Which are the Best WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugins?

Which are the Best WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugins
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Best WooCommerce bulk edit plugins are some useful extensions enabling you to manage your online store faster and easier. In addition to the compatibility with WooCommerce, they must offer effective tools and solutions for bulk editing products and their features in a robust way.

Editing and managing a few numbers of products by the default tools designed in WooCommerce make trouble for store managers, however, the problem arises when they have to handle a huge number of products on their e-commerce website. In this case, editing every single feature of products one by one is really time-consuming and frustrating. 

WooCommerce bulk edit plugins have been developed to help store managers edit, duplicate or remove multiple products at the same time which is incredibly important for the big e-commerce websites and online stores.

Let’s see how they can help you!

Why do you need WooCommerce bulk edit plugins?

WooCommerce bulk edit plugins offer flexible and powerful options for managing stores in the quickest way possible. By getting help from these plugins in your stores, the following features (and many more) are bundled to serve you:

Save time and edit quickly many products 

The main purpose of these plugins is to enable store managers to bulk edit and update a large number of multiple products at once. By installing bulk edit plugins, you have access to bulk edit, bulk update and bulk manage all types of products such as simple, variable, or external products. 

You can save the time of managing your online store by having full control over the fields to be chosen and bulk editing any features of more products at the same time. 

These bulk edit plugins help you to: 

  • Bulk edit attributes and variations of multiple products, absolutely easier and quicker.
  • Increase or decrease the price of several products with just one click.
  • Add or edit custom fields in a massive way.
  • And so on.

Bulk filter products

Bulk filter products is another important feature available in the best WooCommerce bulk editing plugins allowing you to filter those products that need to be bulk edited based on different fields such as:

  • Product title.
  • product types.
  • stock status.
  • product categories / tags.
  • Product variations / attributes.
  • Regular price(s).
  • Description & Short description.
  • And so on.

In this way, you can bulk edit your desired products based on your needs.

Revert bulk changes

Sometimes you need to revert the update you have made on a specific date or specific fields back to their initial state. The best WooCommerce bulk editor plugins provide this feature to enable you to undo your edits with just one click.

Bulk edit products based on user role 

If you want to get access to other users to bulk edit some products or their features, in the best bulk editing plugins, it’s easily possible to get permission for bulk editing products based on user roles as well.

There is a long list of the best WooCommerce bulk edit plugins that can ease the job of editing for you on the WordPress respiratory or third-party marketplace. However, regarding these facts that they offer different features in free or premium versions, it makes sense if you conduct a survey and tries to find the bulk editing plugins that suit your needs. 

WooCommerce default option is limited

Although you can bulk edit some features of products in WooCommerce without installing any plugin, the options available in this platform for changing properties of multiple products are limited. For example, it’s not possible to filter products based on different fields then bulk edit their properties. To achieve this goal, you need to install a bulk edit plugin with special features. 

Global changes are easy

When there are a huge number of products on your online shop, you definitely need to manage and handle them in bulk to increase the efficiency of your website. To make global changes of your product properties easier and faster, various bulk product editing plugins have been designed with special features for editing and modifying your store efficiently.

Avoid mistakes

If you want to improve the customer satisfaction of your website, no mistake in the product features displayed on your online store is accepted. You need to add, delete, duplicate, modify and edit the products very precisely which is absolutely frustrating if you want to open every single product page and change their values. So, if you want to avoid any mistakes in this process, using bulk editing plugins is the best way.

Improve efficiency

By installing a bulk product editing plugin on your WooCommerce website, your management efforts will be more efficient. The tools and options available in these extensions are intuitive and quite fast. You can edit all values of multiple products efficiently even when your store has a large number of products. 

To help you in this frustrating task, we want to introduce the most popular bulk editing plugins for WooCommerce with great tools and options for managing your online store. Stay with us

Top best WooCommerce bulk edit plugins

Here is a curated list of the top best bulk editing plugins for WooCommerce that help you manage your stores and bulk edit your products.

XBulk Bulk Editing Bundle

XBulk Edit Bundle is a plugin for WordPress that has 4 professional modules for bulk editing and helps you to save Time and Easily Manage WooCommerce Products, Orders, coupons, WordPress Posts, Custom Posts, and pages in a suitable platform.

xbulk - bulk editing bundle plugin
  • Last Update: 01 Dec 21.
  • Purchase: 140+.
  • WordPress: 4.9 or higher Tested up to: 5.7.2.
  • PHP: 5.5 or higher.
  • Review Rate: 5 Star. 
  • Available both in free and premium version.

By installing this plugin, bulk editing a large number of products is as easy as drinking a cup of tea. You can save your time for managing and editing a huge number of products by

  • Observing all your products in a single page with table view.
  • Creating multiple products quickly.
  • Bulk editing multiple product data very fast and easy.
  • Filtering or searching products by Keyword, Status, Author, etc.
  • Copying settings from one product into a lot of products.

With WooCommerce bulk product editing, you will be free to filter as many products as you need to be bulk edited then apply your preferred modifications to append, prepend, increase or decrease the value, or even set a new vary for all selected items. You can also delete multiple products simultaneously with just one click or bind edit the product features directly on the product table. Scale-up of online stores is also an easy task by using this plugin as you can duplicate as many products as you want with just one click. 

The most highlighted features of the WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin:

  • View all the products and their fields (details) in a spreadsheet table as separated rows and columns.
  • Save search queries to reuse many times.
  • Save and load expressions filters later, or you can save your search queries or regular expressions for later.
  • Bulk edit the product title, description, stock quantity, stock status, manage stock, regular price and sale price.
  • Take benefit from inline editing, quick search, column profile, bind editing, filter profile, limited bulk form and limited search form.
  • Modify a variety of all custom fields.
  • Manage stock and stock quantity of multiple products at once.
  • Enjoy bind editing by adding columns to the product table using built-in column manager.
  • Roll back to a specific date in the history tab or roll back the recent changes just by one click.
  • Import/Export CSV files.

Important features of free version:

With the free version of WooCommerce bulk product editing you can:

  • View and edit simple products.
  • View all the product information.
  • Bulk edit the product title, description, categories, stock quantity, stock status, manage stock, regular price and sale price.
  • Use inline editing and bind editing.
  • Work with limited bulk form and limited search form.

Extra features of premium version:

By purchasing the premium version of this plugin, you can bulk edit all types of products including: 

  • Simple product.
  • Variable product (parent).
  • Variable product (variations).
  • External product.

Some extra features offered in the premium version include:

Filter the products and preview the filtered products before applying bulk edit

In WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin, you can use a comprehensive filter form to search and filter those products you need to be bulk edited. The filtered products are then displayed in a product table and you can use bulk edit form, bind edit or inline edit methods to make any changes you need on the product properties.

Create new products and add new variations 

Creating new products or duplicating the previous ones is easily possible in this plugin which is a great option for saving you time if you need to add multiple products with the same features to your online store. Adding custom attributes and variations to be assigned to the variable products is another incredible feature of this plugin. You can also update the regular price and sale price of the variations in bulk with just a few clicks.

Delete multiple products in one click

In WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin you can filter as many products as you need then delete them permanently or move them to trash for temporary removal from your store. Restoring the products moved to the trash is simply possible from the product table as well.

Bulk edit any custom product fields

Adding custom fields and bulk editing them is also supported in this plugin which means you can change the meta field data of the required products anytime you need.

Update or bulk edit product images

Add or replace an existing image with a new image or applying bulk edit on product Images is simply available for the filtered products. 

Undo the last bulk operation or revert changes from the history

You can undo the last bulk edit operation just by one click in this plugin or you can revert a specific change by going to the History tab.

Pricing Plans of WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin 

WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin comes with an affordable price:

  • It costs $16 for 6 months support from ithemelandco and future updates.
  • Its developers also guarantee 100% refund, if you are not satisfied by any reason.

ELEX bulk edit products, prices & attributes for WooCommerce

ELEX Bulk Edit product, Prices & Attributes for WooCommerce comes with a user-friendly interface for handling the products of big online stores. If you have hundreds of products on your website, this plugin is an ideal solution for editing their details with a few clicks.

ELEX bulk edit product plugin
  • Last updated: 4 days ago (from the published date of this post).
  • Active installations: 5,000+.
  • WordPress Version: 3.0.1 or higher.
  • Ratings: 4 stars.
  • Available both in Free and Premium version.

By installing and activating the free version of this plug-in, you can enjoy using the most effective features for editing the properties of multiple simple products on WooCommerce such as Product title, SKU, Catalog Visibility, Stock, Quantity, Regular Price, Sale Price, Shipping Class, Weight, Dimensions, Attributes, and Product categories.

Important features of free version:

Bulk editing the following properties of simple products:

  • Prices.
  • Attribute.
  • Categories.
  • Custom fields.
  • Images.
  • Variations.
  • Filtering multiple products according to different parameters like Product title, Product Categories, Attributes, and Regular price.
  • Allowing Exclude products from bulk editing based on Product IDs or Product categories.
  • Bulk Delete multiple Products.

However, if you want to manage and edit variable products you need to subscribe for the premium version or pay for its license. In the premium version of this WooCommerce bulk edit plug-in, you can easily bulk edit WooCommerce product variations, filter the product according to their variations or edit the price of variable products.

You also have access to many other options such as append, prepend and replace value to make changes on the properties of multiple products, simultaneously.

Extra features of premium version

  • Bulk edit all features of variable products and external products.
  • Add and create new attributes and variations.
  • Schedule bulk update at a specific date & time.
  • Roll back to a specified scheduled time or undo the last changes.
  • Preview option, before making the changes.
  • Schedule a date and time to perform bulk edit of products.
  • Bulk edit any product fields such as product prices, categories, attributes of variable products.
  • Update the regular price or sale price of all variable products within one selected product category.
  • Bulk add/update sales price based on regular price.
  • Increase or decrease all prices in a category by a set percentage (%) or dollar ($) value.
  • Bulk adding sale prices to products that do not currently have sale prices active.
  • Update SKU and stock of all simple products that have a particular price.
  • Update or create attributes and variations.
  • Bulk update dimensions for all products except for a particular category of products (configured using exclusion list).
  • Revert the last completed bulk edit operation to the original state in case of a mistake.
  • Schedule a discount sale for certain days and automatically lift the discount after the specified timeline.
  • Filter and see a preview of changes before finalizing.
  • Bulk delete products.
  • Schedule jobs for bulk updates.

Pricing plans of ELEX WooCommerce advanced bulk edit products, prices & attributes

Three pricing plans are available for the premium version of this plugin:

  • Single Site: $75 for 1 year of support & updates.
  • Up to 5 Sites: $199 for 1 year of support & updates.
  • Up to 25 Sites: $245 for 1 year of support & updates.

Bulk table editor for WooCommerce

Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce is a premium extension of WooCommerce offering great tools and options for choosing multiple products and updating their data in a few seconds.

Bulk table editor for WooCommerce plugin
  • Last Update: 1 week ago (from the published date of this post).
  • Version required: WordPress 4.9 or higher.
  • Review Rating: 4.7.
  • Just premium version is released.

Important features of premium version:

You can benefit from the following features of this WooCommerce bulk edit plugin after purchasing the license:

  • Bulk Edit stock, price, sale price, tags, backorders, stock status, weight, length, width, and height, sale start date, and sale end date.
  • Bulk set fixed price and sales price or increase and decrease the values.
  • Bulk delete products.
  • Generate SKU for new products.
  • See a column that shows sales by percent.
  • Use category selector.
  • Search or filter products based on their status, tags and categories.
  • Inline editing for single product values, including name.
  • Calculates stock value per product based on total stock value.
  • Export data of products (csv file).
  • Bulk editing subscriptions and variations.
  • Enjoy from multisite network setup.
  • Observe easy to understand progress bars when saving new products.
  • Filter products based on status: publish, draft, pending and private.
  • Calculates stock value per product based on total stock value.
  • Use magnifier on product images (mouse over) and set or change product image.
  • Download products (csv file).
  • Search products based on their name and/or price, SKUs (other values).
  • Get permission for bulk edit based on User’s roles types: Shop manager and administrator.
  • Translate your contents (POT file) to the following languages:
    • English.
    • Spanish.
    • French.
    • Norwegian.

Pricing plans of bulk table editor for WooCommerce with other plugins

You can purchase the license of this plugin for 1 year of updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee for $79.00.

YITH WooCommerce bulk product editing

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing has been developed with the most effective tools to facilitate the process of bulk editing properties of WooCommerce products for store managers. Both free and premium versions of this plugin are available with a slight difference between the options supported in this plugin for bulk editing.

YITH WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin
  • Active user:14.180 customers.
  • Rating Review: 4.5/5.
  • Customer satisfaction in support: 97%.
  • From December 18, 2020 just the premium version is available.

Important features of premium version:

In the premium version, YITH WooCommerce bulk product editing offers the below features:

  • Bulk edit all WooCommerce product fields in an instant or even for a few selected ones.
  • Precise filter options by category, product variations, attributes, price, etc. 
  • Create new products.
  • Export product data as CSV files.
  • Change prices simultaneously on all shop products, or just on a selection of them.
  • Filter by category and price the product you want to edit.
  • Edit simultaneously all WooCommerce product field of all shop products, or a selection of them.
  • Edit product single variations or description on variations.
  • Delete multiple products at the same time with just one click.
  • Create a new product from the plugin edit page.
  • Create or change custom fields.
  • Enable or disable REGEX on search for texts.
  • Support translating WooCommerce websites to English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German.
  • Compatible with the most popular themes such as Avada, Divi, Storefront, etc.
  • Display products in a table with editable columns.
  • Bulk edit variable products and customize even single variations in your shop.

Pricing plans of YITH WooCommerce bulk product editing with other plugins

Purchasing the license of YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing for 1 year of updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee costs $79.99.

WooCommerce advanced bulk edit

WooCommerce advanced bulk edit comes with powerful tools such as filtering and bulk editing which make it a great solution for making changes on every single data of multiple products at the same time. You can get the most advantages of this plugin to filter your preferred products and bulk edit their features over and over again with a few clicks.

WooCommerce advanced bulk edit plugin
  • Last Update: 4 months ago (From the published date of this post).
  • Review Rating: 4.9.
  • Just premium version is released.

Important features of premium version

By getting help from this plugin, you can:

  • Filter the products easy and convenient.
  • Create both simple and variable products with multiple categories and attributes.
  • Edit meta fields using the meta field option.
  • Bulk edit discounts, product variations, stock, text, numbers and taxonomies.
  • Create variations, attribute terms and categories.
  • Export data to CSV file.
  • Delete images from server when permanently deleting products.

Pricing plans of WooCommerce advanced bulk edit with other plugins

The below flexible options offered by the developers for purchasing the license of this plugin:

  • Regular License – Applicable for one website: $17 / 6 months support from developer.
  • Extended support of regular license up to 12 months- $10.50.

WOOBE – WooCommerce bulk editor professional

WOOBE is a famous plugin for bulk editing different features of WooCommerce products such as attributes, categories, custom taxonomies, tags, metadata, etc. This plugin supports making changes on 44 built-in WooCommerce fields plus custom fields and taxonomies.

 WooCommerce bulk editor professional plugin

Last updated: 1 day ago (From the published date of this post)

  • Active installations: 30,000+.
  • WordPress Version: 4.9 or higher tested up to: 5.7.2 .
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher.
  • Review Ratings: 4.5.
  • Free & premium versions are available.

Recently the name of this plugin has been changed to “Products bulk editor and products manager for WooCommerce (BEAR)” and released with more robust and flexible tools and options for managing data of simple or variable products.

Important features of free version

You can get benefit from the free version of this plugin:

  • Bulk edit thumbnail, title, description, product status, regular price, sale price, SKU.
  • Manage stock, publish date, categories, upsells products, grouped products, shipping dimensions, etc.
  • Change 1 product attribute and 2 product meta fields at the same time.

Extra features of premium version

In the premium version of the plugin, it is possible to:

  • Manipulate with all fields of the posts.
  • Bulk edit product variations or Meta Fields.
  • Filter products based on all fields available in WooCommerce.
  • Import as many products as you need to the WooCommerce by using a built-in tool.
  • Roll back recent changes.
  • Export product data based on WooCommerce data format.
  • Bind edit multiple product data.
  • Save entered data by AJAX.

Pricing plans of WOOBE with other plugins

You can install the plugin on your e-commerce website by purchasing either Regular License or an Extended License based on your needs:

Regular License: $34 / 6 months support for 6 months which is possible to extend up to 12 months by paying an extra $5.25.

Extended License: $10.88 / extend the Regular License up to 12 months.

PW bulk edit

PW bulk edit offers intuitive and fast tools and options for managing unlimited products on your online store. It’s an ideal solution if you have variable products in your store and you want to manage their variations or even create new variations and assign Regular prices to the variable products in bulk.

PW bulk edit plugin

You can see a preview of any changes you have made so everything is under your control during bulk actions.

Important features of free version

  • Inline editing.
  • Undo the last changes.
  • Bulk edit variations for variable products.
  • Bulk edit product prices by a specific amount or a percentage.
  • Search and find products.
  • Perform replace, append, prepend, or change capitalization for multiple product description.
  • Update the sale price based on the regular price.

Extra features of pro version

Bulk edit all fields of products such as:

  • Product name.
  • Product description.
  • SKU.
  • Regular price.
  • Tax status.
  • Tax class.
  • Manage stock.
  • Stock quantity.
  • Allow backorders.
  • Stock status.
  • Catalog visibility.
  • Featured.
  • Status.
  • Create new variations and bulk edit selected Attributes.
  • Filter products based on additional options like “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty”.
  • Save and load filters.
  • Support for other third-party plugins like WooCommerce brands, YITH multi-vendor, and Dokan multi-vendor marketplace!
  • Bulk delete products and variations.
  • Bulk edit images.

Pricing plans of PW bulk edit

You can choose one of the below pricing plans of PW bulk edit based on your requirements:

  • 1 Site: $59 for 1 year of updates and support.
  • 5 Sites: $89 for 1 year of updates and support.
  • Lifetime License for 3 Sites: $249 for Lifetime updates and support.

Smart manager – WooCommerce bulk edit plugins

By offering an Excel-like spreadsheet, Smart Manager plugin aimed to make bulk editing of the product fields more convenient and quicker for you. The powerful tools designed in this spreadsheet plugin help you to save your time and enjoy managing your online store by searching your desired products, locating the required field, and editing the same in the spreadsheet interface.  

smart manager plugins

Important Features of lite version

Select and bulk edit multiple product fields in the spreadsheet-like interface:

  • Bulk change stock and price adjustments.
  • Bulk edit WordPress Posts, WooCommerce Products, Product Variations, Orders, Coupons.
  • Inline editing up to 3 records without saving.

Extra features of pro version

Support bulk editing everything in Lite in addition to:

  • WordPress pages, media, users.
  • WooCommerce customers.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Smart offers.
  • custom fields.
  • Search, view, edit and bulk manage all post types from a familiar spreadsheet like interface.
  • Bulk update product prices, inventory, names, categories and other attributes.
  • View and manage product variations.
  • Look up orders and customers quickly.
  • Set sale prices for promotions.
  • Export orders, products, customers, any WordPress post type data.
  • Add custom meta field values.
  • Quickly change discount rules for many coupons at once.
  • Search and bulk edit backorders, offer discounts for backorders, export them.
  • Delete all products/delete products based on filters, product categories and attributes.
  • Change product image for all products in a category.
  • Add or delete ‘Product gallery images’.
  • Set SEO, customer reviews, subscription and other properties.
  • Manage WordPress user roles, change password, etc.
  • Change customer’s email address and other details.
  • View customer’s lifetime value, last order date and contact details.
  • Bulk edit post status, post categories, post date, post tags, etc.
  • Quick & easy export CSV.
  • Duplicate all the existing records.
  • Robust search to find what you need within seconds.
  • Easily add or remove data rows as per requirements or bulk delete WooCommerce products.
  • Use Column management to sort data in ascending or descending order, show or hide data columns, etc.

Pricing plans of smart manager

To download and install the pro version of smart manager, you can purchase one of the below licenses:

  • PRO: $149/year for one site with Regular updates and support for one year.
  • LIFETIME: $479, for on one site  with regular updates and support for life time.

WooCommerce bulk edit products – WP sheet editor

WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products – WP Sheet Editor is another effective plugin allowing you to bulk edit a massive number of products on your online store. By installing this plugin, you have access to many tools and options for bulk editing Prices & Attributes of Simple, Variable & External Products.

WP sheet editor plugin
  • Version Required: WordPress 5.4 or higher and WooCommerce 4.5 or higher.
  • Rating Review: 4.5.
  • Last Update: 1 month ago (From the published date of this post).
  • Free & premium versions of this plugin are released.

Important features of free version

  • View all your products in a single page.
  • Create and edit simple products in a spreadsheet table.
  • Search products by keyword, status, author.
  • Copy settings from one product into other products.
  • Bulk edit the below fields for simple products:
    • Title.
    • Description.
    • SKU.
    • Stock quantity.
    • Stock status.
    • Manage stock.
    • Regular price.
    • Sale price.
    • Is virtual.

Important features of premium version

  • Bulk edit simple, variable, variations, external products, subscription products, membership products, etc.
  • Bulk edit all product fields, such as gallery images, attributes, variations, and custom fields added by other plugins.
  • Import product data from Excel or Google sheets especially attributes, variations, and downloadable Files.
  • Bulk edit or create product variations in the spreadsheet.
  • Copy downloadable files, product variations and attributes from one product to multiple products.
  • Use advanced searches and find products based on multiple fields and multiple conditions.
  • Replace any field such as product descriptions, image, category etc.
  • Perform math operations like increase/decrease by amount or percentage.
  • Combine fields or add new fields to the bulk editor.

Pricing plans of WooCommerce bulk edit products – WP sheet editor

You can buy a premium version of the WP Sheet Editor plugin according to one of the below pricing plans with a 14-day money-back guarantee:

  • For 1 Site: $ 29.99 / year.
  • For 2 Sites: $ 36.99 / year.
  • For 10 Sites: $ 99.99 / year.
  • For Unlimited Sites: $ 149.99 / year.

Admin columns pro – WooCommerce bulk edit plugin

Admin Columns Pro displays all product information on a table view. You can add as many columns as you need to the table and start managing them by bulk editing or inline editing.

Admin columns pro plugin

Finding the right products, inline editing, and updating the data directly on the table are the key features of this plugin allowing you to update your content quickly without wasting time.

Important features of admin columns PRO version

  • View all the relevant user information on a single screen.
  • Customize the users page by adding meaningful columns.
  • Directly update any user information by using inline edit.
  • Export WooCommerce customers in a CSV file.
  • Bulk edit the orders page by adding relevant columns to the table.
  • Sort, filter and export multiple orders.

Pricing plan of admin columns PRO

Three pricing plans are available for purchasing Admin Column Pro license:

  • Single: $89 for 1 year support and regular update on 1 site.
  • Business: $149 for 1 year support and regular update on 5 sites.
  • Agency: $249 for 1 year support and regular update on unlimited sites.

Bulk table editor by consortia

Bulk Table Editor by Consortia is another bulk product editing plugin of WooCommerce with an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface so you can quickly make changes to individual items or groups of products directly on the table.

Bulk table editor plugin by consortia

Important features of premium version

  • Configure and bulk edit products.
  • Customize the table display and choose options for displaying products per page.
  • Bulk edit all product fields such as stock, pricing, SKU, current sales, COGS, tags and more. 
  • Filter displayed products to edit specific groups or categories.
  • Create sales for one or many products. 
  • Set start and end date for sales.
  • Bulk edit product prices by fixed value or percent.
  • Bulk updates stock, prices, sales prices, sale dates, SKU, tags, features, backorders, visibility and measurements (weight, length, width, and height).
  • Bulk creating SKU with SKU generator.
  • Translate content to other languages.

Pricing plans of bulk table editor by consortia

You can buy bulk table editor by Consortia at so, the direct update of this extension is available in WooCommerce admin. It’s also a demo play available which means you can work with all features of this plugin in a limited time and pay for it if the provided features satisfy you.

  • Price:  $79 for 1 year of updates and support with 30-day money-back guarantee.

Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices

Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices comes with incredible features for managing and editing product Variations on the WooCommerce website. Filtering multiple products and Bulk editing their prices, sales, weight, SKU, and many more fields with the help of this plugin makes managing online stores containing a variety of products much more enjoyable and convenient.

Although just the premium version of this plugin is available in the marketplace, some amazing tools and options offered by this plugin convince you to pay for its license, including:

  • Allowing you to edit multiple variable or simple products at once.
  • Editing as many products as you want in just one step.
  • Bulk edit product fields such as SKU, stock, regular price, sale price, weight, height, etc.
  • Increase or decrease all prices of some products in a category by a set percentage % or a set value $.
  • Bulk add sale prices to the products.
  • Update or modify product variations. 
  • Setting up a new store or new products based on variations in a few seconds.

The most useful features of Woocommerce bulk edit variable products & prices plugin

The most advantageous feature of this plugin is the useful feature for updating all variations of the products in one selected category at the same time.

It is also possible to bulk edit the attributes of the products with a specific:

  • Attribute value.
  • Category.
  • Regular price (Equal to, greater than and less than).
  • Sale price (Equal to, greater than and less than).
  • All the custom attributes that you have set on your products variations.

Values you can update/modify are:

  • SKU.
  • Stock.
  • Regular price.
  • Sale price.
  • Weight.
  • Length.
  • Width and height.

You can even bulk edit all product variations with a particular price, or change the variations of those products if their prices are higher or lower than a set value.

Pricing plan

There are some flexible pricing plans to purchase the license of Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices plugin either as a Regular or Extended License.

The most affordable License of this plugin costs $23 for 6 months support or $29.75 for 12 months.

WooCommerce Product Import Export

The Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce facilitates easy migration of product data such as product tags, categories, and reviews. You can import, export, and update your store’s products via multiple options, including CSV, XML, Excel, or TSV files.

Last Update: 25-Apr-2024

Version required: WordPress 4.7.3 or higher.

Review Rating: 4.8

The tool handles various data types like, variables, grouped and more, further simplifying the product migration process, making it efficient while ensuring accuracy. Also, the plugin is compatible with third-party data exporter plugins, allowing for a smooth integration of data imported through them.

Important features of Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce:

  •  Supports export and import of various product data types
  •  Offers flexibility with XML, CSV, TSV, and Excel formats.
  •  Provides various filter options for migrating products
  •  Allows to bulk edit and update data during import
  •  Auto schedule import and export for seamless management
  •  Allows import and export via FTP/SFTP
  •  Ensures compatibility with various third-party data exporter plugins


Three pricing plans are available for the plugin:

  •  Single Site: $69 for 1 year of support & updates.
  •  Up to 5 Sites: $99 for 1 year of support & updates.
  •  Up to 25 Sites: $199 for 1 year of support & updates.

You can download the free version of WooCommerce product import/export from the WordPress plugin repository.

Import Export Suite For WooCommerce 

Import Export Suite For WooCommerce 

The WooCommerce Import Export Suite plugin by WebToffee lets you import and export different WooCommerce data, such as products, orders, coupons, subscriptions, and users. This is an all-in-one plugin for complete data import and export jobs for WooCommerce. The plugin offers multiple methods for importing and exporting data. You can use the advanced filters to custom export specific data from your store. Additionally, you can schedule the import and export jobs at a later time.

Why do we recommend WebToffee Import Export Suite for data migration?

👉Import and export WooCommerce products, orders, coupons, subscriptions, and users. 

👉Supports multiple file formats such as CSV, XML, TSV, Excel, etc. 

👉Advanced filters for custom data export. 

👉Schedule data import export jobs

👉Supports multiple product types

👉Bulk update WooCommerce store data with import


In this post, we have provided a list of the best WooCommerce bulk edit plugins that will ease your job of editing multiple products on your online store to save your time.

We have tried to make the process of choosing the best WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin easier for you by comparing their features and useful information such as the last update, Review rate, and required version of WordPress.

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    this is a comprehensive article about “Best WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugins” . I read it completely. thanks a lot for such a great article.

  2. alma says:

    WP sheet editor is a great plugin. since I have bought it I have saved a lot of time and make numerous changes.

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