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10 best WooCommerce product table plugins
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Best WooCommerce product table plugins are an ideal solution for those online stores offering a huge number of products to their customers and need to create a table view on their shop page to improve the customer experience and enhance the efficiency of their e-commerce websites.

Although WooCommerce is known as the most famous and popular eCommerce platform these days, unfortunately, the default view of its shop page is not ideal enough for offering many different products. That’s why WooCommerce product table plugins have been developed to help store managers turn the appearance of their shop page into a user-friendly interface with amazing options that make customers enjoy shopping from their website.

There is no difference in what products you are trying to sell on your website, using product table plugins is beneficial for all kinds of eCommerce websites such as restaurants, clothing stores, music shops, etc.

In this post, first, we will discuss the most important features that you have to consider before downloading or purchasing a product table plugin. Then we will introduce to you the best WooCommerce product table plugins based on these necessary factors.

How to choose the top WooCommerce product table plugins

To choose the top plugins for creating WooCommerce product tables, you need to know the difference between the functionality and productivity of their features then decide which one can better cover all of your requirements.

To help you decide about the top WooCommerce product table plugin, let’s review the most important functions you have to consider before making any decisions:

Backend interface

The most important feature that you need to compare as a store manager for finding the best WooCommerce product table plugin is the backend interface. The easier to use the interface, the better management you have on creating product tables. Among the available plugins in the market, the WooCommerce product table plugin has the most user-friendly backend interface allowing you to manage every feature of products by adding flexible columns, search boxes, “Add to cart” options, making queries, etc.

Frontend interface

The frontend interface built by the product table plugins is of great importance as well, because the main purpose of using these kinds of plugins on an e-commerce website is to improve the customer experience and make them enjoy it when purchasing goods from your online store.

The appearance of product tables you can create by using these kinds of plugins must be attractive enough to grab the attention of your customers. Displaying any data related to your products on their tables including thumbnails, variations, prices, etc. And making custom queries to be offered to your customers are some good examples of the required features for the best WooCommerce product table plugins. Well-designed product table plugins have a lot of marvelous options for managing the way of payment and making it easier for your customers to buy different kinds of products and pay for them just by some simple clicks in a customer-friendly frontend interface.


The license costs of WooCommerce product table plugins are another important factor you have to pay attention to.

Finding an affordable plugin with the useful feature you expect from a product table extension needs spending some time on google to compare the pricing plans of different licenses and make the best choice.

To help you save your time and make an ideal decision about the best WooCommerce product table plugin, we are going to introduce the top 10 effective and productive extensions to you.

By comparing the information we have provided in this article you have a simple and easy way for choosing the best WooCommerce product table plugin that suits your needs. Let’s go!

Best free WooCommerce product table plugins

Let’s review the best free WooCommerce product table plugins that can help you to make an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

  1. WooCommerce Product Table plugin

WooCommerce Product Table plugin is developed with the most powerful tools to allow store managers to create and design their product tables exactly according to their customer taste. By installing this plugin, you have access to a user-friendly interface for building and customizing product tables with a variety of attractive features including:

WooCommerce Product Table plugin
  • Adding columns to the table to display product data, price, images, variations, categories, etc.
  • Create a custom query to manage the products as you wish.
  • Customize search and filter options to make finding products easier for your customers.
  • Display add to cart option directly on the product table.
  • Let customers see variations and taxonomies of the products on the table and choose their desired product.
  • Display product thumbnails on the table.
  • Personalize the template of the product table.

Why WooCommerce Product Table Plugin?

WooCommerce product table plugin is the best solution for increasing sales and improving the customer experience in your e-commerce website. With this plugin, the classic appearance of WooCommerce stores can be converted to a whole new and enjoyable layout which can make your web-store products easy to access.

Installing product table plugins have also a great impact on the easier management of your online store and provide the below advantages for WordPress websites:

  • Adding columns to customize what information related to the products to be displayed on the product table.
  • Displaying variable products with different taxonomies in the table columns.
  • Filtering the products, you want to show to your customers.
  • Creating price lists, menus and product lists for any type of online store such as restaurants, music or book stores, mobile shops, etc.
  • Making useful options available on the product table such as preview for music, price range for variable products, etc.
  • Adding search box to make finding the products easier for customers.
  • Changing pagination to display products more flexible on the website page.
  • Customizing table appearance by changing templates.
  • Simplifying purchase process by adding mini cart options, sticky actions columns and many more to your product table.
  • Localization the product information by instructing the plugin to translate the contents.

What are the most useful features of WooCommerce Product Table plugin?

Product table plugins come with effective and productive features to help store managers create a table view and enhance the default view of the WooCommerce shop page to attract more customers. There is no difference in what kind of products are sold on your online store, Product tables plugins can help you to build quick order forms, large product catalogs, restaurant order systems, wholesale layouts, price lists, and more by providing the below features:

  • Display items in a responsive table.
  • simply add columns to the table.
  • Add the product properties you would like to display as columns.
  • Add a table on any page via a shortcode.
  • Display sortable and searchable form to improve user experience with fast filtering, searching & sorting options.
  • List unlimited products by adjusting the pagination and server-side processing.
  • Make custom queries from products based on different data such as author, category, tag, price or attribute.
  • Choose to display variation dropdowns in the table column.
  • Display “add to cart” option on the table to facilitate checkout process.
  • Enable customers to choose a quantity directly in the product table.
  • Adapting the appearances of your product table by using templates or customizing each element in a product table.
  • Control the size of the product image in the table.
  • Set the length of the product description in the table.
  • Specify which columns are clickable to the single product page, or disable all links.
  • Compatibility with other useful plugins.

WooCommerce product table plugin pricing plan

WooCommerce product table plugin is the most affordable product table plugin for WooCommerce by offering 6-month usage and support which costs only $25.

  1. Ninja Tables Pro

Ninja Tables Pro is a WooCommerce product table plugin that comes with incredible features and functionalities to make shopping as easy as possible for your customers. By installing this plugin on your WordPress website, you have access to a simple and intuitive interface to create a responsive WooCommerce product table with Wonderful visual styling.

Ninja Tables Pro plugin

You can add as many products as you need to the table by using the drag & drop tool with the conditional logic facility and instruct the plugin to display their features and prices in a table view to your customers. The below options are also available to be added to the product table and make it more effective:

  • Search Box.
  • Filter options.
  • Export-import.
  • Simple images.
  • Lightbox.
  • Embedded external video.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Ninja Table pro. Is fully integrated with WP posts/custom post type and ACF field so you can use it along with other plugins on your website.  

What are the most useful features?

  • Full support community and visual guidelines about working with tools and options available in this plugin.
  • User friendly backend interface with drag & drop tool.
  • Astonishing front end interface fully responsive on mobile devices.
  • Professional product tables building facilities such as.
  • Filtering.
  • Search box.
  • “Add to cart” options.
  • Custom columns.
  • Import/export option.
  • And many more.
  • Compatibility with other plugins such as ACF.

Ninja table pro pricing plan

The single-site license of Ninja tables costs $49 which includes 1 year of updates and VIP support. If you prefer to use the plugin on more than one website, you can get the 20-website agency plan which costs $99. Ninja Tables also has an unlimited website license that costs $299.

  1. WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Media

WooCommerce Product Table by Burn2 media is another useful plugin for turning the appearance of your website into a professional online shopping center. The most amazing feature of this plugin is the easy customization tool enabling you to create attractive product tables and get access to your customers to search and filter their favorite products very fast and easily and order them directly from the product table.

WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Media

WooCommerce product table by Burn2 media provides powerful tools and options for store managers to manage the shop page of their websites and increase the quality of their online stores by:

  • Creating astonishing product tables.
  • Allowing customers to order multiple products and variations with one click.
  • Facilitating product search and filter with instant search and sort.
  • Having full control over managing products.
  • Adding custom fields, price, attributes, taxonomies, SKU, images, videos & more to the product table.

What are the most useful features?

  • Easy creating and customizing product tables.
  • Fast managing and organizing multiple products and their variations.
  • Simple searching and filtering products.
  • Rapid creation of different product tables used as pricing tables, restaurant menus, etc.
  • Fully customization of product table columns including custom fields, prices, variations, taxonomies, SKU, images, videos and more.

Barn2 pricing plan

Barn2 has flexible pricing plans including:

  • Free trial: installing and using the plugin on 1 site and enjoy 14 days free trial.
  • Starter: Perfect for new stores need a product table plugin for 1 site which costs $99.
  • Agency: Perfect for building up to 20 sites for clients costs $349.

  1. Product Tables for WooCommerce

Product Tables for WooCommerce as one of the best WooCommerce product table plugins available in the marketplaces cover all necessary options for building product queries and adding as many products as you need to the multiple tables.

Product Tables for WooCommerce plugin

You have full access to the product table customization options to display incredible product table formats with impressive layouts and navigation options and improve the user experience of your online store.

What are the most useful features?

  • Create and customize multiple product tables with custom queries.
  • Add search and filter options to let customers find their favorite products faster.
  • Personalize the appearance of created product tables based on your customer taste.
  • Use shortcodes to add product tables on different pages of your website.
  • Enhance the productivity and performance of your online store.

Pricing plans

The affordable price of purchasing this product table plugin for WooCommerce is $49.

  1. WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugin

WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugin is another popular product table plugin for WooCommerce websites designed to improve the customer experience of all types of online stores.

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Table Plugin

By installing this plugin, you can enjoy working with an easy-to-use backend interface for creating different order forms or multiple product tables with Wonderful visual effects and impressive functions such as:

  • Display search box and add to cart options on the table and customize their locations.
  • Add as many products as you need with proper columns to be shown in the table format.
  • Try to create menus or pricing list for your grocery store, wholesale store or restaurant.

What are the most useful features?

  • Create quantity-based pricing product list.
  • Display add to cart button directly on the table wherever you want.
  • Add Search and filtering options to the product table.
  • Choose easily which WooCommerce products and their related fields to be displayed on the table.
  • List unlimited products on the table by getting help from Ajax interface.
  • Integrate it easily with other popular plugins.

Pricing plans

You can download and enjoy working with this plugin on your online store for free.

  1. WooCommerce One Page Checkout

The main purpose of WooCommerce One Page Checkout as its name reveals is to make the checkout process more convenient for your customer. By using the tools and options available in this WooCommerce product table plugin, you can easily create your custom product list with easy-to-use check-out forms on the same page.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout

What are the most useful features?

  • Improving your conversion rate by displaying product table and checkout form in a single view.
  • Making checkout process faster and easier by customizing the checkout fields.
  • Building impressive landing pages and display them wherever on your online store by using shortcodes.
  • Offering amazing Built-in templates to create attractive product table and checkout forms.

Pricing plan

To install and activate WooCommerce One Page Checkout on your online store, you need to pay $79 once which is really a low price compared to the tools and options that this plugin offers to you.

  1. Woo product table pro (free WooCommerce product table view)

Woo product table pro or free WooCommerce product table View is an ideal solution when you need to create a list of variable products with their attributes to help your customers observe different types of attributes related to one product in a single view and choose their desired ones directly from the table.

Woo Product Table Pro plugin (Free WooCommerce Product Table View)

By using a shortcode created for each custom product table you have built, displaying the list of products with their properties on any page of your WooCommerce store is possible.

What are the most useful features?

  • Easy-to-use backend interface even for beginners with no knowledge about code writings.
  • Simple but effective tools for creating multiple product tables based on your needs.
  • Amazing customization options for making your product table so attractive.
  • Enable customers to experience a effortless purchase process by search, sort, filter and select multiple product at once.
  • Support displaying variations and attributes of products in the table.
  • Compatible with YITH wishlist plugin.
  • Creating tables with specific products using the ID.

Pricing plan

This is a free plugin so you can download, install and activate it on your e-commerce website for free.

  1. Bulk order form for WooCommerce

If you want to make the process of choosing and purchasing products from your online shop a breeze for your customers, Bulk order form for WooCommerce is the right option. This product table plugin comes with all the necessary features for creating customized product tables.

Bulk order form for WooCommerce plugin

What are the most useful features?

  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Drag and drop tool for creating product table.
  • Searching and filtering products based on categories, tags, attributes, etc.
  • Pagination to load more or display multiple pages of product table.
  • Customization of product queries to be displayed on the table.
  • Bulk add products to the table.
  • Fully responsive for displaying product table on mobile devices.

Pricing plan

The license of this WooCommerce Product Table plugin has a very affordable price tag of $49.

  1. Ni WooCommerce Product Variations Table

Ni WooCommerce Product Variations Table comes with flexible options to ease the purchase process of variable products for your customers. By getting help from the full function backend interface of this product table plugin you can manage the variation field of your products and improve the customer experience of your online shop by replacing the default shop page WooCommerce with the table view created in this plugin.

Ni WooCommerce Product Variations Table plugin

What are the most useful features?

  • Display product variations in the table and add multiple variations to the cart option.
  • Offer customers to download all variations of their desired products in Excel, CSV, or PDF format.
  • Attractive visual layout to help customers purchase the product easily.
  • Comprehensive search by Ajax and real-time filter option.

Pricing plans

You can install and activate this WooCommerce Product Table plugin on your website for just $79/Year.

  1. WooCommerce Product Table Lite

WooCommerce Product Table Lite is another popular product table plugin for WooCommerce that helps you to turn the default appearance of your shopping page into a table view. You have access to many tools and options in this plugin to create marvelous table designs and impress your customers.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite plugin

What are the most useful features?

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Easy to customize without any coding skills.
  • Display product tables on different pages on your online shop.
  • Allow customers to search, filter, and add to cart products based on categories, tags, etc.
  • Support AJAX-based add to cart option, lightbox for Thumb image.
  • Customize tables in terms of color, background color, font size, padding or spacing.
  • Ideal for creating a restaurant menu, jewelry product table, books table, and many others.

Pricing plan

You can choose among some flexible pricing plans offered by the developers of this plugin, however, the best option for using this plugin on one site is the Regular License which costs $49.

Here is the list of some other useful product table plugins for WooCommerce

  • Bulk shop for WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce product table by WooBeWoo.
  • Woo variations table.
  • YITH easy order page.

Bulk Shop for WooCommerce.

 If you are looking for a product table plugin that enables your customers to easily bulk add their preferred products to their cards with one click, Bulk Shop for WooCommerce is exactly what you need. By installing this plugin, you can create a responsive table to list your products, their variations or attributes with the relevant prices to make shopping from your site an enjoyable experience for your customers.

What are the most useful features?
  • List products, variations, subscriptions and let your customers easily shop in bulk, can be used in B2B / B2C and wholesale solutions.
  • Use the shortcode generator to display the product table on your online store.
  • Customize the table list with powerful tools.
  • Hide prices for not logged in users.
  • Display all variations of a product in the table.
  • let customers order 1 or 100 of a product.
  • Enable customers to check/uncheck product selection in the checkout page in bulk.
  • Set price range, tags or categories filters.
  • Bulk Shop – Price Range Filter.
  • Show Up-eells and Cross-sells products.
  • Name your price integration.
  • Activate zoom function on product images.
  • Use integration options for your custom B2B/Wholesaler prices and roles.
  • Enjoy its compatibility with the most famous  themes and page builders like WooCommerce Storefront or Elementor (use shortcodes).

Pricing plan 

The cost of Bulk Shop for WooCommerce license is $49 per year for 1-year extension updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo

WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo comes with awesome searching and filtering features available to be add in the table layout which makes it an ideal solution for creating menus, catalogs price lists and other forms of listing products in a specific order. 

What are the most useful features of the free version?
  • Display products in a responsive table.
  • full control over adding, removing or customizing product data in the table.
  • Use a strong sortable and searchable form.
  • Show the product properties as columns.
  • Add a product table on any page of your online store via a shortcode.
  • fully supports Name, Thumbnails, Categories, Tags, Sales, Price, Date, SKU, Rating, Product link, Downloads, Buy button, Custom fields, and taxonomies.
  • Customize Caption, Header, Footer, Signature, Fixed Header, Description of the product table.
  • fully supports variable products.


In this post, we introduced the best product table plugins of WooCommerce with all the options provided to help you better understand the advantages of having product tables on your site.

If you are looking for a WooCommerce product table plugin to improve the appearance and productivity of your online shop, it is better to compare the features of the above-mentioned plugins and choose the one that best fits your website requirements.

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