WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Plugin Updated to v2.5.0



What the Yith WooCommerce Minimum Maximum does?

Set a minimum or maximum purchase quantity for the products of your e-commerce. This means your customers are not able to set quantity more that max number and less than min number.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will be able to create a wholesale business making sure your customers can purchase only specific product quantities;
  • You will be able to effectively analyze the correlation between production, shipping costs and the income to define the minimum quantity that allows you to amortize expenses and get a profit.

How can manage this plugin in WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing?

  • Search Form: As illustrated in below image, all of fields are supported by WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing plugin and you are able to search your products according to them.

  • Bulk Form:
  • There are a lot of fields for each product and that is an awful task to change these fields for all/some of products. We recommended to use our plugin to change these fields on the same times for many products, you should follow below steps:
  • Select you desire products
  • Click on “Bulk Form
  • Goto “Compatible” tab
  • Set status in “Max-Min” field
  • Click on “Do Bulk Edit

  • Inline Edit/Bind Edit:
  • Inline Edit and Bind Edit are available for these fields too.

  • Fixed: “Array” and “Select” type in Meta fields
  • Fixed: some other issues

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