Delete duplicate products: How to find and remove duplicate products in WooCommerce?

find and remove duplicate products
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Setting up a new WooCommerce store and managing products can take a lot of time. Except for the design process, tasks such as importing new products, editing products, and remove duplicate products in WooCommerce can be complicated for the site managers. These tasks are more tedious especially when there are so many products on the site that need to be reviewed and edited regularly. 

WooCommerce has tools to import and edit products that help store owners manage their products in bulk. However, there is no tool for WooCommerce to find duplicate products and remove them. To solve this problem, you need to get help from the WooCommerce product bulk edit plugin. In this post, we will show you how to remove duplicate products in a few seconds using this plugin.

Why do you need to remove duplicate products from WooCommerce?

Importing products from Excel or a CSV file is very common in WooCommerce, but it’s easy to get it wrong and you can end up with thousands of duplicate products. In this situation, you need to get help from an appropriate tool for WooCommerce remove duplicate products.

Another reason why you may need to find duplicate WooCommerce products and delete them is when migrating or syncing products to a new WooCommerce website. You may make a mistake that causes multiple copies of products to appear (it’s rare but it happens).

It is also important to remove duplicate products WooCommerce when there are some similar products in your store to make a better experience for your customers and prevent them from confusing.

Removing a duplicate product in WooCommerce can be done manually, but bulk removing by WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin can make things much easier.

How to use the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin to remove duplicate products?

The WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin is the easiest solution to bulk remove duplicate products WooCommerce. It provides a handy filter form allowing you to find duplicate products in WooCommerce with one click and then remove them quickly and easily.

Removing the duplicated products is not the feature of this amazing plugin, you can use it as a great assistance for managing and bulk editing all WooCommerce fields like title, price, SKU, stock quantity, etc.

In the following, we want to show you how this plugin can help WooCommerce delete duplicate products.  

Step 1: Install the WooCommerce bulk products editing plugin

WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin has very easy steps to install on your WordPress website which is fully covered in this tutorial

WooCommerce product bulk edit plugin

After activation, you can go to iT Bulk Editing > Woo Products to head over to the main page of the plugin.

select woo products plugin

On the main page, you will find a list of all products in a table with a comprehensive toolbar on top providing all the tools you need to filter and bulk remove duplicate products in WooCommerce.

list all products in main page of WooCommerce products bulk edit

Step 2: Filter to find duplicate products WooCommerce

Filter is the first tool in the toolbar helping you to easily find duplicate products in WooCommerce. To use this tool, try to: 

  • Click on the Filter icon to see the Filter Form.
select filter icon in WooCommerce bulk edit toolbar
  • In the filter form, you can find duplicate products WooCommerce based on the below fields:
    • Product title
    • Product description 
    • Product short description 
filter WooCommerce products by title, description or short description
  • To filter the products, you need to open the Operators list in front of these fields and choose Exact, then write or insert the exact text which is similar to the duplicated products in the text box.
  • Finally, press the Get Products button to instruct the plugin to find duplicate products WooCommerce and show them in the table.

Step 3: Sort WooCommerce duplicate product list by date

One of the most amazing features of the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin is allowing the user to sort the product list based on date. This is useful when you want to remove older versions of duplicated products and keep the newest one or vice versa.

To make this happen, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Column Manager tool to see the Column Profile form.
select column profile in WooCommerce products bulk edit toolbar
  • Mark the Date Published in the form.
  • Press the Apply to table button.
select product published date column in Column Profile
  • Press the Up/Down arrow key in the Date Published column to sort the products ascending or descending.
Press Up and Down arrow key for date published column

Step 4: Bulk remove duplicate products in WooCommerce 

Now, you can finish the task of bulk removing products in WooCommerce with one click.

Just mark the duplicated products you want to delete, then press the Trash icon in the toolbar to see the following options:

  • Move to trash
  • Permanently
Select trash icon for bulk remove WooCommerce products

Use the move to trash option to delete duplicate products in WooCommerce 

If you want to have the opportunity to restore the removed products in the future, choose this option. By pressing Move to Trash, all selected products will be removed from your website but they are available in the Trash list.

result after use move to trash option in WooCommerce product bulk edit plugin

So, if you go to the below address:

WordPress Dashboard > Products > All products 

Then choose Trash from the items available at the top of the table:

select trash in all products page of WooCommerce default

You can restore any of them to your website again.

Permanently delete duplicate products WooCommerce 

If you want WooCommerce to delete duplicate products permanently, choose the second option. So, the duplicated products will be removed from your site forever and you will not be able to restore them.

result duplicate products table

Now, let’s review some examples to see how you can remove duplicate products WooCommerce with different options.

Example 1: Remove duplicate products WooCommerce with the same title

Suppose that you have some duplicated products with the “Shirt” name. So, to easily remove the duplicated products, try to:

  • Open the Filter Form.
  • Choose Exact from the product title operator list.
Select exact from the product title operator list in filter form
  • Insert the Shirt in the text box.
  • Press the Get Products button.
Enter text in title field and press the get products button

As illustrated below, the plugin will find duplicate products WooCommerce with Shirt in their Titles and show them in the table.

So, you can mark any of them and then choose to remove them permanently or move them to the trash.

select move to trash option to delete products in WooCommerce

Example 2: WooCommerce delete duplicate products with the same short description

In this example, we want to first instruct WooCommerce to find duplicate products by a short description and then bulk remove them.

To do this:

  • Copy the short descriptions of duplicated products:
Copy short descriptions of duplicated products for find duplicated products by short description
  • Go to the Filter Form.
  • Locate the Short Description field.
  • Choose Exact from the list of Operators.
  • Paste the copied text in the text box.
select short description field in general tab
  • Mark some of the duplicated products in the table.
  • Select either Move to Trash or Permanently to delete duplicate products WooCommerce.
Select trash icon to bulk delete WooCommerce products

Example 3: Find all duplicate products in WooCommerce and remove them at once

WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin has a great feature allowing you to bulk delete all duplicate products in WooCommerce with one click. Using this feature can save time when you have so many duplicated products with the same title and you want to remove all of them from your website at once.

Follow the below steps to use this fabulous feature:

  • Select some products in the table (If you don’t mark any product, the plugin will remove all the WooCommerce duplicate products in the table).
  • Open Bulk Edit Form by pressing the Bulk Edit icon in the toolbar.
Click bulk edit icon in products bulk edit plugin toolbar
  • Go to the General tab and locate the Product Title field.
  • Open the Operators dropdown list and choose Remove Duplicate.
Select remove duplicate from product title operator and press Do Bulk Edit button
  • Press Do Bulk Edit to successfully remove WooCommerce duplicate products.



WooCommerce product bulk edit plugin


In this post, you have learned how to delete duplicate products with the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin. Using this plugin, you don’t need to find and remove each product individually, you can easily bulk delete all of them simultaneously. Of course, this is not the only feature you can find in our plugin. You can bulk edit any other field in WooCommerce to update the products and save a lot of time.

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