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How to manage column profile in WordPress Bulk posts editing?

Manage column profile in WordPress bulk post editing plugin can help you to take the most advantages of our plugin. In fact, the main purpose of providing a post table in this plugin was to enable the store managers to see as many columns as they need related to each post / custom post in the main page and then bulk edit any of them.

To help more and make it more convenient for the store manager, we designed a special tab called “Column Manager” and we’re going to show you how easy it is adding any columns to your post table in this tutorial.

Manage column profile

To manage post columns, you have to open the “Column Manager” tab which is available at the top of the main page.

By clicking on “Column Manager“, you will see the below page:

Column manager in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin

At the beginning, you can see all the column profiles added before to this plugin. We will describe this part later.

Let’s go and see how to create a column profile for managing post columns.

Create a new post column profile

Creating a new profile is not a complicated task in our plugin as you can find a list including all fields which are available for being bulk edited.

So, the only task remained for you, is choosing the right columns according to your priorities and clicking on the Arrow Icon. For example, we selected “description” and “short description”. As shown below, those items were displayed in the opposite box:

Add custom column to new column profile in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin
Result of adding items

In this box, you have access to some options including:

Change the color of post column

This option will help you to specify the columns which are more important in different colors and make them distinct.

As shown below, there is no limit for choosing color. So, you can pick any color by clicking on it.

Change post column color in column profile section

Change the order

Changing the order of post columns is possible by drag & drop as displayed below:

Change post column order in column profile tab

Delete columns

The cross icon is set here to enable you to delete any post columns that were selected by mistake or you don’t need them to be displayed.

Save profile 

You can save your column profile quickly by typing a name and clicking on the “Save Preset” button.

In this way you can refer to the saved column profile and see your selected post columns anytime you need.

For example, we typed “Post Description” as the column profile name:

Set a name to column profile and save column profile

Edit the saved column profiles

You have also access to the saved column profile in the column profiles list at the top of “Column Manager“:

Column profile list in WordPress Bulk post editing plugin

In this part, you can use following options for managing the post column profile:

Delete columns profiles 

You can delete user created column profiles by clicking on the “Delete” button and confirming the operation.

Edit column profile

The “Edit” button is only available for the column profiles that you created before. By clicking on this button a popup will open and you can mange your column profile as below:

  • Add/remove columns.
  • Change the column profile name. 
  • Select the color of columns.
  • Change the order of columns.
Edit column profiles

When you make sure that everything is done, it’s the time to choose this column profile and see the selected columns in the post table, as we shown for “post description” column profile below:

Final result of editing

If you need any help with loading the column profile, please refer to “Select column profile in WordPress bulk post editing plugin”.

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