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Free WordPress plugins are good solutions for beginners to enhance the productivity of various kinds of websites with different requirements. There are a lot of free WordPress plugins in the WordPress directory or other marketplaces ready to be installed on your website as we described in “How to add plugins on WordPress?”.

Despite the fact that downloading and installing free WordPress plugins is really easy, finding those plugins which are suitable for improving your website is a complicated task. To recognize which free WordPress plugins need to be installed on your website, it is better to consider the below main categories for the available plugins then try to find the most essential ones from each category.

  • Page builders
  • Plugins for creating eCommerce websites 
  • Plugins for Security improvement
  • SEO plugins
  • Minifying and clean up plugins
  • Redirection Tools
  • Membership plugins
  • Speed up page loading plugins
  • Google fonts plugins
  • Bulk editing plugins

Let’s get familiar with the most famous and productive free WordPress plugins related to each category.

SeedProd: Best Landing Page Builder Plugin

SeedProd is a free WordPress plugin suitable for beginners to develop their web pages by using an amazing drag and drop builder interface even if they don’t know anything about codes. 

SeedProd plugin in wordpress

Why do we recommend SeedProd as the best free WordPress Plugin?

  • Providing more than 100+ pre-made templates for designing landing pages
  • Having free stock photo library with a lot of useful images to be used in the layout 
  • Offering powerful tools and subscribers for improving landing pages such as email marketing integrations and built-in contact forms 
  • Monitoring the landing page design in any stage by live previews 
  • Preventing spammers by using reCAPTCHA 

Jetpack: Best WordPress security plugin

Jetpack” is a free WordPress plugin that guard your website to be published on the internet safe and secure by: 

jetpack plugin in WordPress
  • Auto real-time backups with unlimited storage 
  • Restore to any point with one click
  • Malware and code threats scanning
  • Spam protection by using “Akismet”
  • Providing brute force protection 
  • Possibility of downtime / uptime monitoring 
  • Sending alert email for changes

Why do we recommend Jetpack as the best WordPress security plugin?

  • Compatible with all ecommerce website plugins especially Woocommerce.
  • Easily duplicate, clone, or migrate any WordPress website for creating a staging site or moving to a new host.
  • Highest performance on coordination, debugging, maintenance, or troubleshooting
  • The greatest tool for making a super fast experience for your visitors even on mobile devices.
  • Incredible site stats and analytics 
  • Fully integration with the last features of WordPress and Woocommerce by regular updates
  • Reputable solutions for keeping WordPress websites safe and secure

Responsive Addons for Elementor

Responsive Addons for Elementor

Responsive Addons for Elementor” is a plugin that significantly expands the functionalities and design possibilities of the Elementor page builder for WordPress. 

This powerful addon lets you break free from design limits with over 80 unique Elementor widgets

Responsive Addons for Elementor’s easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to create attractive layouts and add interactive elements for a seamless user experience.

It goes beyond basic website building, making it a dynamic and engaging experience. 

👉 Responsive Addons offers a vast library of widgets beyond Elementor’s default options, like accordions, social media feeds, and animations.

👉 These highly customizable widgets allow you to match your brand identity and create unique layouts.

👉 Seamless integration with Elementor’s drag-and-drop lets you build complex layouts without coding.

👉 All widgets are responsive, ensuring your website looks great on any device.

👉 Responsive Addons offers specialized widgets that enhance product showcases, streamline the buying process, and potentially boost sales.

👉 With form builder integration, you can effortlessly capture leads and user feedback.

👉 Responsive Addons provides a variety of post grid and slider widgets, allowing you to present blog posts, product images, or any type of content in visually appealing layouts.

👉 Responsive Addons for Elementor’s team actively develops and updates their offerings.

Getwid – Best WordPress Blocks Plugin

Getwid, the free Gutenberg addon by MotoPress, is a feature-rich toolkit designed to supercharge your WordPress editing experience. With its vast array of blocks, templates, and innovative features, Getwid empowers users to create different types of websites. 

Getwid Plugin

Here are standout features that make it a must-have plugin for any WordPress user:

  • 40+ free WordPress blocks at your disposal
  • A diverse collection of 35+ pre-designed templates
  • Streamlined content creation with the AI Writing Assistant block
  • Seamless compatibility with the WordPress Full Site Editor
  • Ensuring fast website performance thanks to lightweight designs
  • Built with search engine optimization in mind

Why do we recommend “Getwid” as the Best WordPress Blocks Plugin?

  • Suitable for any type of website or content
  • Accessible to users of all skill levels due to its intuitive interface and user-friendly features
  • Extends the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor
  • Cost-effective solution to create complex layouts and engaging content

All in One SEO — Best WordPress SEO Plugin

All in One SEO” or AIOSEO is one of the original plugins of WordPress. This free plugin designed to help you optimize your website to get higher rankings on search engines without any need to hire an SEO expert.

All in one SEO plugin in WordPress

By installing this plugin, you will receive useful instructions to follow the most recent standards of SEO for improving your website ranking including 

  • Smart schema markup,
  • Advanced local SEO modules, 
  • Powerful XML sitemaps,
  • Google amp SEO, 
  • Woocommerce SEO,
  • Optimized search appearance, 
  • SEO keywords, meta title and meta description, 
  • Open graph SEO knowledge panel information, 
  • Social media integration, 
  • Integration with SEO search console / webmaster tool, 

Why do we recommend “All in One SEO” as the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

  • Easy to use and powerful instructions even for beginners
  • Offering a built-in schema makeup feature
  • Simple set up just in a single page

WooCommerce — Top Plugin for eCommerce Sites

WooCommerce with no doubt is the most popular plugin for creating an Ecommerce website which is totally free and absolutely flexible for creating shop pages, selling products and building online stores.

WooCommerce plugin in WordPress

By installing Woocommerce on your website, you can easily offer your products to the customers and let them add their requirements to the cart and pay their cost through safe and secure methods.

There are also a lot of useful plugins such as “Woocommerce product table plugin” designed to work with WooCommerce that you can install on your website to improve the appearance of your online store and make it more enjoyable for your customers to have a better experience of purchasing goods from your website.

Why do we recommend WooCommerce for your website?

  • High security and support from all kinds of payment methods
  • Possibility of management and selling different types of products such as virtual or physical products 
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date documentation 
  • Easy creating and customizing your eCommerce website 
  • Quick start and set up
  • User friendly backend for importing data related to your products 
  • Open Source code that makes improving the features by installing a lot of different extensions possible 
  • Scalable for designing complex stores

“Broken Link Checker” plugin is designed for finding and fixing broken links on your website. The main purpose of this free WordPress plugin is to first parse all links that exist in all pages and posts of your website, then check the good performance of them and fix the broken ones.

broken link checker plugin in WordPress

Managing broken links by “Broken Link Checker plugin” on your website is a good solution for SEO improvements and user experience enhancement. This powerful plugin is able to:

  • Send a notification to the “WordPress Dashboard” or website manager Email about broken links
  • Finding and fixing all external links or internal links even in the comments or redirects
  • Prevent search engines from following your broken links after detection 
  • Help you to edit URLs directly from the plugin 
  • Export the result data in CSV format 

Why do we recommend “Broken Link Checker plugin”?

  • High configurability
  • Best performance in finding dead web references 
  • Easily locating of the stale hyperlinks in the HTML code of your website 
  • Quickly check and fix broken or bad URLs 
  • Reporting clear and precise information about the location of broken hyperlinks 
  • Flexible options for editing or removing dead hyperlinks 

Autoptimize — Great Minifying Plugin for WordPress

Autoptimize as free WordPress plugin, is a useful plugin for website optimization which can improve the performance of your website through:

Autoptimize plugin in WordPress
  • Minifying cache scripts and HTML 
  • Injecting CSS in the page head, aggregating inline CSS or deferring aggregated CSS and scripts to the footer
  • Optimizing JavaScript codes, Google fonts and lazy Load images with different format such as WebP or AVIF 
  • Compatible with page caching plugins such as Speed Booster pack, KeyCDN’s Cache Enabler, WP Super Cache, etc.
  • Wrapping JavaScript code in try-catch blocks to debug problems due to JS minifying and aggregation
  • Optimizing images by using ShortPixel as a built-in integration  
  • Removing Emojies to reduce web page size
  • Removing “Query Strings” from “Static Resources” to enhance site score on performance testing services such as “Google page speed

Why do we recommend Autoptimize as a great Minifying Plugin for WordPress?

Autoptimize can provide:

  • The most convenient auto-optimize settings for JS, CSS, and HTML
  • Perfect performance on all web hosts 
  • Comprehensive auto-optimization options 
  • Full optimization of frontend experience
  • Advanced Solutions for speed up loading web page such as instructing the web browser to download required assets as soon as possible

WP-Optimize — Best WordPress Database Cleanup Plugin

WP-Optimize” is an incredible and free WordPress plugin with a lot of useful functions including:

WP-Optimze  plugin in WordPress
  • Cleaning and optimizing website database by automatic and schedules clean-up plans
  • Compressing website images and caches with the most effective and fastest caching engine
  • Minifying and asynchronies CSS and JavaScript
  • Reducing the size and number of requests to your server
  • Removing all unnecessary data such as spam and unapproved comments, pingbacks, trackbacks and expired transient options
  • Shrinking and getting rid of wasted spaces in the database tables
  • Show database statistics and potential savings

Why do we recommend “WP-Optimize” as the best WordPress Database Cleanup Plugin?

  • Easy to use and mobile-friendly options
  • Efficient and automatic clean-up on a schedule
  • Intelligent algorithm for bulk compression of PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and TIF pictures up to 5MB
  • Practical and powerful features for clean-up caches
  • Advanced minification feature for CSS and JavaScript

Redirection — Best Redirection Tool

Redirection as the best tool for conditioning redirections enables you to create numerous redirections and manage them in WordPress by set different conditions including:

Redirection plugin in WordPress
  • Login status – redirect in logged in or logged out
  • WordPress capability – redirect on a certain capability of user
  • Browser – redirect in case of using a certain browser by user
  • Referrer – redirect if user reach to the link from another page
  • Cookies – redirect when a particular cookie is set
  • HTTP headers – redirect if there is a HTTP header 
  • Custom filter – redirect according to your filter
  • IP address – redirect if matches with an IP address 
  • Server – redirect another domain hosted on your server
  • Page type – redirect if the type of page is 404

Redirection plugin also enables you to:

  • Keep track of up to 404 errors and reduce them
  • Improve the ranking of your website 
  • Create redirect patterns for any URL
  • Identify IP address and user agent information
  • Disable or reduce IP collection 
  • Add HTTP headers to reduce the impact of redirects or improve security
  • Match, ignore and even pass query parameters
  • Do multiple migration of old permalinks 

MemberPress — Best WordPress Membership Plugins

MemberPress has a simple and straightforward setup helping you to create all features required for building a membership site Including:

  • Accept credit cards securely, 
  • Sell online courses or downloadable products, 
  • Control the content displaying for members, 
  • Create, manage and track membership subscriptions
  • Give limited or full access to members for reviewing, editing or downloading custom posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital files, and other thing available in your website
  • Manage content dripping and content access expiration

Why do we recommend MemberPress as the best WordPress Membership Plugin?

  • User friendly MemberPress admin screen
  • Robust and fully integration with your WordPress website
  • Ridiculous setup and running
  • Powerful access rules
  • Super simple building of online courses 
  • Easily charge users or billing them for purchasing membership, digital or downloadable products 
  • Generate and control expiry date of as many coupons as you need
  • Compatible with many themes and WordPress forum plugins such as BBPress 
  • Pretty dynamic pricing pages without using CSS or HTML coding 
  • Great compatibility with any WordPress Theme
  • Clear and precise reporting about the selling products 
  • Simple integration with payment gateway 
  • Give access to members for creating, updating or canceling their subscriptions directly from your website

Lazy Load by WP Rocket — Great Page Speed Booster

Lazy Load” boosts and reduces the number of HTTP requests mechanisms in your website by displaying just images and/or iframes visible to the user.

Lazyload by WP Rocket  plugin in WordPress

Actually, it can improve the loading time of your webpages by preventing non-critical resources from loading until the visitor needs them. So, visitors can see only above-the-fold images and the rest will be loaded just when scrolling the page.

Lazy Load” by WP Rocket can help you to:

  • Improve “Perceived and Real Loading Time” of web page loading especially for the first time
  • Reduce the tasks of browser by preventing parsing and decoding of the resources when they are not requested

Why do we recommend Lazy Load by WP Rocket as the Greatest Page Speed Booster?

  • Incredible in boosting the loading of your web pages
  • Brilliant for saving user bandwidth
  • Amazing in optimization of loading images and iframes
  • No conflict with Google and search engines 
  • Absolutely a great practice for SEO

Easy Google Fonts — Best WordPress Google Fonts Plugin

Easy Google Fonts” plugin makes it easy for you to add custom google font to your website. The most advantages of this plugin among others are:

Easy google fonts plugin in WordPress
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme 
  • Showing a preview of google fonts before choosing 
  • Enabling you to control particular “CSS selector” and creating specific typography control for your theme
  • Providing more than 600 google fonts and font variants 

Why we recommend Easy Google Fonts as the Best WordPress Google Fonts plugin?

  • Automatic update of google fonts list 
  • Enhanced performance by integration with WordPress customizer for the live preview of fonts
  • Easy-to-use even for beginners even with basic knowledge about “CSS Selectors
  • High security by checking user permissions 

WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin- the best WordPress bulk edit post & page

WordPress bulk posts editing plugin” is a professional extension for editing and managing any data related to the multiple posts and pages of your website at the same time.

WordPress bulk posts editing plugin in WordPress

By installing this plugin, you can save time for editing the features of posts and custom posts because you don’t need to change their features one by one. Instead, you can enjoy working with a user-friendly “Filter Form” and “Bulk Edit Form” of this plugin to change any data such as “Post Title”, “Short Description”, “Post images”, “Custom Fields”, etc. 

Why do we recommend Bulk Posts Editing plugin as the best WordPress bulk edit post & page?

  • Easily update multiple posts and pages data simultaneously
  • Filter your posts according to any feature by using a powerful “Filter Form”
  • Full support of bulk editing multiple posts, custom posts or pages 
  • Incredible Bulk Edit Form for changing multiple WordPress posts, custom post or page fields
  • Inline edit post directly from the post table provided in the plugin without any need to open the post page in the WordPress
  • User friendly and advanced design for blog owners and post mangers
  • Offering built-in Calendar for picking up any date easily


In conclusion, we want to remind you that it is not important what kinds of websites you decided to build, there are some essential plugins that you have to install on your WordPress website to enhance its functionality and performance.

The purpose of this article was to introduce you to the most essential free WordPress plugins with the best performance to help you find those plugins you really need for improving your website fast and easy.

There is no doubt that you can search and find other useful plugins other than what we introduced to you as there are thousands of plugins available with different features. We just recommend you to keep in mind WordPress plugins play a critical role on productivity of your website. 

So, try to find and install the most powerful and effective plugins according to your website requirements.

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