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How to delete all Woocommerce products with one click?

Delete all WooCommerce products is the best way to remove or move to trash all of your products from the website if they are no more useful. There are many delete products WooCommerce plugins on the web, but if you want to work with one of the best bulk delete plugins, read this article.

You can bulk delete all WooCommerce products from your online store, directly from the main page of Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin.

Before using Delete button, and clear all WooCommerce products, you must select all of your products by following below steps:

Increase the number of products per page

If you want to display the maximum number of products on one page you should set the maximum amount of value from the combo box above the product table as you can see below: 

Increase the number of products per page in WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin

Now you can select all products by clicking on the checkbox next to ID.

Now, You are able to remove all of products from WooCommerce by using “Delete” button and selecting one of the following actions:

Move to trash

By choosing this action to delete all Woocommerce products, all products will be removed from your online store. In this case, they will be transferred to the Woocommerce trash and you can use them again anytime you need.

To get the products back to your site if you have deleted them via “Move to Trash” action, you have to open the Woocommerce trash page as shown below:

Move to Trash in WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin

In this page, you can select some or all of the products, restore and use them in your website.

Delete products permanently

If you select “Permanently Delete” of all Woocommerce products, this means you want to remove all of them forever from your online store and you will no longer access them. This means you lost your products and could not restore them.

Permanently delete products in WooCommerce bulk product editing
WooCommerce delete all products plugin

How to bulk delete all products from WooCommerce?

In WooCommerce bulk edit plugin is very simple. Select all desired products. then click on “Delete” button.

Will the removed product move to trash?

If you select “Move to trash”, the deleted product will move to WordPress trash and you can restore the deleted product.

Can I delete WooCommerce products permanently?

Yes, If you choose “Permanently” from delete button, all selected products will be delete permanently. Also you can’t restore it from our plugin “History” tab.

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