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How to edit Woocommerce product variation?

Bulk edit Woocommerce product variation is useful when you need to assign a combination of attributes to multi-products at the same time.

In the Woocommerce product bulk editing plugin we provided a specific button called “Variation” on the main page to help you bulk edit product variation very fast and easily.

You can assign any combination of these attributes to any products you preferred at the same time in our plugin by following below steps:

Step 1: Filter variable products 

To filter products in our plugin, you can use “Filter Form” or “Quick Search”.

In this tutorial, we are going to assign some attributes and bulk edit variations of “shirts” in our online store.

So, we used “Quick Search” to find the products with shirt in their titles as below:

  • Type “shirt” in the text box
  • Select “title” from the next Combo box 
  • Choose like as the condition for searching

Finally, by clicking on the filter icon those products were filtered.

Note: If you choose simple products and assign variation to them, the product type converted to variable automatically.

filtering product in WooCommerce product bulk editing plugin

If you want to see the changes in the product table, you can also add variation columns to your table by clicking on “Column Profile” and adding those columns under attributes field to the table as we did in the below picture: 

adding attributes fields in WooCommerce bulk product editing

Step 2: Manage a large number of variations quickly

Now, it’s time to bulk edit variations of the filtered products in a few seconds:

  • Mark all products by marking the checkbox next to ID
  • Click on the “Variations” icon
display variable product in WooCommerce bulk product editing

In this new page, you have to specify:

  1. Which attributes do you need to bulk edit?
  2. Which attributes are related to those variations you need to assign to the products?
  3. Do you need all combinations of those attributes to be assigned to the products or you need to specify some individual combinations?

To set the variations, attributes and their combinations, three separate fields have been designed in the variation bulk edit page including:

  1. Product attributes: by clicking on the combo box under this field, a list including all attributes will be displayed and you can choose as many attributes as you need from it.
  2. Select Attributes: As soon as choosing any attributes, a new field will appear under this field which enables you to choose the terms of attributes related to that variation from the list.
  3. How to Create variations: In this part, you can choose which combinations to be assigned to the products.

To better understand how to use these fields follow the below example.

Example of assigning all combinations

For example consider that you have two variations with some attributes as shown in the below table related to them and you need to assign a combination of them to some of your products

ColorBlue, Red, Yellow, Grey
SizeLarge, Medium, Small

Now, to add all combinations of “Gray”, “Red” and “Large”, “Small” to our filtered products we need to:

  • Choose “Color” and “Size” from the “Product Attributes” combo box 
  • Select “Gray” , “Red” as the color attribute 
  • Select “Large” and “Small” as the size attribute 
  • Mark “All Combinations” 
simple products to variable products

By clicking on “Generate”, a list of all combinations will be displayed on the opposite box:

add variations for converting simple products to variable products

If you click on “Do bulk Variations”, all of these combinations will be assigned to the products as shown below:

bulk edit for variable product in WooCommerce bulk product editing

Example of edit product variations

Now, let’s try to assign some individual combination to our filtered products. 

For example, we selected “Blue”, “Yellow” and “Large”, “Medium” as our preferred attributes.

However, we just need to assign below combinations to our filtered products 

  1. Blue, large
  2. Yellow, medium

So, after choosing the right attributes, we need to click on “Individual Combination”.

Then, a dropdown list will appear which enables us to select those combinations.

As you can see in the below picture, we selected “Blue” from the first combo box and then “Large” from the second.

Then by clicking on “Add”, this combination will be displayed on the opposite box.

We now can repeat these steps to add “Yellow”, “Medium combination:

And see this combination on the opposite box, too:

Then we just need to click on “Do bulk variation” to see that those combinations were assigned to our filtered products: 

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