7 Reasons Why You Must Use Gift With Purchase Product Strategy on Your Shop?

why use gift product strategy in shop
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Gift product strategy and offering WooCommerce gifts to customers is one of the successful ways of digital marketing. By applying this tactic, you can make customers interested in buying from your online store and attract more leads to your ecommerce website.

For years, companies have been giving you products as gifts with purchases. This method name is gift with purchase marketing strategy. Some of these gifts are related to the brand, such as Marlboro cigarettes, which gave away an ashtray for the purchase of a box of cigarettes. While some other gifts are less related to the type of business; Like banks that give a toaster as a gift to open a new account.

Today, online stores continue to use WooCommerce gifts with purchase as a strategy to add more value to their brands and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Of course, attracting customers is not the only reason for applying this strategy, but there are many more benefits that make it necessary to offer gift products in your online store.

Let’s review some of them:

Why using a gift with purchase strategy is important for your ecommerce store?

Offering a gift product with purchase is a sales tactic that is used to attract the attention of buyers. Other promotions, such as offering discounts or free shipping, usually reduce the value of the product. However, gift with purchase is used to add value to your services. It can encourage customers to buy because they get more value for the same price.

giveaway gift products in ecommerce shop
Give away free gift product in e-commerce shop is a sale tactic to attract the attention of buyers

Here are some reasons why offering free gifts is a must marketing strategy for your online business:

1. Adding more value to the brand

The purpose of WooCommerce gifts with purchase is to provide more value to the customer. Other promotions, such as discounts, may lower your brand value, while a giveaway can increase it.

This way you don’t lose a significant amount of cash from your profit margin, which might be the case with deep discounts or shipping options.

By taking advantage of the gift product strategy, you can add more value to your brand and make customers think about buying more products from your website. This can be especially important if you have a luxury brand, like most cosmetics companies.

2. Increasing the desire to buy

By offering a gift product along with the purchase, customers feel that there is more value in their purchase. Therefore, the probability of placing an order or buying more products increases. When they know that there is another product waiting for them for the same price, they feel there is more value in their purchase comparing what they paid for.

On one hand, there is no doubt that all customers are trying to make good economic decisions, so, this strategy can create strong purchasing power and desire. On the other hand, the free gifts promotions are usually unique and limited to a period, which increases the desire to purchase in the short term which makes it an excellent marketing strategy, especially on a special date such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or mother day.

3. Increase sales by using a gift product strategy

In most cases, a gift product is offered only if the customer purchases a certain number of items. Therefore, to receive the gift, the customer must purchase a certain amount. This method motivates the customer to increase the number of units purchased to reach that gift. For example, you get a gift for every $75 purchase. If a customer buys $60 of a product, they may purchase another product for $15 to receive the free gift in his/her cart.

It’s an easy way to add more products to customers’ carts (especially cheaper ones).

4. Encouraging to buy again

Most gifts are a small or modified version of another product or complementary products. These gifts will make customers try other products of your online store and maybe even become interested in them. Customers are likely to visit your store after testing this gift to buy that product in full size. This causes repeat purchases and ultimately increases customer loyalty.

5. Attracting customer loyalty by offering WooCommerce gifts with purchase

Along with these repeat purchases, customers love the free WooCommerce gift. A valuable gift when shopping shows that you care. You give gifts to your customers because you want them to have the best possible experience when buying your product. Which can result in increasing their loyalty to your brand.

6. Attracting new customers

Promotions and discounts are known as the best tactics for attracting new customers to an online store. With a good offer, you can get new customers and communicate with them. You can do this by selling products with gifts, free shipping, or special discounts for the first purchase.

Promotional offers such as Gift product strategy allow your business to use word of mouth marketing strategy as well.

7. Increase site traffic by offering gift products

If the contacts and users know that your online store is going to hold a discount festival, even if this strategy does not lead to more sales, you can increase the traffic to your site. Why? Because many users will visit your website to see discounts and gift products.

How to create a successful Gift with purchase product strategy in WooCommerce?

Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin help to run gift with purchase marketing strategy in WooCommerce shop

If you are the manager of a WooCommerce store website that sells your products online, you must make your website flexible and provide a good experience for your customers and users.

Adding a free gift to the customer’s shopping cart is easily possible through the Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin. Using this plugin, you can specify different conditions and rules so that gift products are added to your customers’ shopping carts at a certain time or by purchasing a certain amount. The many features of this plugin will help you provide a much better shopping experience for your customers and ultimately increase your income.

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