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Version 1.6.0 – update list

Here you can know about the updates of WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin on version 1.6.0

Added: Compatible with perfect brands for WooCommerce by QuadLayers

WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin is compatible with most of popular plugins that are used for add ‘Brand’ to your shop. Such as: 

And was compatible with another Brand plugins: Perfect Brands for WooCommerce.

What shall you do now?

You should install the “Perfect Brands” Plugin. That’s it!

Where do you have access to Brands in WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin ?

You can access to brand fields in every sections of bulk plugins. Such as:

  • Search Form
Search Form
  • Bulk Edit Form
Bulk Edit Form
  • Column Profile
Column Profile
  • Column Manager
Column Manager
  • Table

Fixed: Advanced custom fields(ACF) search

Advanced custom fields(ACF) search

Fixed: Some other issues

Like this tutorial?

Do you still have a problem?

If you still have unanswered questions or need custom work for your plugin, contact iThemeland Support.


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