selecting the desired image and clicking  “Choose Image”, you can see this image appears in front of the ‘Choose image’ in the Bulk Edit Form and it is ready to be replaced by the images of the filtered products.

remove and replace images and galley of product in woocommerce bulk product editing

Note 2: It is not possible to add more than one image in this field.

Bulk edit multi-product gallery in WooCommerce

bulk edit multi-product gallery is the same as change multi-product images.

You can click on “Bulk Edit” at the main page then scroll down to see the “Gallery” option and click on Choose Images and select your preferred images from the library.

Changing the multi-product gallery in woocommerce bulk product editing

The only difference is that you can choose more than one image from the library for the gallery field.

Final Step

Don’t forget that after choosing your preferred images to Change multi-product images and gallery you have to click on ‘Do Bulk Edit’.

That’s it. By going back to the main page, our plugin replaces those picture in the Thumbnail Column or add to the Gallery of filtered products.

How to add multiple product images in WooCommerce?

You need a WooCommerce image editor plugin like “WooCommerce bulk product editing” plugin, then select your desired products and click “Bulk Edit” button and finally select your images and click do “Do Bulk” button.

Can I remove product image in WooCommerce with this plugin?

You can delete product images using inline edit. At the first filter the desired products, click on product’s image and remove unnecessary image.

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