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How to save / load filter profile on WooCommerce bulk product editing?

Save / load filter profile helps you to bulk edit some products that you have already filtered. This option is ideal for products that need frequent editing.

As we describe in the other tutorial, store managers can use “Filter Form” to filter the products that they need to be edited.

Now, we want to save the changes we have made in our products list as a “Filter Profile“. Then load this profile again and bulk edit some features of our filtered products.

Let’s do it.

Save filter profile

To save filter profile, at first you have to open the filter form from the main page.

Then, you are able to filter some of the products as you need. For example, in this tutorial, we filtered “Simple Products” under “Clothing” category:

Now, type a name such as “Clothing” in the text box at the bottom right of this screen. Then clicking on “save profile” this filter will be available to be used later, as you can see in the below picture:

Save filter profile in WooCommerce bulk edit plugin

To see better what will happen in the next step, we chose “Product Type” and “Category” in the column profile that we discussed in another tutorial named “How to manage product columns on WooCommerce bulk product editing?”.

select Product Type and type columns  in WooCommerce bulk edit plugin
select  Product Category in column  profile section

After clicking on “Apply to Table”, you can see that product type and product category are displaying in the product table as below:

result of choosing column profile

Load filter profile

In this step, we want to load the filtered profile that we saved in the previous step. We want to see the simple product under the ‘clothing’ category in the product table and bulk edit their features.

To do this, you can simply click on “Filter Profile” button. It is in the main page of WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin:

In this new screen, you can see your previous saved filter profiles and you are free to: 


As many profiles as you saved before are listed in this form and you can Load them directly from this page by clicking on the “Load” button in front of them.


As you can see, it is also possible to delete each filter profile that you think is no more needed by clicking on “Delete”.

Use filter profile as default

The field “Use always” is one of the innovative designs of our plugin that enable you to choose one of the filter profiles as the default profile for the plugin.

It means when every time you open the plugin, this filtered products will be displayed in the product table.

Now, let’s see how our product table has been changes after we load “Clothing” filter products:

load new filter profile in WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin

You can see the difference above picture and the list of products in the beginning of this tutorial. 

The list of products is now filtered regarding “Simple Product” under the “Clothing” product category. We are now able to Bulk Edit any features of those products by going to Bulk Edit Form.

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