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Websites powered by WordPress without no doubt can be designed for multi purposes from publishing news to selling products or introducing services. There is no limitation for this powerful and user-friendly “Content management system” to create astonishing Websites for the biggest and the most well-known brands with a lot of amazing features and productivity.

Considering the remarkable tools, plugins and extensions that can be added to this open-source platform, it is not surprising that the number of Websites powered by WordPress is growing rapidly.

If you think creating websites powered by WordPress is just limited to the small and low-performance commercial business, at the end of this article, you will completely change your mind. Because we are going to introduce you to the top websites powered by WordPress that you have definitely visited at least once and enjoyed the functionality and features offered by them.

Top Entertainment websites powered by WordPress 

Quartz – an elegant WordPress website for business news 

Quartz – an elegant WordPress website for business news

Quartz is one of the awesome websites powered by WordPress published in 2012 to cover all business news globally. The most powerful features of WordPress catching your eyes when visiting this website are:

  • A modern structure with a dynamic scroll panel for letting visitors read the breaking news quickly
  • Minimal menus to help visitors find their favorite categories of news easily
  • Impressive individual post pages by full-screen images, professional typography and easy navigation and scrolling to read continuously

The Rolling Stone- A digital magazine website 

The Rolling Stone- A digital magazine website

Rolling Stone is among the most popular Digital magazine websites powered by WordPress which cover a lot of different news about everything such as:

  • Popular culture and arts, 
  • Business, science and technology 
  • Politics
  • Poetry, humor and cartoons

The WordPress theme chosen for this website is absolutely responsive, so visitors can review their favorite contents in the website from mobile devices as well as desktop screens. 

A lot of features provided in this digital magazine by taking the most advantages from WordPress options including:

  • Subscription option for their fans
  • Getting access to subscribers to have access to a full archive of previous contents
  • A large menu showing different categories with the most recent news
  • Eye-catching elements and layouts such as slide shows, interactive videos and downloadable podcasts

BBC America – The most famous news website

BBC America – The most famous news website

BBC America website is definitely familiar to all of us. Creating this incredible website on wordpress can prove the power and usability of this effective CMS platform.  

Not only using advanced features for displaying the natural history, movies, sci-fi and drama news and programs on BBC America website powered by WordPress made it one of the most amazing entertainment websites, but also providing scheduled information and shopping tab for purchasing TV series on the menu put this website on the high rankings.

Microsoft News- The best news aggregator and service

Microsoft News- The best news aggregator and service

In this website powered by WordPress, you can find various kinds of news about politics, technology, entertainment sports, and even crimes all around the world. The appearance of this website is really impressive which absolutely shows the power of WordPress for creating blog and news websites.

TechCrunch- A well-known website for covering all science and technology news

TechCrunch- A well-known website for covering all science and technology news

TechCrunch as its name revealed covers the most recent news about technology. Micheal Arrington owner of this website decided to build it on WordPress because he believed that WordPress is an ideal platform for creating a multifaceted site delivering a multitude of content types.

This relatively simple but multifunction website powered by WordPress has

  • An elegant appearance a grid-like format for the most recent images and recent posts
  • Timeline format for presenting content
  • Video-based format for showing interviews with experts or innovators and product reviews

There are a lot of other examples of blog and news websites powered by WordPress such as:

The Mozilla Blog

The Mozilla Blog by WordPress

Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom by wordpress

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog by wordpress

Top business websites powered by WordPress 

The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company by wordpress

Clorox Company is one of the most famous brands in the field of cleaning and disinfecting. On the Clorox Company website powered by WordPress, you can see a lot of advertisement videos, introduction texts and product images on different pages with amazing layouts that play a crucial role in the branding of this business.

They easily use the features of WordPress such as image catalogue and advertisement video about their products to show the most essential contents in an impressive way to their visitors and attract them to their brands.

Smithsonian National Museum Of African Art

Smithsonian National Museum Of African Art by wordpress

Smithsonian National Museum Of African Art” can definitely show the success of WordPress for creating any kind of business website even in the museum and art industry. 

In this booking website powered by WordPress, you can find any information you need from booking a ticket to visit the museum to find the related information about events and educational programs.

Cars and automobile websites

A lot of well-known brands and manufacturers of cars and motors in the automobile industry with more than half century experiences published their official website on WordPress. 

These websites powered on WordPress use a lot of powerful features to introduce their companies and sell their products to the customers.

As the most popular car and motor brands that their eCommerce websites built on WordPress, we can introduce below companies:

Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault by wordpress

Toyota Motors Brasil

Toyota Motors Brasil by wordpress

Bloomberg Professional Website

Bloomberg Professional Website by wordpress

Bloomberg Professional website powered by WordPress designed with a menu structure and navigation icons to help visitors find the most useful information about growing their start-up, easily.

By using WordPress tools, plugins and extensions, A lot of different sections are provided in this website such as information about Market trading and Investing risk without making the visitors any distraction or confusion.

There are also more than 100 famous businesses websites powered by WordPress in different industries such as:

 The Walt Disney Company

 The Walt Disney Company by wordpress

Sweden’s Official Website

Sweden’s Official Website by wordpress

We just introduced some of them to show you the power of using this free and open-source platform for building your website. 

Top Celebrities websites powered by WordPress

A lot of famous singers published their official websites powered by WordPress to sell their music albums and boost their sales by creating multi function websites for displaying images and videos, publishing news about their lifestyles or concert tours.

To get more familiar with the features of WordPress useful for selling music, videos, movies and other downloadable products, visit the below websites powered by WordPress:

Katy Perry

Katy Perry by wordpress

Top Music websites powered by WordPress

As you may know, eCommerce websites powered by WordPress are designed for selling any kinds of products including physical, digital or downloadable ones.

So, there is no limitation for creating online stores or shopping websites on WordPress for selling anything such as songs, foods, cars, clothes, accessories , ets.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Sony Music

Sony Music by wordpress

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones by wordpress

Top People websites powered by WordPress

The famous people that have published their websites on WordPress are not limited to the celebrities, a lot of athletes, artists and other famous people, chose Wordprees as the best CMS,  such as:

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt by wordpress

Usain Bolt is another business brand in the field of sport found WordPress ideal for building its official website. The most important features of WordPress used to show off this Jamaican sprinter’s athletic achievements include:

  • A full screen slider with astonishing images 
  • Masonry-style blog publishing his adventures
  • A news stream reporting his most recent sporting feats

Why WordPress?

By reviewing the mentioned websites powered by WordPress , you may wonder what are the most advantages of creating websites on WordPress and what makes this platform more popular than other CMS software for building websites?

To briefly answer these questions, we provided you the following reasons resulted in popularity and functionality of WordPress for creating any kind of websites:

  • Simple installation 
  • User friendly Dashboard 
  • Flexible Options and Settings
  • Powerful Features
  • Free and Open-Source platform 
  • Full support
  • Customizable with Theme and Plugins 
  • SEO friendly 
  • High safety and security 
  • Managing any types of MEDIA files

Is WordPress the best for websites?

Choosing the best “Content Management System” is essential for creating a professional website. If you have any hesitation about choosing WordPress to start building your website, it is better to compare the pros and cons of using WordPress with its competitors.

Actually, the competitors of WordPress can be divided in two categories:

  • Web builders such as GoDaddy, Weebly
  • CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, BigCommerce
  • HTML Codes along with markup and scripting languages such as CSS and Javascript to create websites

If you want to know which platforms is the best for creating your website, follow our below guide:

WordPress vs Website Builders

Advantages of Web builders compared to WordPress 

  • Easier to use by using visual drag & drop interface without any need to struggle with backend editors like Gutenberg in WordPress 
  • See exactly what is displayed for the visitors when editing web pages
  • Best choice for beginners who don’t have any technical experience or knowledge about coding
  • No need to be installed on a PHP & MySQL web host like WordPress. You can work on creating your website as soon as purchasing a domain on Web builders.

Disadvantages of Web builder compared to WordPress 

  • Not flexible because there is no access to plugins or extensions
  • No access to tweak themes by editing codes
  • Not ideal for big or large websites
  • Never possible to export or move your website to another host


To make the best decision between choosing WordPress vs Web builders, you have to consider your requirements. If you just want to create a local website for personal usage and you don’t know anything about technical issues, web builders can help. However, if you plan to develop your website and impress more visitors all around the world, your websites definitely need to be powered by WordPress.

WordPress vs other CMS platforms

To make up your mind and decide which “content management system” is the best for you, we recommend to compare four main features offered by them:

SEO friendly

To find out SEO capabilities of different CMSs we have to compare the most productive and useful plugins available on that platform to do this task.

For example, in comparison between SEO capabilities of WordPress vs Joomla, we can compare “YOAST SEO” of WordPress with “Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO) of Joomla. The result revealed that:

  • Joomla enables users to set meta descriptions and keywords for new articles 
  • Joomla can offer a handy automatic mode for generating metadata and editing theme directly in the front end
  • WordPress can help users to categorize their website SEO scores by using a traffic light system
  • WordPress has a lot of incredible features with easy to use options for improving SEO

Tweaking and customization options

There is no doubt that the popularity of WordPress is definitely a lot more than other CMS platforms, which means a lot more experts are creating or publishing Themes, plugins, Editors and other extensions for WordPress. So, it is not surprising that for every detail you imagine in your website, there are a lot of options available to help you customize and tweak your website as you wish.

Although, some CMS platforms like Joomla offer in-built customization tools with a lot of amazing features for tweaking every detail but they are not comparable with the versatility of published themes and plugins in WordPress which are growing rapidly everyday.


Security is a complicated option to be compared. It is obvious that the popularity of WordPress is a positive side that makes it more secure, however, using security connections such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is optional which means when starting to create a new website, it is mandatory to active them. 

On the other hand, in some other CMS platforms like Joomla, you are forced to activate SSL and 2FA before going further and there is also a list of security extensions with known vulnerabilities available for you to activate them on Joomla websites to ensure their security and safety.

Productivity and Versatility 

One of the most important factors that make WordPress so popular is the versatile features that enable users to create any kind of website on this platform. There is no difference if you own complex eCommerce websites powered by WordPress or some simple blogs. All of them work well and you can enjoy publishing posts, introduction pages, product pages, or any other kinds of information in WordPress.

Another point worth mentioning is the productivity of WordPress for creating eCommerce websites. If you compare those online stores and shopping websites powered by WordPress with other platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace, you would definitely recognize that the appearance, productivity and functionality of WordPress websites especially those using WooCommerce are much more than any others.

How to Start a WordPress Site?

As we mentioned before, WordPress has a simple installation process, after purchasing your domain and host, you can easily download the free version of WordPress and install it on your host.

If you have no idea, how to install WordPress on your host, follow our instructions on “Download and install WordPress”, run WordPress and start creating your fabulous website.

After installation, you will lead to the admin panel with a user-friendly dashboard enabling you to start building web pages, publishing posts or even selling products on your site.

You can refer to our complete step-by-step guide about how to use WordPress Dashboard for creating your website and enjoy it.

How to Check If websites are powered by WordPress?

There are some ways that can help you to find out if websites are powered by WordPress or not. Continue reading to give you the simplest tips and tricks for checking if a website is using WordPress.

Search for “wp-content” or “Wordpress” in the website Source Code

To simply identify if the websites powered by WordPress, it’s a good idea to browse the website in Chrome, then follow the below instructions:

  • Right-click anywhere on the page
  • Click on the View source” option
  • Use quick search to find “wp-content” or “WordPress” phrases in the code

If you could find any of them in the search result, the website is definitely using WordPress.

Append “/wp-admin” to the website URL

Most of the administrators of WordPress websites use this method to login “WordPress Admin Panel”.

So, if by appending “/wp-admin” to the website URL, the login page appears, this website is powered by WordPress.

Get help from other websites

There are some websites designed to help you identify the CMS or Page builder used for creating other websites.

Some of the most powerful of these websites are:

  • BuiltWith
  • Isitwp

To find out if websites are powered by WordPress you just need to:

  • Type the URL address of the website in the search box
  • Click on the search icon

These websites can find the CMS or Web builder name of any website in a few seconds.

Get help from browser extensions 

Installing an extension to help you check if websites powered by WordPress or not is a fast and easy option. 

You can install one of the below extensions to do this task easily for you:

  • Chrome Sniffer for Google Chrome browser 
  • BuiltWith extension for Mozilla Firefox 

If you look at the extension when browsing the website, all information is right at your hand.

How many websites are powered by WordPress?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of famous, big and professional brands that are running their websites on WordPress. This popularity can show the power of WordPress for creating any kind of website.

The statistics reported in some reputable sources such as Kinesta  about using WordPress all around the world from the start point in 2003 till now, reveal that it is not the end of the story:

  • 75 million websites are now powered by WordPress 
  • 58.7% of eCommerce websites are using WordPress to sell their products
  • 39% of websites published on the web are powered by WordPress
  • 60.8% market share in the CMS market belongs to WordPress
  • 4.7% of the world’s top websites are powered by WordPress
  • 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce websites in the world are powered by WordPress
  • More than 500 websites are built each day using WordPress compare to less than 100 per day by using other platforms such as Shopify and Squarespace
  • More than 55,000 plugins are available for WordPress websites customization


WordPress is the most desirable and developed CMS platform for creating websites. This free software enriched with a lot of plugins and extensions that can help any kinds of websites to show off their advantages and attract visitors, user-friendly Dashboard and much more convinced the top and famous brands such as Walt Disney, Renault Group, BBC America and so on to publish their websites powered by WordPress.

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