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List all WooCommerce products in a table is one of the best ways to display WooCommerce products to customers, which can play an effective role in improving their buying experience. The product table contains various columns to display different product features such as images, variations, prices, descriptions, and any other field that exists in WooCommerce.

By designing a versatile product table, you can give your customers the opportunity to compare the features and prices of different products on your site. You can also add extra features such as filtering and searching to the table to make it easier for them to find and buy the product. You can even enable the feature of adding multiple products to their cart at the same time and display it to them in the table as a mini card.

To design a custom product table, you need to get help from a WooCommerce product list plugin. In this post, we introduce the WooCommerce product table plugin, with the help of which you can list all products in a table with a charming appearance and useful features.

What is the WooCommerce all products list plugin?

The WooCommerce product list plugin is a useful tool that allows you to get all products from WooCommerce and list them in a table view to show to your customers. If you use a powerful WooCommerce product list plugin, it is easy to add different columns to your product list and assign WooCommerce fields to the columns.

By getting help from this plugin, you have access to many flexible tools for displaying your products in a table, including:

  • Customize the columns of the product table.
  • Show the add to cart button in the table.
  • Add filtering options to the product list by different items like category, price, etc.
  • Make queries from your products or easily list all products in a table.
  • Add a quick view option to the table by integrating it with the quick view plugin. 
  • And many more.

How to list all products in a table using by WooCommerce product table plugin?

If you are looking for a WooCommerce product list plugin with a lot of useful features for creating a customer-friendly product table, we recommend you use the WooCommerce product table plugin. This plugin gets all products from your WooCommerce store automatically and lists them in a table. 

With a very user-friendly interface, it allows you to easily add as many columns as you need to the table and show different fields of WooCommerce like category, attributes, image, title, add to cart button, regular and sale prices, and even custom fields to your customers.

Now, let’s review a step-by-step guide about how to list all products in a table with this plugin.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin

The first step to using the WooCommerce bulk edit orders plugin is to download and install it on your WordPress website. Then you can see the iT product table option in the WordPress dashboard.

WooCommerce product table pro

Now, to list all products in a table, click the Add new table option and press the Get Started button to go to the product table home page.

As you want to list all products in a table, there is no need to make a query from your WooCommerce products in a Query tab. So, you can directly go to the Columns tab to customize your table columns.

Continue reading to see how you can customize the table columns in this WooCommerce product list plugin.

Step 2: Add table columns to list all WooCommerce products in a table 

The easy interface designed for this plugin allows you to add columns to your table with one click. By pressing Add a column button, a new box appears on the screen divided into two sections: Heading and Cell Content.

add column in columns tab WooCommerce

For both sections, you can add elements to customize the content displayed in each column by following the below instructions:

  • Click on the Add Element option to see a list of available elements in the left panel.
  • Click on one of the elements to add them to the column then customize the element by editing the items in the General and Style tabs that appear in the element setting panel.

By repeating the above steps, we have added the following elements to list all products in a table:

  • Checkbox: To let customers mark some products in the product table.
  • Title: To show product title to the customers. 
  • Image: To display the featured image of products in the product table.
  • Quantity: To allow customers to increase or decrease the number of products directly in the product table.
  • Attributes: To display different attitudes to the customers and let them compare and choose directly from the table.

When you add an attributes element to the product table, it is important to choose one of the attributes in the General tab, as shown below:

select general tab in attribute element WooCommerce

It is also possible to customize other options like a Separator between multiple items, Action on click, etc. 

  • Price: to show product regular and sale prices to the customers. 

If you want to list all products in a table with different columns, you can choose other elements and customize them as we explained before. 

select preview icon in table WooCommerce

However, to see what your product table looks like, you can press the Preview icon on the right corner of the table.

Step 3: Display the product table on the shopping page

When you list all products in a table and add the required columns to the table, it is time to replace the WooCommerce shopping page with the created table.

To do this, follow the below instructions:

  • Select a name and save your product table by pressing the Save icon.
  • Click on the Shortcode icon to copy it.
select shortcode icon in table WooCommerce
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and create a new page.
  • Paste the copied shortcode to the new page.
paste shortcode in new page WooCommerce
  • Go to the WooCommerce settings > Products and set this new page for the shopping page.
select shop to shop page field in products tab WooCommerce

Here, you can see how an online restaurant can list all foods in a table as a sample:

result customization list all WooCommerce products in a table

Extra Features of WooCommerce product table plugin

In addition to creating a list of all products in a table and customizing the columns, there are a lot of other features that you can add to your table. These features like filtering, search box, pagination, or mini cart can make a better buying experience for your customers.

Let’s review how we can add extra features to the product table.

Filtering product options

To add filtering options, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Navigation tab in the WooCommerce product table plugin. 
  • Click on the Add Elements in one of the Navigation bars – Header, Footer, or Sidebar -to see a list of elements in the left panel.
  • Choose one of the filtering options, including: 
  • Attribute filter
  • Availability filter
  • Category filter
  • Customer field filter
  • On sale filter
  • Price filter
  • Rating filter
  • Tags filter
  • Taxonomy filter
add element in header table WooCommerce
  • Customize the filter by editing the items in the General and Style tabs of the Element setting panel. 

For example, we added Category and On-sale filters to the Header of our product. So, the customers can filter the products based on them as shown below:

select on sale filter element in header table WooCommerce

These filters are displayed in the table below:

result customization in header foods table WooCommerce

Product table with mini-cart

Adding Minicart is another useful feature when you list all products in a table, allowing your customers to see their cart details on the shopping page. It makes an awesome buying experience for the customers when they can add products to their cart directly from the table and see the total amount on the same page.

To add Minicart, you just need to choose a Minicart element from the list of elements after pressing Add Element in one of the navigation bars.

For example, we added the Minicart to the Footer, and we also set the mini-cart displaying format as a floating bar:

customization mini cart element in footer table WooCommerce

It is shown like below in the table:

result customization in footer table WooCommerce

Add pagination to product list

If you have a lot of products in your online, it is essential to show them on several pages to your customers. By adding a Pagination element to the Navigation bars, you can let customers scroll over pages more easily.

set header and footer to-page navigation in table WooCommerce

The WooCommerce product table plugin also enables you to customize the appearance of Pagination on your table:

set page navigation style in table WooCommerce

However, the default setting looks like below:

result customization page navigation in table WooCommerce

Add quick search to product table

Quick Search is another useful feature for improving the customer buying experience. By adding a quick search to the navigation bars of your product table, customers can quickly find the products they need. 

After adding the Quick Search element to the navigation bar in the WooCommerce product table plugin, you can choose the target fields, such as Title, Content, Expert, SKU, etc., to let the customers search through them.

The default appearance of the quick search is displayed in the table like below:

result customization search box in table WooCommerce

Where to get the WooCommerce product table plugin?

WooCommerce product table plugin is designed in a completely principled and professional manner and is fully compatible with most standard WordPress themes. This plugin allows you to list all products in a table without any coding knowledge. With the help of this plugin, you can create and manage the facilities and features you need in the simplest possible way. Installing and running this WooCommerce plugin is very simple and does not require special skills to work with it.

WooCommerce product table pro


The WooCommerce product table plugin is one of the most practical and professional WooCommerce product list plugins by which you can quickly list all products in a table. By creating beautiful and attractive tables for your WooCommerce products, this plugin will allow you to provide customers with the possibility of ordering products quickly. In these tables, you can put the columns with your desired information and even display the add to cart button. To show the created tables, you can use the shortcodes and display the tables on the shopping page of your online store.

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