How to offer free gifts to customers to dramatically increase sales?

Offer free gifts on WooCommerce store to have maximum purchase

Offering free gifts in your WooCommerce store has a great impact on improving the customer experience when purchasing goods from your website. 

Free gifts are the best way for respecting customers which in return can increase their loyalty and motivate them to return and place frequent orders on your online store.

As there is no direct option in WooCommerce store for offering free gifts, in this article we want to show you how to use WooCommerce plugins to set rules and conditions for offering free gifts on your website.

What does a free gift mean?

Free gift is a product which you offer to your customers for free when they are purchasing goods from your online shop.

Store managers usually offer one or more products available in their stores as free gifts. However, you can also consider some special products or categories as gifts and let your customers add them to their cards after purchasing some special products or placing an order with a Subtotal amount above a specific range.

The most common rules for offering free gifts with purchase

There are so many rules and conditions that you can offer free gifts based on them in your WooCommerce store. Stay with us to introduce the most popular ones to you:

Offering free gifts based on simple rule 

If you offer a gift on every purchase of your customer without any special conditions, the simple rule is applied which means each customer buys anything from your shop, he/she will receive the gift.

Offering free gifts based on Buy X – Get X method

Buy X-Get X is the most popular rule for offering free gifts in WooCommerce. Regarding this encouraging rule, when a customer buys a specific number of products from specific items or a specific category (X), they will receive a specific number of the same products (X) as free gifts.

The most useful rule is Buy 1-Get 1 which means when customers buy 1 product for example 1 shirt, they will get 1 shirt for free. It is also considered as 50% off.

This rule can be also used as Buy X-Get X repeat which means as many times as the customers purchase that product the free gift will be added to their cards.

Offering free gifts based on Buy X – Get Y strategy

Buy X – Get Y is ideal when you want to offer a specific product to all customers placing an order on special products in your WooCommerce store. According to this method, the products you are offering as free gifts are different from the Products that your customers are purchasing.

This is a great option when you want to encourage customers to pay more attention to some of your products or motivate them to buy them more.

For example, if you want to increase the sale of all products in the accessories category(X), you can offer a t-shirt (Y) as a free gift to everyone who purchases 5 items from that category.

Again, you can repeat this strategy till the X items are available for sale. So, as many times as the customers purchase the specific numbers of X products they will receive the free gifts, repeatedly.

Offering free gifts based on Subtotal rule

Offering free gifts based on Subtotal is a great rule when you need to increase the wholesales of your WooCommerce website. According to this rule, when the Subtotal amount of customer cards is above a specific amount, they will receive a free gift regardless of what they have purchased.

It is also possible to set the rule as Subtotal Repeat which means when the total amount of the customer card is x times above the specified Subtotal amount, they will receive x free gifts. 

For example, let’s consider you are offering 1 cap if the Subtotal amount of a customer’s cart is above $100. The result is obvious. If customers buy some products that are more than $100, he/ she will receive the gift.

However, if you set the rule as Subtotal Repeat, the customers will receive 1 cap as per $100 purchase. So, if a customer buys $500 from your WooCommerce store, he/she will receive 5 caps.

The Best time and conditions for offering free gifts to impress customers 

Offering free gifts in WooCommerce stores is not just limited to the above-mentioned rules. There are some special events, dates, customers or even special conditions that you want to offer free gifts based on.

To make it clear for you, let’s just review some of them.

Offering free gifts in special event

All store managers agree that in some special events such as Black Friday, it’s time to offer free gifts to the customers to encourage them purchase goods from their stores which in turn can boost their sales significantly.

It’s obvious that for offering free gifts in these special events, you need to set a rule based on a special date and time according to the calendar.

Offering free gifts to special customers

Respecting loyal customers has the same impact on boosting your sales by encouraging new customers to purchase goods from your WooCommerce store.

So, there is no doubt that sometimes you need to motivate the new customers who are purchasing goods for the first time from your store by offering free gifts, and sometimes you have to offer free gifts to the loyal customers who are purchasing products from your online shop frequently.

You may also need to consider free gifts for your special customers with great purchase history values to keep them as valuable customers for your shop.

It is also possible to encourage customers to do an action by offering a free gift. For example, if you want customers to register to your site or subscribe, it is a good idea to satisfy them with a valuable free gift.

The best plugins for providing free gifts in WooCommerce store

As we mentioned above, offering free gifts is not possible by using the default options in WooCommerce. To make this happen on your WooCommerce store, you need to use one of the plugins designed for this purpose.

Here is the list of top plugins for offering free gifts in WooCommerce websites:

Free gifts for WooCommerce

Free gifts for WooCommerce empower you to offer promotional gifts in the easiest way possible.  In this plugin, you can create unlimited rules and set unlimited conditions to respect your new or loyal customers by offering free gifts.

iThemelandco free gift for WooCommerce

The gift rules in this plugin can be set based on the below methods

  • Buy x get x (Repeat).
  • Buy x get y (Repeat).
  • Subtotal (Repeat).
  • Simple.

The most useful features of Free gifts for WooCommerce 

  • Offer gifts from the existing products / categories.
  • Configure the conditions for offering free gifts based on your strategies.
  • Display the gifts on the cart page as a list or let the plugin add them Automatically to the customer cart.
  • Create as many rules as you need to determine when to offer free gifts, and who gifts are offered to.
  • Provide as many gifts as you want from simple or variable products.

Pricing: $30

WooCommerce Gift Manager

The WooCommerce gift Manager plugin provides the essential tools for creating rules and offering free gifts in your store.

woocommerce gift manager

The gift rules in this plugin can be set based on the below methods

  • Multiple subtotal.
  • Types of Products / Categories.
  • Number of purchasing products.
  • Total quantity of purchased products.

Pricing: $24/year.

WooCommerce Free Gifts

WooCommerce Free Gifts has only had a user-friendly and simple interface which is useful when you want to offer promotional gifts just to the customers purchasing a certain amount from your store. By using this plugin, you can offer your customers a specific product or category as a free gift.

woocommerce free gift

The most useful features of WooCommerce Free Gifts

  • Unlimited gift rules.
  • Unlimited gift giving.
  • No coupons required.
  • Automatic Notification.

Price: $49, for 1 year of updates and support on 1 site.

How to offer free gifts to customers by Free gifts for woocommerce?

Free gifts for WooCommerce comes with a lot of useful and effective tools and options helping you to set different rules and conditions and offer free gifts to your customers.

Let’s review some of the most useful options provided in this plugin for offering free gifts in WooCommerce stores.

Easy to use interface

To offer a gift in your shop, you need to set a rule based on the strategy you have considered. The essential items create a great strategy include:

  • The rule method.
  • The number of buy products / subtotal amount.
  • The number of get products.
  • The product offered as free gift.
  • Other conditions.

In Free gifts for WooCommerce, you can easily set your rule by going through a step-by-step interface.

When you add a new rule in this plugin, at first you can choose your rule method from a combo box.

As soon as choosing the method, all other fields will be arranged accordingly to let you set other items in the most efficient way.

For example, if you choose Buy x get x method, the below items will be displayed:

  • A box for specifying the number of buy products.
  • A box for specifying the number of get products.
  • A section to choose the product/ categories involved in this rule.
  • Flexible conditions.

By using Free gifts for WooCommerce, you can provide free gifts with all possible conditions that may be needed to limit the gift rule.

To make creating rules based on special conditions easier for you, all possible types are divided into some categories and you can add as many conditions as you need to adjust the gift rule exactly as you wish.

Some of the flexible conditions designed in this plugin are:

Date & Time

You can enjoy using a built-in calendar to offer free gifts in special events or on a specific date.

User role

By using different conditions under user roles, you can easily limit offering free gifts to special users such as registered users, customers purchasing for the first-time, etc.

Purchase history

A lot of flexible options are available in the condition box under purchase history item to help you restrict offering free gifts to the loyal customers with different purchase history values, amounts, etc.

Cart items

You can easily limit offering free gifts to the customers who added specific items to their cart by using flexible options under this condition.

Affordable price 

The most advantage of Free gifts for WooCommerce is the affordable price compared to the features provided in this plugin. The cost of purchasing the license of this plugin is incredibly lower than other plugins with the same functionality. 


Offering promotional gifts helps you to gain more loyal customers to your store. It is quite natural for the store’s traffic to get increased if you respect the customers for their shop. It is one of the strategies to improve your revenue in the e-commerce market.

 The free gift WooCommerce plugins are very easy to set up and use to help you provide free gifts to your loyal customers.

In this article, we described the most popular rules you need to use for offering promotional gifts. We introduced you to the most useful plugins and how to benefit from them to provide free gifts on your WooCommerce store.


1- Why do companies give free gifts?

Offering promotional gifts can boost the revenue of the companies by encouraging new customers to buy products from the stores and keep the loyal customers to return and keep purchasing from the companies frequently.

2- How do I add a gift to WooCommerce?

To add a gift to WooCommerce, you need to use a free gift plugin to let you add a new rule and set the method and conditions based on your strategies.

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