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How to bulk edit WooCommerce product categories?

Bulk edit WooCommerce product category is a useful option designed in the Woocommerce Bulk Product Editing Plugin to help store managers manage their products categories in the online store.

WooCommerce bulk edit categories is simply possible from the “Bulk Edit” Form. However, before trying this option, we recommend you to filter the products you need to change their categories as we described in “How to filter products on WooCommerce bulk product editing?”.

For example we choose a specific range for Width and Length in the “shipping” tab of Filter Form.

It is also important to see how your bulk edit is going to change the values. So, you can select the related columns to be displayed in the product table.

search for desire products in WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin
Bulk category editor for WooCommerce

As it was explained in “How to save and load column profiles on Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin?” , we chose “Width”, “Length” and “Product Category” in the Column Profile.

At the below picture, you can see that our product table consists of our filtered products with the selected columns:

bulk edit product category in WooCommerce bulk edit product
WooCommerce bulk category editor

Now, everything is ready to bulk edit the product category. Let’s go!

How to bulk edit WooCommerce product categories at the same time?

WooCommerce bulk edit product categories is possible by following below:

– Click on “Bulk Edit” at the main page to open “Bulk Edit Form

– Go to “Categories /Tags/Taxonomies” tab in the form

As you can see in the below table there are two main boxes in front of Category option and we are going to see how you can take advantage of them to bulk edit product table:

Condition box

The first box in front of Category field includes three conditions as below:

  • Append: The category or categories you are selected will be added to the existing categories.
  • Replace: All current categories will be removed and replaced by the category or categories you are selected.
  • Delete: The categories you have selected will be removed.
change multi product categories at the same time in WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin

Select Box

By clicking on the second box, you can see all of the categories you have assigned to your WooCommerce products and you are able to select  one or more from the dropdown list.

set new category for product

Note: If you add any categories to the product page of Woocommerce, it will be added automatically to this box and you are able to select among them.

Some examples of bulk edit WooCommerce product categories

Append or add WooCommerce product categories

For example we wanted to add clothing to the existing product categories. So, we selected Append from condition box and chose “Clothing” category.

append clothing category

After clicking on “Do Bulk Edit”, the result is as below:

do bulk edit for changing category in WooCommerce bulk product

As you can see “clothing” was added to our product categories

Delete or remove WooCommerce product categories

Then, we decided to reverse our decision for the first two products, so for WooCommerce bulk remove category, we:

  • Marked the checkbox next to those products
  • Chose “Delete” from the Condition box
  • Selected “Clothing” from the list
delete clothing category

As we expected, Clothing was deleted from the category column of the first two products:

remove some categories from product
bulk remove category in WooCommerce

Replace WooCommerce product categories

Then we tried to replace categories of the first two products by “Clothing”. We followed below steps:

  • Marking the checkbox next to those products
  • Selecting “Replace” from the condition box
  • Choosing Clothing from the category list
replace clothing category

As you can see in the below picture, all categories were removed and replaced by “Clothing” Category:

replace category of products in WooCommerce bulk product
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