What is the main benfits of free gift for WooCommerce plugin?

free gift plugin for WooCommerce
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Offer free gifts to customers of your online store using the WooCommerce gift plugin

Have you run your online business and wondered how to make it profitable in the competitive market? Are you looking for a way to increase the traffic of your website at the beginning of launching your online business in the local or global market? Do you need an impressive way to keep your real customer loyalty and motivate them to return and purchase from your shop frequently?

Let’s take a look at how offering free gifts to customers of your online store using the free gifts For WooCommerce plugin is exactly the perfect solution you need. 

How offering Free Gift can increase the traffic of online businesses?

Offering free gifts can help online businesses to make new potential customers, on one hand, to visit their stores and the real customers, on the other hand, to keep their loyalty to their shops. 

The potential opportunities Offering promotional gifts can give to your online business is not just limited to the regular users visiting your online shop. Providing Gifts for Customers can Build a Great Word of Mouth marking for you which in return has a great influence on increasing the traffic of your website and increasing your sales.

 To make all of these good things happen for your eCommerce website, it is essential to use a gift plugin for WooCommerce.

How can a free gifts for WooCommerce plugin help you to boost your store sales?

For running a successful promotional plan, you need to think about an impressive strategy by considering the purpose of offering free gifts on your online store and using a powerful tool like the WooCommerce free gift plugin enabling you to implement that strategy in your shop.

Let’s review some of them and see how free gifts for WooCommerce plugin is useful in each case:

Boosting the wholesale 

Thanks to the gift plugin for WooCommerce, there is no restriction in creating gift rules on your eCommerce website. So, you can use the below strategies for boosting the wholesale of your online store:

  • Simple adjustment method

By creating a rule based on the Simple adjustment method, the free gift will be displayed on the cart page of customers purchasing products from your shop.

 WooCommerce gift plugins
WooCommerce gift plugin
  • Subtotal amount method

In this method, you can restrict offering free gifts to apply just to the orders with their total amounts above or in a specific range. In this way, you can encourage customers to purchase more products to receive a gift.

Increasing the sales of some specific products 

Sometimes you need to make customers pay more attention to one or more products from your shop. To reach this goal, it makes sense if you create Buy X Get X (BOGO) or Buy X Get Y rules in Free gift plugin for WooCommerce.

The most common rule based on these strategies is BOGO which means when customers buy one product, they will get another one -the same product- for free.

Of course, there are a lot of more flexible options in the plugin allowing you to, for example, increase the number of Buy or Get products or even offer other products in your shop as free gifts.

Boosting your sales in a special time or event

If you have the plan to offer Free gift promotion in the rush time of your business in a year like Black Friday, Christmas, mother day, etc., it is simply possible to use a prebuilt calendar in the free gift plugin for WooCommerce and create a rule based on your customer behaviors.

The duration of a free gift is of great importance as well, that’s why in the calendar you can set a range for displaying the gift on your shop. Keep in mind that the time should be long enough for customers to get information and take action, but not excessively so, since this will demotivate customers.

The rules methods and strategies you can apply for offering free gifts are not limited to the above-mentioned. By working with the Ready to use Demo of gift plugin for WooCommerce, you can get familiar with all amazing options available for respecting loyal customers or encouraging new ones in this plugin.


Offering free gifts to the customers when they purchase from an online store is not a new idea. All store managers know that promotional plans can give a company returns far beyond the cost of the present. Companies that strive for “meaningful connections” with their customers are likely to have greater customer retention and obtain repeat business.

However, implementing an effective strategy to offer free gifts at a proper time to the right customers needs using a powerful tool providing all necessary features required for this purpose. If you are looking for a perfect solution to increase brand awareness as well as customer satisfaction which in return has a great influence on Boosting your store sales, a free gift plugin for WooCommerce is exactly what you need.

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