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How to bulk edit WooCommerce backorders products in Woocommerce Bulk product editing plugin?

Manage and bulk edit WooCoomerce backorders products is very important for the store managers working on an eCommerce website that belongs to a manufacturer or supplier that can produce or supply some products in the future according to the customer orders.

Actually, a backorder product is defined as a good or service which is not available in the stock or inventory of a website at the time of ordering by a customer. However, it can be produced or supplied later.

In some eCommerce websites, store managers need to specify backorders products to inform their customers that they can make an order for those products even if they are not available in the online store right now.

To manage backorder products in Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin, following the below simple and quick steps are required:

Step 1: Filter products

It is obvious that at the first step those products that need to be bulk edited must be filtered. Filtering products in our plugin can be performed by using “Filter Form” or “Quick Search”.

As we need to bulk edit some products in different categories in this tutorial, let’s try using “Filter Form”:

– Open “Filter Form

– Open “Categories / Tax / Taxonomies” tab

– Choose the proper condition in the first combo box as we selected “OR

– Select the suitable categories as we chose “Uncategorized”, “Décor” and “New Collection

– Click on “Get Products” button

Filter Products in Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin

The result was exactly as we expected:

fetch desire product before managing backorder

You can use other fields in the “Filter Form” to filter the products you need to be bulk edited as we described in “How to filter products in Woocommerce Bulk Product Plugin?”.

Step 2: Add proper columns

It is a good idea to add the columns you are going to make changing them in the product table. In this way, you are able to:

– Trace the changes in the product table.

– Use bulk edit to manage backorders products directly from the table.

To add proper columns from “Column Profile” you need to:

– Click on “Column Profile” button at the main page.

– Mark the “Allow Backorders” and “Categories” column (Or any other columns that you need to be displayed in the product table.

– Click on “Apply to table”.

manage Backorders in Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin

As illustrated in the below picture, all products are filtered according to categorize we had chosen and the status of backorder products are also displayed:

mange backorders products fields in woocommerce bulk product editor
WooCommerce backorder plugin

Step 3: Bulk edit backorders products in WooCommerce

You can choose your preferred products by clicking on the checkbox beside each row or if you don’t choose any products, changes will apply on all filtered products.

A- By bulk edit

For bulk edit WooCommerce backorders products follow below steps:

– Click on “Bulk Edit” button at the main page of our plugin

– Open “Stock” tab

– Click on the combo box in front of “Allow Backorders

change the allow backorders field in woocommerce bulk product editor
WooCommerce allow backorders on all products by bulk edit

In this combo box, you have to choose one of the below options:

– Do not allow

Which means, customers are not able to order those products unless the provider produce it in the future.

– WooCommerce backorder allow but notify customer

set desire value for backorders product

By choosing this option, customers will be notified that they can order those products to be ready in the future.

– Allow

Which means customers can order those products even if those are not available in the stock or inventory.

– Click on “do Bulk Edit” button

B- bulk edit backorders products by bind edit

To managing WooCommerce backorder products by “Bind Edit”, you need to:

– Select custom products by marking their checkboxes.

– Mark the checkbox next to “Bind Edit”.

– Click on the “Allow Backorders” column of one of the selected products.

– Choose your preferred option.

– Press the “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Finally, you can see that the value of all cells in the “Allow Backorders” column of selected products will be changed according to the option you had chosen.

change Allow backorders field through inline bulk in woocommerce bulk editor
WooCommerce allow backorders on all products by bind edit

For example, when after marking some products and “Bind edit”, we selected “Allow, but notify customer” from the dropdown list which resulted in:

manage backorders products in woocommerce bulk product editing
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