The Benefits of giveaway free gifts in WooCommerce shop    

benefit of giveaway free gift in woocommerce shop
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Currently, with the advancement of technology, more than 90% of people have direct access to the Internet. For this reason, many businesses want to use this opportunity to set up an online store and be able to have successful online sales. In this way, ecommerce stores that use appropriate strategies such as free gift giveaways achieve significant profits.

In this article, we will examine the advantages and benefits of the free gift offer in WooCommerce stores.

Benefits of free gift giveaways

 Increasing the sales of online stores is not the only advantage of WooCommerce Gifts, but by presenting this offer, you can also benefit from other advantages that we will present below:

  • Increasing brand reputation and branding

You can introduce many customers to your business by using the WooCommerce Gifts strategy. In this way, your brand or company becomes more famous than before. So, with free gift giveaways, you will not only increase the sales of products, but with this promotion, you can also gain more reputation and increase branding.

woocommerce gift giveaway

  • Increase product sales with free gift giveaways

 Depending on the situation you are in, you can use different strategies to increase the sale of your new or old products. The important thing is to choose the right strategy. For example, if some of your products remain in stock and are not sold, you can quickly sell them with the BOGO strategy.

  • Attract new customers and visitors

You may notice that the number of visitors to your site has decreased or many of your online visitors are not yet fully ready to buy from your site. At this time, you can use the benefits of free gift giveaways to your advantage to attract their attention. For example, by offering a free gift in case of placing the first order, you can prepare the mind of the audience to buy and generally communicate more with new customers.

  • Increasing the number of return customers

Return customers are those visitors who buy from your online shop for the second time or more. You should take advantage of this opportunity and encourage them to re-order by offering WooCommerce Gifts. For this purpose, you can use your browser’s cookies to show the free gift offer as a pop-up, only to the users who visit your site for the second time or more and inform them about the free gifts they can receive if they make a purchase again.

increase sale of prodicts

  • Increasing sales of certain products

One of the benefits of offering free gifts in online stores is to increase the sales of one or more specific products. For example, suppose that the products of a certain brand in your store receive less attention and are not sold. In this situation, you can use the benefits of WooCommerce’s free gift offer to direct buyers to purchase the products of that brand. The best strategy to increase the sales of these products is “Buy x Get y”. By choosing this method, you offer buyers that if they buy one or more products from your desired brand, they will receive various giveaways.

  • Keeping loyal customers

One of the biggest benefits of offering free gifts is to keep existing customers satisfied. For example, you can consider giving your loyal customers a gift for every $200 purchase.

  • Increase sales of products on special occasions

Do not neglect the benefits of offering seasonal free gifts offers on special occasions. These occasions are a great opportunity to generate income, and since you need to attract more attention than your competitors, by offering gifts to customers on these occasions, you can attract and encourage them to buy from your ecommerce store.

  • Immediate sale of products with free gift offer for a limited time

According to Jack Bierham: “If opportunities limit people, they will naturally lose their freedom of action.”

 However, if our choices are limited, we try to be diligent in maintaining this freedom. By using this tip and having a suitable strategy, you can multiply the sales of your products in a short period on your website. For example, you can use the following strategies:

If you buy this product by clicking on the below link, you can get a valuable free gift. On the occasion of the school reopening season, get a doll backpack as a free gift with every order.

  • Persuading the customer to buy more to get a free gift

As you are familiar with online shops and have bought from them, you know that if a person adds a product to his shopping cart, the products related to that product will be displayed to him. By using this technique, you can increase the sales of your products by offering a free gift to the customer if they buy more. For example, give people who buy more than 5 products from one category, a free gift from the same category.

  • Receiving information from customers

One of the best strategies to retain customers is to get their contact information. For this purpose, you can ask all customers to join your customer club. Assure them that by becoming a member of your customer club, they will enjoy many benefits, for example, if they become a member, they can receive a free gift by purchasing from your online store.

  • Increasing sales of products left in the warehouse

In your store, there must be products and goods that are not sold and remain in the warehouse. For example, consider a pants store; In this store, blue jeans have high sales, but in contrast, brown linen pants have not been ordered by the customers for a long time. You can offer a gift such that customers can get a free gift when they buy any pair of brown jeans. In this way, in addition to increasing your sales, you have also sold the products that have been left in stock.

  • How to offer free gifts in WooCommerce stores?

It is not possible to offer free gifts directly in WooCommerce. To create rules and make offers, you must be familiar with coding or use WooCommerce plugins.

Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin is one of the best plugins that helps you to create all kinds of rules, including “Buy x get y”, BOGO, Subtotal amount, etc. you in your WooCommerce store. You can also limit your offers to specific users or a specific date by setting conditions in this plugin.

woocommerce gift plugin banner

To get familiar with the features of this plugin we recommend you to read Free gift plugin for Woocommerce.

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